Terrible TWOSday - One?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today was one of those nights that you just didn't want to end.
Coco and I started our afternoon by snuggling on the couch while eating cookies and watching our favorite, Little Einsteins.  He then proceeded to follow me down to the basement for my afternoon workout with my girl Jillian Michaels.  Today's workout entailed weights, a resistance tube tube and a little Yoga.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the most hilarious and precious moment as he attempted to balance his leg on his thigh and meditate.
Oh my adorbes.
Then after dinner we did some more snuggling, laughing and playing hide and seek from the dog.

I am falling even more in love with this little personality that my son is growing.

My new thing with him lately is to remind him by saying, "Just one more time" or "Just one more" and holding up my one finger.  He then repeats me and will say, "One more mommy?" and hold up his finger.

Seriously, are you loving him yet?

I bought popsicles for myself to help aid in my healing from the flu.  (Ask me how many of them I have eaten and how many Coco has eaten since Friday.)  This is where the "one" technique has been used quite often.  Before I give him his popsicle I remind him that tonight he can have "just one" to help avoid the meltdowns when he asks for his second, third or fourth - because trust me, he would eat the entire box if I let him.  And this reminder really has worked!  Plus the way he repeats it melts my heart so I love to say it again to see him say it again.  We were playing Memory on the tablet before bed and I said to him, "Just one more game before Dad reads you a book."  He looks at me and says, "Okay Mama.  Just one." while holding up that little finger.  
Too. Flipping. Cute. 
  But it's sweet that we can begin to communicate and understand what each other needs, wants or expects to happen in situations.  These are the things I wish I could bottle up and keep him at this size forever.

So I guess now I'll have "just one" more cookie before bed as I pray that my little man stops growing so fast.

Happy TWOSday! :)

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  1. I'm starting with Jilian tomorrow. And, like you, I'll do it together with my boys... they are really adorable while trying to repeat what we are doing. I totally get you!