Winning Wednesday - Coffee Say What?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When I saw this picture I told Sara that she HAD to send it to me so I could share this amazeball deal she caught the other day on K-Cups.

Yes my friends. I said K-Cups.

Anyone who owns a Keurig machine probably loves the simplicity yet hates the cost of those pesky cups.
(Hence that is why we use a refillable one - still amazeballs coffee.  I prom.)

Just look at this picture before I tell you how hot she scored:

Yes, you see that sticker correctly.
Just $2.00 a box!!


So she scored 9 boxes of these K-Cups for just $2.00 a pop!
One bummer was she only had one $1.50 off Green Mountain K-Cups however I still think she did stellar.
Apparently "seasonal" K-Cups have no use after the Holidays.
Umm okay your loss and her gain.

Nice work, Sara!

Send me your WINNING! deals and I'll feature you next week!

Happy Winning! :)

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