Terrible TWOSday - A Trip to the Chidlren's Museum

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Not everything about the twos is terrible.  I'm actually going to say this (while I'm knocking on wood) but I kinda enjoy this age now.  I think the hardest part is realizing how big Cohen is getting and I wish time would slow it's roll because it's crushing my heart.

But two is the age where you can start going on family outings and visiting places and they start to understand what is happening. Normally our Saturdays consist of our Gymboree class,which is totally fun and completely exhausting by after six months of the Gymbo song...we're both kind of over it.  My husband decided at 8:30 Saturday morning that we should go the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  Even though it was my day to sleep in, I had to agree with him because I knew it was right up his alley.

And boy was I right!

We spent a good portion of our time in the Hot Wheels exhibit.  My child is obsessed with cars, remember?
But the Dinosaurs, Geckos and Science Works were all a hit too.  Despite the fact he decided to create a tidal wave at Science Works in the water table, we escaped that disaster quickly while ignoring the angry faces from the parents of the children he soaked in the process.

But my favorite part of the whole day was the carousal.  Even though my husband is a terrible photographer, this kid was in his element.  He waved to everyone in line, smiled and laughed the entire time.  It was pure joy and I wish I could've stopped time at that one moment with my son.  

The twos aren't always terrible and our trip to the museum was just a reminder of that fact.

Now I'm off to unclog the toilet that Cohen decided to stuff with toilet paper tonight...

Happy TWOSday! :)


  1. My kids always loved the water play area too. Funny about the tidal wave attempt!

  2. My boy would love the hot wheels exhibit. We'd probably be stuck there the entire trip!

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad to know that the 2s are so bad, because we're going to get there very soon!