Chobani Does It Again!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh Choani, how I love thee.

Seriously folks.  I haven't always been a fan of greek yogurt.  However, Chobani has totally changed my (and my son's) way of thinking!  I'm obsessed with the Low Fat Strawberry Banana greek yogurt cups.  After mixing my cup up, I love how every bite is the perfect mix of fruit and yogurt.
Is your mouth watering yet?

Oh, I'm not done.

Recently, my newest obsession is the Chobani Bite yogurt cups.  These little guys are the perfect 100 calorie snack your sweet tooth is craving!  Each greek yogurt cup is packed with protein and sprinkled with an accent morsel.  For example, the Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips is a yummy little cup with a touch of chocolate.  I'm a huge chocolate lover and let's get real -- chocolate doesn't agree so well with the scale, right?  Chobani's Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips Bite cup satisfies my chocolate craving and with just 100 calories a serving, no artificial sweeteners and loaded with all natural ingredients, it makes the perfect sweet treat that definitely agrees with that number on my scale!

Chobani Bite cups also come in flavors like Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips, Fig with Orange Zest and Carmel with Pineapple Chunks.

 Relaxing with my dog, reality TV and my Chobani Bites

But not only am I a fan of Chobani, my picky son has also found a product that he loves more than chicken nuggets!  Chobani Champions Tubes are greek yogurt tubes made especially with the little ones in mind.  These tubes come in a variety of flavors - Jammin' Strawberry, Rockin' Blueberry, Chillin' Strawberry and Swirlin' Strawberry Banana.  Cohen's favorite is the Jammin' Stawberry.  Chobani Champion Tubes are the perfect size for those little hands and make great snacks for on-the-go.  I try to pack one in Cohen's lunch everyday because I know it's the one thing he'll definitely eat.  Plus, these tubes are high in protein, low in sugar and free of preservatives, so I know my son is getting some of the important nutrients he needs.

Serious bedhead, right? Love.

 If it's a snack for you or a yummy treat for the kiddos, Chobani and Chobani Champions products are the perfect options.  Let's load up your fridge with healthy greek yogurt that is full of the nutrients and protein your body craves.  
No one has to tell your family it tastes great and it's actually good for them too!

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For more information about Chobani and where to purchase their products, visit their website.

This product review was made possible by Chobani.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample. All opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. Where did you find these?! I keep seeing the Coffee Dark Chocolate advertised online, but I have yet to see it in stores! That's the one I'd LOVE to try!

  2. I LOVE the Coffee with Dark Chocolate's my evening snack! I didn't know they had tubes though too!

  3. I love Chobani, I will have to look for this flavor. I usually just go for strawberry or pomegranate, this would be different