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Sunday, March 10, 2013

This winter has been brutal here in Indiana.  We have had several inches of snow and numerous days of record setting cold temperatures.  As a mom, the one thing I am constantly worrying about is making sure my son is not only safe in his car seat but warm as well.  Winter jackets are huge and bulky too, which make buckling up hard and sometimes unsafe because this coat gets in the way.  If your toddler is like my son, then they also hate the feeling of being a squished marshmallow in their seat so many times it is easier just to take off the coat and buckle them in.  However,  I'm worried that he's not warm enough in his seat!  Plus, not only does the coat come off but with Cohen, so do the socks and shoes.

Recently I was introduced to the Go-Go Blanket that was made for kids and their car seats.  This blanket was designed to keep children warm AND safe in their car seats without the hassle of jackets or coats.  The Go-Go Blanket is a blanket with sleeves that you simply slip onto your child's arms as they ride in their car seat.  It's like wearing a coat backwards but so much more comfortable!  Even though there are no fasteners to it, the Go-Go Blanket stays in place with no problems at all.  What's even better is the fact that you can securely fasten your children into their car seat and their hands are free to play with toys, eat snacks or even hold cups and bottles.

Check out the video below to see how the Go-Go Blanket works!

I was excited to test the Go-Go Blanket out with Cohen.  He is so funny about taking off his coat in the car as well as ripping off his socks and shoes the second he gets strapped into his seat.  I chose the monkey pattern because he loves monkeys, plus that's our nickname for him.  When I got out the Go-Go Blanket he got all excited and yelled "My Gee Gee!"  (Gee Gee is what he calls monkeys - you know, toddler language.)  He wore his Gee Gee Go-Go Blanket all the way home and then into the house too.  It stayed put with no problems and he was even able to play "Birds" on my tablet as we drove home.  I love that the Go-Go Blanket is super soft yet we still will be able to use it during the cooler spring days that are ahead of us.  Cohen love his Go-Go Blanket so much that it even goes to bed with him at night!

Coco on the go go with his Go-Go blanket!

The Go-Go Blanket is the perfect solution to keep your kiddos safe and comfy during those cold car trips.  There's no need to fight the coat battle with your little one anymore!  Let the Go-Go Blanket become part of your family travel routine.

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--For more information on the Go-Go Blanket or to purchase your own, visit their website.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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--One (1) lucky winner will win their own Go-Go Blanket with the design of their choiceThis giveaway is run via Rafflecopter. The more entries completed, the better your chances of winning! Open to US residents only.

 This product review was made possible by Go-Go Blanket.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample. All opinions are 100% mine.   

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