Review: ThinkFun Hello Sunshine

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I am amazed at the words and actions that Cohen picks up these days.  He is really into counting, colors and being able to point out the different body parts he sees on you. We are constantly reading books together, coloring and playing little "find and seek" games together to help encourage these milestones.  Last summer I had the opportunity to review Roll and Play from ThinkFun, so when they approached me again to try out their Hello Sunshine game, I was super excited!  Hello Sunshine focuses on gross motor skills and positional word vocabulary while encouraging family play time together.  You simply take turns drawing the cards and then hide Sunny based on what the card tells you to do.  The great thing about these cards is that they have pictures to correlate with the words to help your little one make connections to the positional words and their meaning.  Another great feature about the Hello Sunshine games is the simplicity and functionality - when you're done playing with the cards there is a handy little pocket right in Sunny to store your cards so you never lose them.  That means less mess for mama and family to pick up after playing!

 Here we are in mid game action.

 Right now, I'm doing the hiding while Cohen does the finding, but we have such a blast playing together!  He is starting to understand words such as on top, below and next to because of our hide and seek game time with Sunny.  Hello Sunshine is appropriate for tots ages 18 months and older too, so Cohen is at the perfect age right now for this game.  The other day in the car I asked him where his GeeGee (his blanket) was and he responds with,  "GeeGee is on top of my head Mama!"  His remark made me laugh because it was so cute plus I love that he is using the vocabulary that he's learning from our game time with Hello Sunshine. 

 Cohen loves his Sunny! :)

Hello Sunshine makes learning new vocabulary fun for both you and your toddler!  This game is perfect for just a few people or it could even be a great game for play dates with several little ones.  The teacher in me definitely gives ThinkFun's Hello Sunshine two thumbs up!

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