Terrible TWOSday - Cohenisms Part I

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My son certainly has got his own personality.  The more he grows up, the more I see his own little being emerge.  I'm starting to grow weepy at the fact that he'll be 2.5 next month.

(Please ignore the Amish haircut.  We're in the process of growing it out after a horrific adventure to a kid's haircut place.)

He is starting to talk more and more everyday.  Even though he's not always understandable, he sure has his own thoughts with no problem speaking him mind.

This week's Terrible TWOSday post is dedicated to what I like to refer to as "Cohenisms."  You know, those moments that make you laugh with your mouth open or cover your face with embarrassment.
Here are just a few of my favorite Cohenisms from the past few weeks:

--As we are walking through the already too small aisles at Target, we get stopped in the same aisle as an older woman who is having an obvious coughing fit.  Unlike me, who is freaking out from the germs flying through the air, Cohen looks at her very concerned and asks her real loudly,  "You ok?"  Yes you are thinking "Aww, sweet."  I am thinking "Only you child."  Well, she ignores him and then continues to cough again louder and harder.  Cohen looks at her and basically yells, "Hey! Ok?"  Annnnd that's my cue to get out of the aisle....

--Two weekends ago as my husband and I were watching the ever-so-intense IU vs Michigan game, someone (probably Watford) made a horrible shot and my husband (who has the least censored mouth ever) shouts, "Stop being a douche!"  Cohen then proceeds to share his new word with us the rest of the evening as he runs around the house chanting "Douche! Douche!"  Oh if looks towards my husband could have killed that night.

Check out that innocence! :)

--The other evening I was changing a major poopy diaper when Cohen looks at me real sweetly and proclaims, "Mama, I sh*t."  Excuse me say what??  Open mommy's mouth, insert soap, rinse and repeat.

--My family was in town and my brother in law and I got a huge whiff of poop.  Just as we were going to ask what in the heck that was, Cohen loudly points and yells, "Oooo caca!"  at the pile of dog poop chilling under my feet in the kitchen.  Sweet.

Oh my son how you keep me on my toes.  But let's get real - I wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy TWOSday! :)


  1. Something about those two year olds....changing every minute.

  2. Just wait until your in the grocery store and he uses Daddy's favorite word. LOL. What a cutie.

  3. wahahahaah get ready for the threes! the smarty pants are all there!

  4. LOL...they always pick up on "those" words and amazingly...use them appropriately!

  5. If I had a dollar for every time Jonah has repeated something I said that I wish he didn't I would be a rich woman! LOL! love that little man.

  6. My daughter suffered from the terribly threes, freaking annoying fours and fives, etc. She's 12 now. All I can say is thank goodness you have a boy, they are sooooooo much easier! haha

  7. my kids are sort of like that, no real filter. They are just being themselves.