Terrible TWOSday - No No Naptime

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This past month has been full of challenges and changes.
One off the biggest changes was switching Cohen to a new sitter.
This wasn't our choice but we had some unforeseen circumstances happen at the previous place that led us to find a new sitter.  We got lucky and found our new girl within a weekend.  She is great too!  The new sitter is a licensed in-home daycare that is total structure - something that we had been looking for Cohen since he turned two.  He has adjusted really well with the new kids, especially since his old sitter is the only place he knew for the past two years.

The only adjustment that isn't happening is...nap time.
 Our new afternoon "nap time"

Sleep has always been an issue with our child.  I'm not kidding.  I think the kid would stay up 24 hours a day if we would let him.  And I would totally transition him to "quiet time" and get rid of the nap if he didn't need it.  Trust me.  This kid is MEAN when he doesn't sleep.  
(He must get it from his dad...)
Let me add, he naps just fine here.  Cohen will sleep at least 2 hours when he's napping in his own bed.  It's just these new places that throw him off.

As far as I knew, he took naps at his old sitter.  But then again, recently there have been things that I found out that she never told me so it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't napping at all.  However, he normally was in a good mood and didn't fall asleep in the car, which leads me to believe that he did nap at the old place.  However, our new sitter says he puts up such a fight with her about nap - a fight that is so loud and distracting that it keeps the other kids up and off of their schedules.  Apparently parents are asking her why their kids are so tired lately.  I cringe at the thought that it is MY child keeping these kids up.

Well, this girl is so structured and organized that she has a three week adjustment period, like many other daycare centers have within their policies.  
Do you know where I'm going with this one?

Cohen needs to nap or he's out of there -- and then we're back to search and find a new sitter, which means MORE change for all of us.

This stress is creating more pimples than I can handle right now.

So what have we tried so far?
We have completely gotten rid of the nap and nighttime cup that used to go to bed with him (don't judge, okay?) hoping that would solve the problem of not being able to have a cup at nap.
Nope.  He still screams for a cup or doesn't even care if he has one.

I spent time scouring the dollar bins at Target last week scooping up toys and games that I could use as incentives to get him to take a nap.  We call it the "Napping Box.."
Nope.  Not working as of today.

We talk with him and constantly remind him he needs to rest quietly or nap.
Who am I kidding?  A conversation of this sort with a toddler is like speaking with a caveman!

I'm just at a loss as to what I should do now!  He will be attending preschool full time next year and will once again be required to nap on cots, so this nap time has got to be mastered by the fall or we will be dealing with this situation again.  I can't handle switching him to another sitter now - especially with summer approaching in about 9 weeks.

Moms, I need your help!  
What are your ideas?  What do you suggest?  Have you had to deal with nap time issues at daycare or the sitters before? 



  1. At my daycare the older kids(2 and up) get to pick out a favorite stuffed animal to nap with. Is this a possibility with your sitter? Can he bring a favorite stuffed animal with him for nap ONLY. If so let him go to the store. Pick out an animal he likes (no noisey, light up)animals. You don't want to disrupt others napping. He is ONLY allowed to have it at the sitters house and only naptime...even if he throws a fit for it say NO. Explain before he leaves for the store it is going into a bag that stays at the sitters and is only for naptime. It is his "naptime buddy" It may be something that makes him look forward to nap. You and your kid need to tell his new naptime buddy he is going to the sitters house and he has to be very quiet with Cohen during naptime. Tell naptime buddy that he is going to help Cohen lay on his cot quietly during nap....Good luck! I understand having a routine but if your sitter doesn't work with you on this then she is the wrong sitter for you and your child. You need to find someone that understands what a big adjustment this is for your kid. It will take time for him to adjust to everything she does differently than his previous sitter.

  2. Oh wow, I can't imagine the stress of having to nap within a timeline. Maybe he can lie quietly and that will suffice?

  3. My kids gave up naps at 2 so I'm no help. This is stressful...hopefully it's just an adjustment thing.

  4. I think it's adjusting that would take a little time. things would fall into a pattern after a while!

  5. My daughter really never napped, so I'm not very helpful. Also, just wanted to share since you may not have known, but it's very unsafe for a child to wear their winter jackets in a car seat. An impact could cause compression and throw him from the seat even though he was buckled in. If you have any car seat questions, or why this is be sure to shoot me an e-mail, I'm a car seat tech.

  6. My little guy woke up at 6 today and only took a 20 minute nap. It was awful!