Whiffits - The New Weight Loss Solution!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ladies and gents, believe it or not but swimsuit season is right around the corner!
I know, I know.  If you're from Indiana, that statement is hard to believe.
However, it is true and now is the time to get your bod beach and pool ready.

I'm sure many of you can relate to the insecure feelings about your self image in a bathing suit.  After having a baby, everything on your body changes.  Lets be honest, at almost 30 my metabolism isn't as swell as it used to be in my previous years either.  Stepping into that swimsuit makes me cringe just thinking about it.  However, I'm extremely faithful when it comes to working out but its the urges and temptations of those oh so unhealthy foods that get me every time!

Recently I was introduced to a new diet enhancer called Whiffits.  These non-invasive scented wands contain specifically designed scents that are proven to help you with any diet plan you may be using in your life right now!  Just sniff the Whiffits throughout the day and they will release a combination of aroma molecules that trick your brain into thinking you have eaten, helping your resist those fatty and unhealthy foods that totally kill the hard work you have put forth into your diet plan.  Whiffits are small enough to carry around in your back pocket - so you can use them whenever!  The best thing about using the Whiffits is the fact that you will eat less, save money by not buying those unhealthy foods and lose weight -- amazing right?

I promise you - Whiffits are the real deal!  The effectiveness of Whiffits has been proven through clinical studies and show a significant decrease in food cravings as well as noticeable weight loss. Whiffits have been proven to be successful by using them on their own.   However, when you  combine using Whiffits with a clean diet and healthy lifestyle it will only help you lose the weight faster!

The official BioTem Clinical Report confirms the effectiveness of the revolutionary new diet wand with average weight loss of 19 lbs per participant over the course of the study.  Yes, I said 19 lbs! The people involved with the study reported a 50% decrease in food cravings within 5 minutes of inhaling the special diet wand aromas.  Think of all those brownies you will be saying no to and forgetting all about!  Take a look at the information straight from BioTem's official Clinical Report:

 "This study conclusively proves that inhaling these specially developed scents in the diet pens results in weight loss without any conscious changes in diet or exercise."  

In another study, The Role of Specific Olfactory Stimulation in Appetite Suppression and Weight Loss compiled by the Division of BioTem Cytotechnologies, also confirmed this information:

 "One method which seems promising is the role of olfaction in weight regulation. Specifically, the inhalation of positive hedonic (pleasant smelling) scents has been shown to have beneficial effects on appetite and hunger regulation. This idea stems from everyday observations of how food aromas affect appetite and from clinical observations of how patients with acute anosmia often gain weight. These observations suggest a breakdown in an olfactory satiety feedback mechanism. Also, there are scientific EEG and brain mapping studies documenting the effects of the inhalation of particular food scents on brain wave activity."

Whiffits aren't playing - they are proven to help you in your weight loss journey!

Stop fretting about swimsuit season - let Whiffits help you get your body ready by resisting the temptations that arise within your diet.  Bye bye hunger attack snacks of brownies and chips -- let the sniffs of Whiffits keep your diet clean and your body lean!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whiffits.  All opinions are 100% mine.