Monday, April 1, 2013

Even though my son is just about 2 and a half, he is so technologically savvy it is unbelievable.  I'm not joking when I say that sometimes I think he knows how to do things better than my parents.  He loves to play on my phone, tablet or computer every evening as we are winding down before bath and bed.  I remember seeing commercials for on a few of the stations that we watch together so the teacher in me decided to check it out.  I mean, he is constantly playing online so why not find a program that helps him grow academically, right?

Well, I was amazed at how much has to offer for little ones starting as young as 2 years old!  The program encourages early literacy skills and helps kids build that phonics foundation to become readers.  But also focuses on subjects such as math, social studies, art and music too.  The set up is kid friendly and real easy to navigate.  It takes you lesson by lesson to help improve your skills based on your starting level.  For example, with Cohen we started obviously at the very beginning with just letter recognition.  He gets to explore the letter "a" through song, pictures, puzzles and games while helping him make connections to the letter and objects that begin with that letter.  The program is super engaging for even little ones who may have shorter attention spans!

As soon as Cohen and I signed onto, we got to create our own little character that resembles what Cohen looks like.  We had fun choosing his clothes, hair, shoes and even his own class pet!  You also get to pick out your teacher, so of course I had to make her look like his favorite teacher -- his mother. :)

Once everything is set you, your kiddo is ready to go! It took us a bit to get used to and can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning.  However, we explored the program together several times and he is getting used to the lessons after working on them together.  Eventually, as Cohen grows with the program, I have the opportunity to customize his lessons based on the ares where I think he needs the most work.  But for right now, we are doing the Step-By-Step Learning Path which gives him a basic overview of all the subjects in the program to help him learn and grow in all of the areas.

One of my favorite things about is the fact that Cohen loves to play yet is learning at the same time. At first,  I decided to set a time aside at least four nights a week for him to spend time on the program.  However, whenever he sees my computer out he always asks to play!  It also allows us to spend time working on these skills together, which makes it fun for both of us.  I love having my Cohen time laughing, playing, singing and learning every evening.  Plus he is learning essential computer skills that even at a young age are important.  He's starting to understand how to move the mouse and click on his own without much of my help anymore. is an engaging learning program for young children.  As a parent and teacher, this program definitely has exceeded my expectations.  I love that it is teaching my child important lessons to help him grow as a reader and student as well as encouraging computer skills that he will need in the future.  Most importantly, has captivated my two year old son and made learning fun for him, which is a passion that I hope to continue to instill in him throughout his academic years.

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  1. My 3 year old daughter would benefit!

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  2. My 2 1/2 year old daughter would love this!