Target Match Ups for the Week 3/31

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm super excited to go raid the Easter candy tomorrow and see what sales I can grab.  Plus I need to fill up our "Potty Treat" bowl because we're getting low.  That's not all because Cohen has been using the potty (which is he getting really good at).  I can blame the empty bowl partially to his father, whom I caught enjoying in front of the TV the other night.
Nice try hubster.

Here are a few of this week's best match ups or deals:
--Chobani - $1.00.  Use $0.30 off ( and $0.50 Ibotta deal (Ibotta).  Final Price:  $0.20

--Annie's Organic Granola bars - $2.99.  Use $0.75 (Annie's Printable) and $1 Ibotta Deal (Ibotta).  Final Price:  $1.24

--Cliff Crunch Bars (box of 5 double pack bars) - $2.99.  Use $1 off (SS 3/10).  Final Price: $1.99 -- LOVE these things!

--Duncan Hines Frosting Creation packs - $0.87.  Use FREE coupon (SS 3/17).  Final Price: FREE

--Clorox Stain Remover - $1.89 (price cut).  Use $0.75 off (  Final Price:  $1.14

--Method cleaning products - 3/$8.  Use $1 Target coupon ( - cleaning).  Final Price:  $1.67

--Nivea Shave Balm for Men - $5.54.  Use FREE Shave Gel coupon (nivea men usa's facebook page) and $2 Target coupon (  Final Price:  $3.34 plus FREE shave gel

--Poise Wash - $2.99.  Use $3 off (SS 3/10).  Final Price: FREE

Happy Shopping! :)

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