Terrible TWOsday - Checkin Out Our Teefers

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saturday was a big day for my little man - we took our first trip to the dentist!

After his two year check up, his doctor recommended  that we take our shark to visit the dentist.  The kid cut his first teeth at four months and had all twenty of his baby teeth before his second birthday.  So, considering we have a mouth full of chompers, we decided two and a half was a perfect time to take our first trip to the dentist.

I scheduled this appointment, oh at least two months ago.  And for sure reminded the hubster about this big day more than once.  But, Saturday rolls around and he conveniently decides that he needs to put up a fence on this particular day. (And I got the guilt trip, "You just have to have a fence Kait." Oh yeah, turn it around on me...)  So I took one for the team and took the stinker all by my self (which is quite a frightening thought when you know my turd of a son.)

We were up bright and early and out the door by 7:45 to make our 8:00 appointment.  Surprisingly Cohen was in a fabulous mood (God was looking out for me) and we headed into the office together.   The hygienist brought us back to this little room with toys for Cohen to play with as I shared his teeth history.  Then, we just laid him down on our laps and cleaned his teeth right there.  I thought it was a great way to transition him into the process without scaring him with the big chair and tools.  He screamed like a champ as she polished his teeth.  But as soon as the dentist came in to check out his teefers, he smiled and played and listened to every little thing he had to say to him.  It's amazing how my child responds to older men - seriously, I think he believes they all are his Papa so he automatically listens.  Overall  his teeth look great but we may have a slight under bite to worry about possibly in the future.  But we both survived and Cohen was amazing.  And he charmed his way into the hearts of several of the ladies in the office of course.

Since I was the only one there I only got one picture before we went in:

But here he is showing off his clean and shiny teef:

Another gold star towards that "Mom of the Year Award" if I do say so myself.

Happy TWOSday! :)


  1. wow Congrats on a very successful 1st trip to the dentist!

  2. They made it so easy by having him stay where he was comfortable!

  3. Teef!!And, wow...first tooth at 4 months! My son didn't cut his first until he was 10 months old (and at 4, just finished getting them all...!!!

  4. How cute! My oldest has her first appointment to the dentist scheduled next month.

  5. I'm glad he did well for the dentist!! My son loves going to the dentist- until it's time to actually lay down & clean his teeth. He hates the cleaning stuff & it makes him gag so from that point on, he freaks out.

  6. So glad it went well. After two bad attempts for me, I assigned that task to daddy. Of course, there were zero problems, so he gets to keep it!

  7. Yay! Way to go little man!

  8. Sounds like things went pretty well. I'm so nervous about taking Nick to the dentist. I finally just got him calmed down enough to let me brush his teeth. I can't imagine how he'll be at the dentist.