Get Smooth for Summer with Nair Brazilian Spa Clay

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

After a long and cold Indiana winter, we can all breath and start getting ready for summer!  Last week was beautiful here in the Indianapolis area so I definitely had to bust out my skirts and sandals for the season.
Only there was a little problem that I usually choose to neglect over the winter..
the hair on my legs and body!

Luckily, I can thank Nair for helping me get my skin bikini, short and skirt ready!  Nair products provide professional results at home for staying smooth all summer long – at a fraction of what you’d pay at a salon.  I'm really obsessed with the new Nair BrazilianSpa Clay Total Care Body Trio and Face Trio -- the newest line of depilatories to join the popular Brazilian Spa Clay Line inspired by the beauty secrets and hair removal expertise of Brazil. Each product is infused with mango butter and açai berry known to moisturize the skin, and mineral-rich clay known to purify the skin.  So it smells great and makes your skin silky smooth to show off in that cute new summer dress.

 The first product I used was the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Total Care™ Body Trio.  It is the only 3-step in-shower depilatory system, including the convenient Nair Shower Power® technology that works while you shower.  And the price is too great to beat -- just $13.99 for your own in home spa treatment and experience! :)

Here's how it works:
Step 1: The pre-wipe contains mineral oil and chamomile to prepare your skin before removing hair.
Step 2: Apply the depilatory, which is resistant to water through emollients similar to those found in waterproof sunscreens so it will resist runoff while you shower. Keep the area out of the direct stream of water.
Step 3: After the hair is removed, apply soothing post-use gel with Aloe Vera for a perfect finish.

I literally put it on first thing in the shower, did the rest of my stuff and then rinsed it off to have soft and silky legs.  It saved me so much time that morning as well which was great considering I was running late (like always..oops).

The other newest Nair product is the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care™ Face Trio which is the first 3-step depilatory for the face and also retails for $13.99.  Now, I've always been weird about facial depilatories because the few that I have tried would leave me with red mustaches or burned patches of skin that would dry up and make my face look worse.  However, with the pre-balm and moisturizer you use at the end, my face looked good as new - and hairless!

How does it work?  Well, like this:
Step 1: The first step is the pre-balm, which coats the skin to help minimize irritation and redness
Step 2: The second step is the depilatory. There’s no drying time so you can apply the depilatory immediately after using the pre-balm.
Step 3: After removing the depilatory product, apply the moisturizer, which is similar to a typical facial moisturizer. This will help neutralize the pH of the skin, bringing it back to the normal level.

I love how gentle these products are on my sensitive skin yet offer moisturizing hair removal.  Every time I open that tube of Nair Brazilian Spay Clay it is like I'm in my very own spa!  The smells are amazing and the overall effectiveness is the kind of quality you would expect from spending a day (and an arm and a leg) at the spa.
Strut your stuff and start your summer off smooth and silky with Nair Brazilian Spay Clay Shower Total Care Body and Face Trio.  For more information, visit Nair's website to learn more about Nair's full line of summer hair removal products.

This was a sponsored post for Nair.  


  1. This sounds so simple and so so gentle!

  2. Ooh spa clay sounds nice, which is NOT what I think when I think of shaving so I may have to try this!

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