Terrible TWOSday - Babe Ruth the Second

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My husband just finished our fence in the backyard aka Cohen's playpen.  I am SO excited to fully take advantage of this fence this summer as we play outside.  Now there will be less chasing the toddler and more play time!

So our neighbor has a boy who is in Kindergarten and totally unloaded all of his fun toys that he is too big for now on us.  It was like scoring at an amazing garage sale but for FREE!
She gave Cohen this great plastic tee to place his ball and hit it and boy is he obsessed!  He will wake up asking to play baseball and constantly asks to play baseball any chance he gets.  My husband is in heaven.  I think it's precious.  And I'm not going to lie, he actually is pretty good!

Proud mama, I know.  But let's remember, this kid is only 2 and half years old.  I would say he's a slugger. :)

Happy TWOSday! :)


  1. Love it! Our son loves his plastic baseball set, too. Hand-me-downs are the best. I also love to hand down toys and see other kids get the same joy from them that mine did. Enjoy your new fenced-in yard!

  2. Free stuff is always great! I love how he prepped up to hit it, and what a good hit too!

  3. Cute! Tee ball is lots of fun

  4. We finally fenced in our yard after our last child was born. Ugh! Your son is super cute!

  5. Cutest little slugger I've ever seen.