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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Good razors are hard to find at a reasonable price.  When I do catch them on a hot sale, I try to stock up but unfortunately that isn't enough for my family.  I have this issued with my husband especially who is extremely particular about his razors.  I'll be sympathetic with him because he does have sensitive skin on his face so he prefers the razors with the 5 blades.  However, I cringe every time I have to buy his razor cartridges for $17 a  pop - and most of the time that's with a coupon!  So I started looking into other options because I knew there was a better choice. is a website that offers razors and cartridges delivered right to your door for a price that you can't beat at your local store.  Currently they offer a 3-blade and 5-blade razor for men and a 5-blade razor for women.  These razors are comparable to the name brands you find at the store but at literally half the cost!  You just choose the razor of your choice and order the number of cartridges that you are looking to purchase.  Prices start at $9.99 for 4 cartridges and there is FREE shipping!  You will also get a free handle for your first purchase but if you are interested in ordering more, handles cost just $3.99. also offers you the option of an automatic shipment every two, three or four months so you make sure to never run out of razors.  

Now, I'm sure you're wondering about quality, right?  Well of course I had my toughest critic test out the razors for husband.  For the past month he's been using the 5 blade men's razor which is comparable to the Fusion.  His thoughts?  He's highly impressed!  He said the shave is clean and gets his hard spots. There was no razor burn or cuts after his shaves which were big factors in his testing.   My husband's only complaint was that it didn't vibrate like his his Fusion does, however let's remember he is a diva.  Overall though he was greatly pleased with the results. offers convenient service and affordable razors shipped right to your front door.  They promise a burn free experience not only on your skin but to your wallet too!  Don't get burned by razor prices as the store - it's time that you save yourself money and check out!

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  1. I have never heard of this site. My husband and I were just discussing how crazy the price of razors has gotten. I am going to have him go pick out some razors to try.

  2. It;s hard for me to find a good razor for my sensitive skin.

  3. This is good to know husband always just put "razors" on the shopping list and I have no idea what kind. This way I could just have them delivered and not worry about it! Thanks!

  4. Very cool. I seem to always forget to buy razors. Not sure why.