Our Mini Family Vacay

Friday, July 26, 2013

Considering we traveled to Florida for Spring Break, we wanted to do something smaller this summer.  So the four of us packed up and headed to Cincinnati!  The drive is fairly short from Indianapollis (a little over two hours) and very doable with a toddler.  We had originally planned to hit the Cincinnati  Zoo first but they were calling for rain - and boy did it rain my friends.  We headed to Newport Aquarium first.  I love this place.  We took Cohen here last year and he loved it so I knew it would be a hit again.  The only downfall to this aquarium is the fact that it is kinda pricey and you really can get through it in less than two hours.  But this year we got an up close look at the sharks getting fed and Cohen was mesmerized for a good ten minutes.  That my friends is a miracle if you can keep my child's attention span for that long.  We touched a starfish, a baby sting ray and saw tons and tons of underwater life.  It was a fun experience but like I said a quick one for the price.

He kept saying "Ooo stinky mama!" as we passed by the penguins.  I'll be honest, they were quite stinky...

We then had a few hours to kill before we could check into our hotel  So of course we stopped for a snack.  My child chooses candy.  Smart one he is.

We scoped out our "want list" at IKEA and then headed back to our hotel as the weather decided it was time to start raining.  Not just any rain but torrential downpour on the highway with several people who find it appropriate to keep the speed limit 70.  Umm hello.  When I can't see the road I'm not driving that fast...just saying.  After hitting 5 o'clock traffic we finally made it to our hotel and checked in.  At this point we discovered that my step daughter had eaten her ENTIRE half pound bag of candy.  Okay seriously people - this kid just ate a half pound of taffy, gummy fish and chocolate.  Needless to say she didn't feel well and needless to say we didn't feel too sorry for her.  
Let's just say it was a long evening in the hotel room...

The next day the sun was shining and we headed to the Cincinnati Zoo.  Indy peeps this zoo trumps our zoo by like 294839284092348 points.  It was really a great zoo.  We stayed for over three hours and could have easily stayed another hour.  There was so much to see and each exhibit was transformed to look like the animals' original habitat.  Amazeballs.  My child had a blast.  
But the one animal he keeps talking about?  
No, not the cheetahs we actually saw chasing toys and balls.  Not the giraffe we saw super close eating from the crate.  Not even the manatees swimming away under the water.
The owl. The big ol' barn owl sitting in a tree.
Seriously he is obsessed with owls.  He keeps hearing pigeons and thinking it is an owl too.  Whatever floats his boat I guess..

We somehow managed to keep Cohen awake to make our annual official IKEA run of the year.  This was Coco's second trip to the store (well third if you count our quick one the day before).  Luckily it was Kids Eat Free day so we grabbed our free kids meals before headed on our shopping trip.
Okay seriously even though this year's pic isn't a close up look at much he's changed in a year.

Since we had Sophie this time  I couldn't shop as much as I wanted because we didn't have room in the car.  So I guess we'll just have to make another trip soon.  Darn.
*Sidenote - I may or may not have been streaming live the reveal of the Royal Baby as I shopped...
My husband may or may not have been annoyed with me...

But we bought some great things and headed back home again to Indiana.
It was a great ride home until we hit torrential rains again. Of course. Our luck.

This is called a sugar crash after eating a half pound of candy the day before.

It was a really great time with the family.  I have to say it is crazy to think that next year we'll have one more body to add to the picture which probably means we won't take a mini vacay like this...unless I can entice my parents in on joining us.  :)
I'm glad we did it and that we made it home all in one piece!

Happy Travels! :)


  1. Aside: I love his eyes, when he looks up at you!!

  2. Looks like y'all had a good little trip. The Indy Zoo is a good one so I can only imagine how great the Cincy one is!

  3. The zoo and aquarium look amazing.

    And, 1/2lb of candy...yikes.

  4. I lived in Cincinnati years ago and yes, the aquarium is pretty amazing there! I never went to the zoo, though. Hopefully you got to eat some delicious Cincinnati treats like Graeters ice cream and Skyline chili!

  5. Looks like a great time, I love to visit aquariums.

  6. I wish we had an aquarium closer - definitely looks like a fun day!

  7. I love visiting aquariums. We have a nice one in Boston. That really looks like a fun time!

  8. Sounds fun, outside of the candy sickness. I know our Phoenix zoo is pretty sad compared to the San Diego Zoo. My son loved the monkeys the best. :)