Terrible TWOSday - My Little Bruiser

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yesterday was one of those days where you hope to never go through it again.

I'll start from the beginning...

We woke up to a seriously gorgeous day.  The sun was out but it was chilly.  I headed to a doctor's appointment while Cohen hung out with his favorite sitter, Maggie, in his choo choo undies.  When I came back we got dressed and then decided to play at the park.  After lunch we heard the neighbors outside so we got out our bubbles and chalk and played in our little dead end road.  One of the neighbors just learned how to ride her bike so she continued to ride up and down the road like she usually did.  Well, Cohen decided to chase her...

Here is where the story gets sad.

She turned around, was startled by the amount of kids surrounding her and ran smack into Cohen going pretty fast on her bike.  I mean SMACK into him.  Poor thing was bleeding and bruised and tangled into her bike.  I've never heard him cry so hard before - so I knew he was really hurt.  After we got in I saw the huge gash on his face. Okay, I'm the kind of mom that freaks out over any kind of blood or injury.  I usually panic and make Kurtis take over.  However it was just me and Soph so I had to do it this time.  I finally got the bleeding to stop enough so I could check out his mouth - which was also gushing blood.  It looked like his tooth went through his lip and his bottom gums were pretty scratched up.  By this time my little man had finally calmed down and was watching Chuggington and eating a  popsicle.  Soph played the big sister role and sat with him, holding the ice pack on his bruised little leg while I called his dentist.

And guess what his dentist said?
"We are almost done with patients for the day."

Umm hello?  Did you hear me?  My child got ran over by a bike and I think his tooth may be loose?
Oh yeah, he's only 2 and a half?

So I reluctantly made an appointment for the next morning and called my husband crying.  
My next solution -- call our dentist.

So I did and guess what?
He's the bomb.com really and got him in after his nap.
He normally doesn't take patients that little but Cohen did awesome.  I think it helped because his wife is the hygienist and they have a son that is three, so they knew the tricks of the trade with our little guy.  And it all turned out okay too!  Just scratches to the gums but his teeth looked fine and his tooth didn't end up going through his lip like I first originally thought.
I will forever recommend my dentist to everyone and their brother because of his kindness. 
 Seriously, need a dentist? 

How is my little bruiser doing today you ask?
Well, here's his road rash the day after:

 God his face is still stinking cute with that big ol' mess on his face.

Chances are it will be a decent scar if we aren't careful but I'm just thankful that it wasn't worse.  He acts completely fine and continues to participate in his daily adventures such as jumping off the couch, climbing onto the high bar stools and sliding down the slide head first.
  My poor neighbor girl was so sad about the incident.  She is one of the most sweetest and sensitive souls I know. But we reassured her it was an accident and Cohen still loves her -- he even wanted to go back over and play the second we got back from the dentist.

As for our dentist appointment we had scheduled for today? I called this morning to make sure they got my message that it was cancelled.  
They then asked, "Did you see our doctor on call?"

My response: "No.  I wasn't given that option so I called my family dentist and he got us right in last night."
BAM baby!

Don't mess with Mama Bear when it comes to her Baby Bear.

Happy TWOSday! :)


  1. I'm so glad your dentist fit him in and reassured you all that it wasn't as bad as you thought. Here's to healing with no scarring or very minor scarring!

  2. Oh man, poor little guy. He sure looks happy in his photo, though. They tend to bounce right back, don't they?

  3. Poor thing...they sure find trouble easily, don't they?

  4. Oh my goodness, poor guy but at least he looks happy now!

  5. It's so sad when they get hurt. Glad it wasn't too serious and that you got in with your dentist...it's the people that are there when you need them that keep your business!

  6. Your dentist sounds great! I hope he heals quickly- my son had a ROUGH fall back in March, two weeks before my wedding- scratched up half his face! We put Neosporin on it a LOT & it ended up not scarring at all.

  7. ohhhh poor thing!!! but his smile is still so amazingly sweet!!

  8. poor little guy! I'm glad your dentist was so accommodating!

  9. Glad you were able to get it looked at quickly!