Baby #2 Update: 25 Weeks

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welp, I officially feel HUGE.
For real this time.

And I guess I love taking pictures after a long day's work when I look like I'm about ready to pass out from tiredness.

Brady's still not amused with Baby Sissy - obvi.

I guess I completely forgot how I would feel and look pregnant.  And I remembered thinking, "How in the world am I ever going to get bigger?"
Well it happens and I did.
And I'm thinking the same thing this time around.
It will happen and I will...even though I feel completely bigger this time around.

How are things going now you ask?
Due date:   November 25th -- I hope that I go a little earlier or even a little later I guess.  I'm just hoping she's not a Thanksgiving baby even though I'm truly thankful for her.  However, Mama wants some homemade green bean casserole and stuffing Little Girl!

Gender: Team Pink my friends! And the shopping sprees have officially started.  I hit up Carter's last weekend and went wild and crazy.  I'm trying to avoid Gymboree because I know I'll get grounded by my husband if he sees my receipt after leaving that place...

How do I feel?  Really good except for the restless legs still.  I wake up with sore calves because I assume they've been moving all night.  I've also been extremely tired these last few weeks because of school starting, but I'm getting good about sleep catch up on the weekends!  This week I have really felt contractions going on, especially in the morning and night.  My doctor said I'll be able to feel them more because I've already had a baby but I didn't think they'd start so early.

Cravings/Aversions?  Nothing still, however I made the mistake of buying M&M ice cream sandwiches at the store and could have sat down and ate an entire box.  I didn't (unlike my husband) but they sure were heavenly.

How do my clothes fit? The majority of my clothes are maternity clothes except for a mix of maxi dresses and cardigans.  I have missed my weekly yoga pants and running shorts wardrobe since school started back up again.

Sleep:  I wake up at least once to hit the bathroom.  However last week I knew I was exhausted when my alarm went off and I realized I didn't get up once in the middle of the night!  These 7:20 teacher hours are for the birds -- even my dog stays in bed which says a lot considering he loves his food in the morning.

Movement:  Lately she has been super busy at all times of the day.  Today I had a dentist appointment and you could see her moving my arms as they rested on my stomach. She sure is busy in there!

My Exercise Routine: Oye, with the burden of work back in the picture it gets harder and harder to drag my butt out for a workout.  But I can no longer run without constant pressure so we will take long family walks and I'll throw in a lower body or upper body workout.  I just got a Barre Pregnancy DVD and I'm officially obsessed  I love Barre workouts because it is low intensity but you work deep into your muscles and you totally feel it the next day.  I'm highly considering getting into it and becoming an instructor after Baby Sissy comes.

Just a few more weeks left until the third trimester, which is absolutely crazy!  We started converting the basement into the toy which and Cohen absolutely loves it.  Unfortunately we discovered that we have just too many toys and they don't all want to fit in the basement...

There's so much to do still in these last three months that I probably should get on before Baby Sissy decides to come.

Happy Baby! :)


  1. You look fantastic! Your bump is just perfect.

  2. Aw, I agree with Jennifer, you are look great. I only have a boy so I can imagine how fun shopping for a girl would be.

  3. I need to get my hubby to take a bump picture for me. I've been doing lame selfies.

    And the restless legs. I don't ever remember having it before, but yuck it's terrible this time.

  4. You look great! Have fun shopping for baby girl stuff.

  5. you're looking really good! and shopping for a girl is always way way more fun!!

  6. You are looking wonderful! And yes, shopping for a little girl is so much fun!

  7. Aww a girl, how fun! Hang in there...just a few more months. :)

  8. I know about not wanting your little one to come on the holiday. Nick was born the Thursday before Easter. Luckily I was able to enjoy family dinner.

  9. You look amazing! Yay for team pink - little girl shopping is so much fun!

  10. I'm only 15 weeks & I already don't know how I still have 25 weeks of growing ahead of me- I already feel huge! You look amazing though. Sorry about the restless legs- I had that with my first really bad for about half my pregnancy.

  11. You look GREAT!!!

    I only have boys, so I know how crazy I would go if I were to shop for team pink!