Terrible TWOSday - Our First Day of Preschool

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last week we embarked on another adventure in our year as a two year old -- Cohen started full day preschool!

Since his birthday is in the beginning of October, he missed the school cutoff here in Indiana by a little over a month.  So he wasn't able to start the 2 year room until this year even though he will technically be 3 for the majority of his school year.  I'm okay with him being older in his grade because I was and I turned out alright...or at least I think I did.

The few weeks prior to his first day were spent preparing Cohen for school - or at least trying to prepare him.
Since I start school now way too early, he got to spend a week with his old babysitter - who he absolutely loves and she loves him.  (She's actually having another baby so when Baby Sissy goes to her next year, she'll have a friend to play with that's about her same age!)  But we kept reminding him, "This is your last week at Tara's.  Next week you start school!"  She even spent time teaching him how to introduce to himself to his new friends.  It's hilarious because you'll ask him, "What's your name?"  and he'll reply with "Coh-nen" or "Coco."  

I also took him to pick out his backpack and lunchbox to take with him to his new school.  I had all of these wonderful visions of his matching Pottery Barn backpack and lunchbox that were personalized with his name. 
However, do you think that happened?
Of course not.
My son insists on a Cars backpack and Angry Birds lunchbox.
You win some.  You lose some.

So the big day arrived....

Luckily Kurtis is the drop off person in the morning so I didn't have to head to my job with a tear stained face and red, swollen eyes.  I knew he'd be scared because he kept telling us he wanted to go see Tara.  Apparently going to school and getting into the building was a breeze.  Like I've mentioned earlier, he's a lover and loves to say hello to everyone and their mother.  So he walked into school saying hi to everyone and making sure people knew he was there. 
Then, it was time for drop off.
Cohen's class was in the gym at the time.  As Kurtis tried to walk away we had a full blown freak out meltdown.
I think it was just as hard on Kurtis as it was on Cohen.

I spent all day watching the clock and just wishing for the time to hurry up.
Finally 3:35 arrived and I rushed out of the door to see my Boo Boo.

When I got to school to pick him up he was happy as a clam playing with his friends and a center of dinosaurs.  The second he saw me he ran over to me and kept saying, "Mama! Don't leave!" but not in a crying way but in a "Okay, I'm cleaning up my mess while you get my stuff and then you're taking me with you" kind of tone.  We then left school  hand-in-hand together.

The last few days we've had a few tears at drop off but I think it now depends on how tired he is from the night before.  The kid refuses to go to sleep before 9 even if he's in bed by 8:30.  I'm hoping we can finally get back into our school routine here soon.

So here are go on another new adventure.  I really love his new school and he will definitely stay in school when Baby Sissy arrives.  But as hard as this last week was at times, I'm for sure glad that we made the decision to start school with him now.

Happy Family!


  1. Awwww could he be any cuter! The first few weeks are always the hardest, especially for the little one's.

  2. He is SO cute!!! Welcome to Social Fabric!

  3. That is a relief that yo didn't have to do the drop off. It's so tough!

  4. It's so hard when they get older and have so many milestones.

  5. My kids had their first day of school today too! Just stopping by to say HI from the Social Fabric Community!

  6. Awww. It's so hard. I hope you both adjust to it very soon.

  7. Good luck on this newest adventure. My oldest two are October birthdays, so I totally get the cut off thing. In the end, I think it's best they are the "oldest" in their classes.

  8. He looks adorable, glad he loves school!

  9. Aww I'm sure the tears will stop soon! My son starts his very first year of preschool tomorrow &I'm super nervous! He would have done the same thing with the character lunchbox and backpack- he was already begging for a Monsters Inc. one- but he doesn't need either of those for school.

  10. What a cutie! And you're lucky - my kids all hated school.

  11. Nick goes to daycare two days a week, and it's run by my MIL, and he has a meltdown almost every day. Within five minutes he's happy as can be though.