31 Week Update

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I started this post a week ago however last week my eyes were permanently opened with toothpicks.  This week is a bit better considering I have just eight more days until Fall Break.  

Did I mention this is my last week in my twenties?
Next Tuesday is the big 30...wah wah.
I do plan to celebrate accordingly after the birth of this baby...

 Now how about some updates?
Due date:   November 25th --However, I was measuring one week ahead at my appointment last Tuesday.  Good news?  Or more of a reason to feel large and in charge?  You decide.

Gender: Girly girl!  However, Baby Sissy still remains nameless.  I think we've narrowed it down to four names but the one I really want Kurtis doesn't.  Now let's see who wins this batttle...mwwhahaha.

How do I feel?  Exhausted to say the least.  School keeps me on my feet almost all day so when the evening rolls around I'm a grump and a half and so flipping tired -- hence my last of blogging lately.  I promise to get on it a bit better...maybe.  A few weeks ago we had a random heat wave and my feet did swell which made me even angrier.  I refuse to be caught in a pair of sandals and have foot fat spilling over my shoes like Kim Kardashian.  My rings still fit though, but I give it two more weeks tops.

Cravings/Aversions?  I  have noticed that my stomach gets full a lot quicker since entering the latter stages of the third trimester.  Recently I have developed  quite the love affair with my son's mini corn dogs that he won't eat anymore.  I seriously HATE corn dogs too.  Even since Kindergarten when I had a  horrible school lunch experience with them and 25 years later I'm still traumatized.  Chex Mix is still on my hate list as well ever since I overdosed on a bag first trimester and ended up puking my brains out for hours. 

How do my clothes fit?  I'd prefer to wear my husband's clothes if that was an option.  But it's not so I'm trying to wear my most comfortable maternity clothes and I will get as many wears about of my maxi dresses before the cold hits.

Sleep:  I've been taking magnesium for my restless legs and I do notice a bit a difference.  I wake up like three times to pee, which any pregnant woman knows is quite an excursion just to get out of bed.  Some nights I try to fall back asleep and ignore it but then I pay for that later...trust me.

Movement:  She is a busy little mama!  Tonight Cohen was screaming and laughing in the bathtub and she started flipping around to the sound of her brother's voice.  Made me laugh because poor thing hasn't even experienced his high pitched excited scream yet...Let's just say it's high and loud enough for my hearing impaired father to cringe when he hears it.

My Exercise Routine: Well, last week I worked out for a total of one day.  This week, I've worked out once but I plan to do more.  I try to get out every night for a brief walk and then while Cohen takes his breathing treatment I'll throw on my Barre video to get in some arms or legs.  I'm determined to get Michelle Obama arms post pregnancy.  I'm seriously dying to get some normal clothes on and my feet are asking for my heels.

It's crazy to think that in about nine weeks we will have another addition to our family.  My husband has been a busy man this week turning her closet in an amazeball custom closet fit for a princess.  Seriously, he apparently understands the importance of organization and being able to see all the fabulous clothes and shoes that she owns.  Yes, she does have a pair of pink Uggs that I'm obsessed with just a bit.
The goal is to have the room painted and start accessorizing by the weekend.

I love that I can finally think girly.  :)

Now I'm going to try to turn off my brain.  

Happy Baby! :)


  1. I love reading your updates, as I can relate to most of what you write, being 10 days behind you. Love how close we are (in due dates) and how we are both expecting princesses. Sure wish we lived closer though. I hope you are able to enjoy the final 9 weeks with your boys and good luck to you as you are in the last two months...WOW!! Call me one day if you get a chance, would love to catch up. We sure would have a lot to compare/talk about.


  2. You look fantastic!!! I can't believe you only have 9 weeks left! I can't wait to 'meet' her!

  3. You look adorable!! My baby girl will be turning 1 on November 15. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your baby! You are now in the home stretch! XOXO