Baby #2 Update: 35 Weeks

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Does anyone notice my dog's devil eyes in this picture?  I couldn't crop him out because it was just too funny.  I promise he's nice and not laser beaming my face off or anything.
Due date:   November 25th -- 28th.  I start my weekly appointments next week which is crazy to think!  I've had some serious hip pain and pressure, so I'm interested to see what the doctor will have to say about it.

Gender: Girl...still  I think we may have narrowed it down to a few names.  But she still is nameless as of right now.  However her room is coming around nicely and once it's done I'll be sure to post pics!

How do I feel?  I'm still pretty tired which I'm sure is a combination of working on my feet all day and then tending to an extremely wild three year old at night.  Like I mentioned earlier, I'm having crazy hip pain like in my flexor area.  I'll be walking and have to completely stop because it feels like a huge Charlie Horse in that area.  I never had this with Cohen either.  I also have constant pressure and I notice that if I don't sit down, it gets pretty bad.  I'm also having some good Braxton Hicks and there have been a few times where I flipped out and started timing the regular contractions.  It is crazy how different pregnancies can be from one another!

Cravings/Aversions?  Aversions - not really.  Cravings -- sushi and wine.  Actually, I want a really good, strong glass of Champs...mmm.  But my meals definitely have to be smaller and more frequent because there isn't a lot of room in there!

How do my clothes fit?  Oh clothes...did I mention how getting dressed in the morning is my least favorite activity? I refuse to buy anything else new since I am down to about a month -- and that includes a winter coat.  Kurtis will just have to share his with me until after the baby's born.  Does anyone else agree that maternity clothes are super expensive?  Even at Target!

Sleep:  I find it harder to wind down at night as I stress about all the things that are left to do still.  But a good nap on the weekend makes this mama oh so happy!  I'm pretty accustomed to not a lot of sleep since Cohen's been born (trust me - the kid doesn't sleep) so I'm just planning on developing a serious K cup addiction in my near future.
Movement:  Oye this girl is busy.  I just looked down a moment ago and my belly was completely lopsided.  Her little feet are obsessed with my bladder...and I may have peed my pants once or twice.  But she definitely wants me to know she's in there! 

My Exercise Routine: Umm..this department has been quite neglected lately.  I recently started doing my Barre video again and I totally notice a difference in my restless legs at night.  I'm trying to be more active but the cold weather puts a damper on the evening walks.  Hopefully we'll be able to bundle up soon and take brief walks before the hard winter hits.

I'll be sure to post another update soon -- including the room.  My sister did an amazing job with the curtains and crib skirt.  Thank GOD for a crafty sister!!  

But in the meantime...I'll just keep waddlin' along.


  1. Oh my gosh I can totally relate to the maternity clothes! The really cute, figure flattering, stylish outfits were ridiculously expensive! It's just cruel! They know your tired, feeling unattractive (at least I felt that way - but you look fabulous!), and I was wondering if I would ever get it back to the way it was (which you totally can), so I went to the boutiques and paid the $180 for Seven jeans (which that I'd probably do again - I think I wore them almost every day and they were great for post pregnancy), plus some tops and I worked from home (can you imagine what it must be like for women who have to go into the workplace)...maternity clothing prices are just cruel - IMO.

    For exercise - try yoga, it's relaxing and still keeps up your strength. (Sorry you probably have enough advice :) ).
    Take care and thanks for sharing, you look fabulous!!!
    Stephanie from

  2. I remember those days- - I had 1 or 2 favorite outfits (that actually fit), and I wore them almost every single day for the last few weeks of my pregnancy.
    You look fabulous! All the best to out for those doggie laser beam eyes hahaha

  3. OMG You are s cute and about to pop I bet you are so excited!

  4. You are too cute. I'm at 30 weeks and I totally know what you mean about the clothes and getting dressed.

  5. dont worry about the no clothes to wear bit. Just grab more of his stuff.

  6. Its pretty impressive that you're still exercising at this stage, that's good though.

  7. you are in the homestretch, and it sounds like you are doing well

  8. Look at how cute you are!! Girl I was a blimp by this point. LOL. Counting down the days with ya!

  9. You are adorable and I know your little girl is going to be super awesome because she is due at the end of November and all of us end of November babies are. As for the clothing. I had six kids by the last one I had just given up on clothing.

  10. So glad I will not have to go through that again. PG is so tough. But you look wonderful like you have it all together.

  11. Oh isn't it just maddening when you think your bladder is empty, they give a good kick and you instantly have to go again?

  12. You look FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait to see baby girl's room!

  13. You are so cute! Both of my boys were born in November. November babies rock!!