My Little Stinker is 3!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Cohen Lee!

This past Saturday we celebrated our little firecracker's third birthday.
Yes.  I said THIRD birthday!

I am in as much denial about this fact that you are as well.  It feels like I was just planning his first birthday and now he's a preschooler!

What's Cohen up to now?  
Well, the kid is all about Angry Birds that's for sure.  We had his Angry Bird themed birthday party at this great place called Recreation Unlimited.  Basically it's an indoor showroom where they sell models of all these great playsets but the geniuses also host birthday parties.  He had a BLAST!  Plus the weather was super rainy and dreary so it turned out to be the perfect day for his party.  My husband has the bulk of the pictures but here are a few shots that I got of the birthday boy.

Cohen recently woke up one morning and was talking in full sentences.  The things he says cracks me up.  For example on our way home from our 3 year wellness check at the doctor today he says, "Mom your car is faster than dad's."  His class at school has also been talking about Halloween and his new favorite thing is to ring the doorbell, open the door and yell "Trick or Treat!"  But the best part is most of the time when he opens the door it's just the poor dog standing there so every time he hears Cohen yell "treat" he gets all excited.  I also love when he wakes up in the morning or from nap and he'll say in his sweet little voice, "Good morning!"

The things he knows amaze me .  He knows all his colors and can count up to fifteen.  Ask the kid to name any kind of truck and he can tell you the exact name.  We have a subdivision being built by us and he pointed one day and says, "Hey look! A skid steer!"  He totally made the connection from his Trucks book that he reads almost every night with dad.  But I'm just astonished by how his little mind is turning and the things he picks up, learns and is able to apply.  Unfortunately this is not always necessary - like the time we were walking into Target and he points at the man with the eye patch and yells, "Mom! A pirate! Arggg!"
Great connection - terrible timing.

I'm bracing myself for the year of the threes.  I hear they can be more terrible than the twos but with the addition of Baby Sissy in a few weeks, I hope they are still manageable.  But I really love watching this little monkey grow into a little man.  Even though I'm tired, he knows how to wear my patience thin and is the master at testing the limits, I truly love the little guy and I wouldn't change the person he's growing up to be for anything.

But I may ask for an endless supply of coffee and Diet Coke to keep up with his endless energy....

Happy Birthday Monkey!

What was your favorite age of your children?


  1. Happy Birthday to your little stinker! I believe 3 was my favorite age. :)

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday! He is so cute. I love that he knows mommy drives faster then daddy.

  3. "Your car is faster than Dad's" ... that is hilarious.

    Happy b-day to Cohen. They grow up so fast, but it is so fun to watch.

  4. I hope his birthday was wonderful! (This reminds me of the commercial where the mom says, "Don't tell Dad.")

  5. Aww Happy Birthday! My boy will be 3 October 23 and yes I'm a bit in denial too LOL!!

  6. So the truth comes out...mommy has a lead foot! He's adorable and I wish him a happy birthday!