The Dirty Thirty

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

**This post as been one in the making.  Due to a computer virus I have been MIA.  Crossing my finger it's gone!**

Tonight is it my friends.  
My final night in the fabulous twenties.
Seriously, I'm kind of in denial.  I remember watching Friends back in the day and thinking how old they seemed.
Oh wait.  I could technically be the next Rachel.  Only I definitely didn't have Ross as a boyfriend and unfortunately I don't work for Ralph Lauren.  But we both have brown hair and are in our thirties.
Totally twinsies...

My hair dresser asked me how I planned to spend the big day tomorrow and I said casually, "Oh we're going on a hospital tour and having dinner."  Then I laughed out loud because that totally sounded so lame.
I officially am old.

I decided to compile a list of the things I want to do in my thirties since I can't be celebrating tomorrow with an amazingly strong Cosmo and a plate of raw sushi.

So here we go my friends. 

My Top Ten Things I Will Do in my 30s

1.  Visit Vegas
I know.  I'm behind everyone and their brother on this one already.  But I'll be honest - I'm a beach babe and whenever the discussion of Vegas has come around, I've been knocked up so sitting poolside like a beached whale never sounded enticing.  So my plan is to convince my two Gtown Partners in Crime to plan a trip to celebrate our 30th birthdays.  And yes hubster, you will be invited too.

2. Run the Indy Mini
Okay, so technically I've signed up for this race for the third time and plan on running it in 2014.  The last two times have been a bust because again, I found out I was preggo and the doctor highly advised against it since I would've been 5 or more months along.  But third time's a charm, right?

3.  Spend a day on The HandleBar
Oh you know this will be done.  Who's in?

5.  Have another baby
Ha!  Had to have at least one thing I could cross off my list!

6.  Spend an entire day at the spa 
I mean like robes, facials, massages - the works.  I'd even like a tray of endless champs and fruit.  I'm dead serious about this one too.

7.  Stand in line for the Price is Right
Last time we were in Cali, they weren't taping.  I plan on making another trip out there in the next few years and we will make adorbes matching shirts, stand in line and make absolute fools out of ourselves.  Ooo I want to do this now...

8.  Visit Bora Bora and stay in one of these amazeballs huts:

Photo Credit

I'm starting a mini vacay account where I'll add money to it over the next few years.  My goal is to head to this paradise for our 10 year anniversary -- seriously, I'm dying to go already.

9.  Become a Barre/Fitness Instructor
I've recently become obsessed with Pure Barre and Barre classes.  I'm also a major fan of TurboJam/Kick classes.  I always say how much I want to teach these classes so I'm going to buck up and get my certification for one or the other - or maybe both!  But no more I wishes - it will now turn into I will!

10.  Visit London
I don't think it's quite right to have such a serious obsession with Prince William and Princess Kate and not ever have had the opportunity to visit the Royal Land.  Once again, this will be another vacation in which we save up for but it will totally be worth it.  You know I'll be getting as close as possible to Kensington Palace...

 People may say we look alike....I may really enjoy that idea.
This picture doesn't do justice to our twin-ness.

Let's be honest, 30 is the new 20.
When I finally quit getting carded for R rated movies then I'll truly feel old.
Until then...

Cheers to a great year!


  1. Your list is full of life! Don't even try to pretend you're old!

  2. You aren't old at all! Some great stuff on that list!

  3. Visit London!! wooooo I want that!!!

  4. Love the list. Guess I will need to make my own list in the next few years. Looks like I will be adding vegas and the spa to mine.