Baby #2 Update -- 38 Weeks and Fully Cooked!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Make way for motherload....

Cue the music please -- and dim the lights...

I'm officially fully baked with Baby Sissy.  Kinda hard to believe yet I look in the mirror and think, "Umm, I'm not sure if I can get any bigger."  Yet I know I have because once again, those kind little people remind me that I look huge.  
In the words of Dr. Evil -- "Zip it." or ""  
Don't be surprised if those words start coming out of my mouth anytime soon.  That'd be hilary actually.  I'd love to see the look on their face when I say that.

My friends threw me a sweet little Sprinkle last weekend which was so nice of them.  I got some super cute things for Baby Sissy and a poop ton of diapers.  Plus I loved the girl time - can never have enough of that!

So let's check in folks!

Due date:   November 25th -- 28th.  I've made some good progress these last two weeks at my appointments.  I knew Baby Sissy was low because I feel as if I'm going to pee my pants every 5 seconds.  One day I was walking down the hall after school and had to stop because I literally felt her drop.  Now every time I sneeze I pray to God that she stays kaput until I'm at home at least.  Please share your visualizations of the looks on a bunch of second graders' faces if I sneezed a baby out while reading a chapter of Charlotte's Web to them.  Dying at that thought really...

Gender: Girl...still  I'm thinking she has a name now!  We'll see what she looks like when she comes out to be sure.  However her room is JUST about done -- just a few little details and then I'll post some fun pics!

How do I feel? Like I could run a marathon of course!  Haha - such a joker I know.  I feel tired and I'm going to be honest -- totally over being pregnant.  I'm ready to put on my cute clothes and wear my boots and heels.  I'm also ready to be able to sleep on my back and breathe as well as drink a nice cold adult beverage.  Plus these sharp pains in my groins are redic -- seriously feels like a Charlie Horse times 234283.  Did anyone else ever experience these awful tearing sensation pains?  It literally feels as if I ran a mini and pulled a muscle.  Today I was limping all over the place, which I like to refer to as my "Pregnant Swag."  Please, don't call it a waddle, call it a swag because that makes it much cooler.  I'm not sure why people say the enjoy being pregnant, especially at this stage.  Probably because they never had to deal with morning sickness or a baby playing the Karate Kid on your bladder...

Cravings/Aversions?  Nothing, nada.  Except the fact that Cohen's enormous bowl of Halloween candy clearly is calling my name.  How can I say no to Skittles?  Let's be real here.

How do my clothes fit?  Sick.  I hate this question.  I'm missing my heels like nobody's business!!!  I attempted wedge boots this weekend and you should've seen my feet when I took them off -- Hello Fred Flinstone.  I'm trying to determine if my principal will allow me to wear yoga pants the remainder of my pregnancy.  Three cheers for Pajama Day this week by the way!   Maybe if I wear my sparkly Toms with my yoga pants and a cardi I can get away with it...

Sleep:  Well, besides the bathroom breaks, inability to breathe, restless legs and a dog that insists on snuggling with me, sleep is great.  All I have to say is TGFC -- Thank God for Coffee.
Movement:   Baby Sissy is a mover and shaker!  Her feet have switched sides of my body yet she is still very much low with her head down.  She likes to play this fun game where she kicks my bladder to remind me that even with the slightest amount of liquid it'd be fun if she could make me pee my pants.  Okay, I'll be honest with you -- Sunday I thought my water was leaking until I realized I just peed my pants.  Shhh.  Don't tell anyone.

My Exercise Routine: Haha is all I have to say.  Two workouts can be logged for last week.  Maybe I'll get three in this week.  But I'm definitely busting out the squats because apparently these will get labor started.

It's hard to believe that I'm full term now.  There ain't no stopping her if she decides to come now!  I have started a To-Do list which probably should have been completed last week.  Things like packing my hospital bag and installing the car seats -- you know, things you really don't want to be doing when you're panicked and your water is leaking everywhere.  I just need to keep telling myself, "It'll get done."

Hey moms, what are some things that I'm forgetting?  What are some MUSTS for the hospital bag?


  1. Kelly @ Texas Type A MomNovember 16, 2013 at 6:58 PM

    You still look amazing! You have such a glow and photograph beautifully!

  2. Not much longer! I didn't carry a lot in my hospital bag -- just pj's, toiletries, and going home outfit and blanket for baby were the main things I included.

  3. I still have 6 weeks a couple days to go and my clothes already aren't covering my belly. I'm thinking it's hubby's clothes for Christmas for me!

  4. You look amazing, and you're almost there woot woot

    Who can say no to skittles? It isn't possible

  5. You look beautiful and I wish you all the best! Even if you forget something, just send someone home to get it ;).

  6. You look great, can't wait to see the pictures when she arrives!

  7. Full cooked indeed, you look great by the way.

  8. You look great. I was huge with my second baby. I was told all the time I looked like I was due any day when I had 4 months left. I should have thought of Zip It!

  9. You are looking great! Good luck on the delivery. :)

  10. Wishing for a smooth delivery! You look fantastic. :)

  11. Wish you a easy labor! Before you know it you will be hold your little one!

  12. praying the delivery would be so smooth for you! Just a bit more and btw, you really still look very good!

  13. You look adorable and how fun that the finish line is in sight now! Good luck!

  14. Not too much longer! And I'm thinking yoga pants would be very welcomed right about this time.