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Thursday, November 21, 2013

I love the Holidays!
Okay I take that back.  I love Christmas music (Mariah Carey and 'NSync to be exact) and shopping and good eats. 
But what I don't enjoy is how the holidays are so demanding - especially Thanksgiving.  Don't get me wrong, I totally see no harm in stuffing my face with amazing Thanksgiving food.  However, I feel as if we are always pulled into twelve different directions on Thanksgiving Day.  I was browsing to get my daily funny fix and came across this oh so appropriate picture that describes our holiday decisions every year to a perfect T:
Where should we spend Thanksgiving?

This picture made me giggle because my friends at totally get it.  (This is why I'm hooked on my favorite NickMom shows.)  Yes, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and be with our family and friends.  But it always has to be super complicated no matter what decision you make. 

So what choices do I have? 
 Please, let me share. 

We have a few options here.

Option A:
Hosting Thanksgiving at my house.
However this option entails cleaning, cooking, preparing and then entertaining.  And then rinse and repeat once everyone has left.  Plus no matter how many amazing Thanksgiving decorations, table settings and side dishes I pin on Pinterest, I will not turn into Martha Stewart.  Let's be honest -- who has time to do any of those homemade cornucopia name cards anyway?

Not I said the mom of a wild and crazy three year old.

I see why you are questioning my judgement right now.
And I hear you coughing and muttering the phrase "Are you sure?" under your breath while you roll your eyes at me.

Then there is Option B:
Travel three hours north to spend the day at three, yes I said THREE, different Thanksgivings.

Let me share a snapshot of why Option B is just as appealing as Option A:
Our day begins with us out the door by 7 A.M.  In order for this to happen I must get up at 5:30, which we know never happens because of that thing on your phone called snooze.  Now, try getting a lazy and anxiety ridden dog, grumpy three year old and grouchy husband all out the door and into the car in an hour's time.

Yeah, you get my drift.

We then arrive at Thanksgiving #1 around 10:30 - My Father-in-Laws Family
Thanksgiving before noon should be outlawed anywhere. However, his dad understands that we have Thanksgiving #2 and #3 to still attend on that day so the earlier the better.  As I fill up my plate with stuffing and mashed potatoes at precisely 10:54 A.M., I am crossing my fingers that a bottle of bubbly will be waiting next to the orange juice at the end of the table.  Unfortunately my husband's dad is pretty religious and isn't really into Mimosas, Jack Daniels or any of the other cocktails that would make the day just that much better.  So I eat my first plate of the day sans my Champs and then spend the remainder of my time chasing Cohen away from the precious antiques and valuables that are in perfect eyesight.

By 12:30 we are headed to Thanksgiving #2 - My Mother-in-Laws
Still full from our Thanksgiving brunch, we arrive just in time for feast number two.  This is always a more relaxed dinner lunch and the best part -- my husband's step-dad has been thinking ahead because the glasses of wine are a flowing.  Usually this Thanksgiving meal consists of a few bites of green bean casserole and several glasses of Moscato.
By 2:00 P.M. Cohen is ready for a nap...and so am I (a wine induced nap usually).

Around 2:00 we head to Thanksgiving Feast #3 - My Family
By this time I feel like an overstuffed (and slightly tipsy) meatball.   Luckily I can hand Cohen off to finish his nap and I my husband can enjoy a quick catnap on the couch.

(I may get in serious trouble for this picture...)

Around 4:00 it's time for our final meal of the day.  Now we are post nap and have digested most of our meals, but seriously, how can one be hungry after two other feasts already?
Oh trust me, you will be hungry when you catch a whiff of my mother's mashed potatoes.
Yes.  You die.

By 6:00 our day has ended and I feel like Violet as she blows up into a blueberry from Willy Wonka.  Only if you'd pop me it'd be a huge disgusting pou pou platter of Thanksgiving trimmings-- not blueberry filled gum.

So now you tell me - where should we spend Thanksgiving?

Well don't worry, we've made our decision already for this year.
It was an easy one too.  Why you ask?
Baby Sissy is due on Thanksgiving Day so we will either be enjoying our Thanksgiving Dinner hospital cafeteria style or prepared by our friends at the local grocery store.
In our pajamas.  On the couch. 
Most likely watching Cohen's favorite Nick shows and then NickMom for me as I'm nursing a newborn after everyone heads to bed.
 That's why I love NickMom and how they cater to moms like us.  It's my perfect go-to channel at night when I'm winding down from my day as Super Mom.  Plus I can always count on a good belly laugh of a time.  You know, the kind you share when your with your family and friends as you celebrate your Thanksgiving traditions.  But whether it's a crazy Thanksgiving where you're pulled into twenty different directions and you slowly turn into a bubble person of stuffing or you're attempting to clean up your own kitchen (with a glass bottle of wine in hand) after a house full of family, NickMom will have you covered - both online and with their evening programming.

Trust me - we will all need a good laugh to end a day of family holiday chaos.

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  1. Your Thanksgivings sound identical to mine! Three families, way too much food, copious amounts of alcohol and sugar, lots of laughs, and (I don't know about your family) but still nobody happy that they didn't get us for the whole day. And yet I'm driving from North Carolina to Florida tomorrow. #client