Baby Sissy Has Arrived!

Monday, December 2, 2013

She came in a fashionable manner that's for sure!
Meet Baby Sissy:

Lola Colleen 
November 19, 2013 at 12:21 a.m.
7 lb 9 oz 20 inches

It's been just about two weeks since Lola was born and I'm finally able to get back on my feet again.  Going from a family of three to a family of four was much harder than I could have ever imagined, but it really is a lot of fun too!  

I know you're dying to hear the birth story - which is actually quite comical in some parts.  So, here we go!

Lola's Birth Story
The weekend before Lola was born turned out to be a great one, just the three of us.  Kurtis and I decided to go all out and spoil Cohen one last time before Baby Sissy arrived and good thing we did!  We took him to his dentist appointment Saturday morning (the kid loved it - seriously, look at him).

Then we headed to the Holiday Mart at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds to do some fun shopping.  Okay, more fun for me but he still had fun being his wild three year old self.  That evening, the high school in the district I teach for was putting on the musical Seussical so we took him to see it.  (Hello HUGE hit - the kid is STILL talking about it two weeks later.)  Overall it was a super fun family weekend.

Sunday was a weird day in Indiana.  The temperatures got really warm and then a front went through creating tornadoes all over the state.  I had a huge burst of energy and cleaned for hours, did all of the laundry and organized like it was my job.  That night was a full moon...

I woke up Monday morning feeling a little off, but I had felt that way for the last few weeks.  I remember thinking that maybe I should take the afternoon off to relax, but then it slipped my mind as I got busy at school and forgot about that random thought.  I had a doctor's appointment at 4 and was determined to ask my doctor to schedule an induction because I was D.O.N.E.  The school day went on as normal.  That afternoon, around one, I decided to sit down and plan the first week of my maternity leave for my sub.  I was thinking that since she was coming in the next day we'd be able to sit down and talk about it.  About an hour later I was lining my kids up to head outside for recess.  I was standing in line and felt a little "gush."  My first thought was, "Aww man, she made me pee my pants again."  However, this time it didn't feel like pee.  (Trust me, if you are my friend you know that I will totally know when I pee my pants).  I sent my kids out with the other teachers and went to call my doctor to see if I should be alarmed or come in earlier.  Of all days my absolute favorite doctor was on call -- and he was running super behind schedule but told me to come in as soon as possible.  So I attempted to call the office, my principal, the assistant principal -- no one would answer.
 Why you ask?
Because seconds later a flipping school tornado drill occurs.  
As I stand up to close my door and turn out my lights to get my stuff around, water continues to gush just a little bit more.  That's when I knew this wasn't just Baby Sissy kicking my bladder
Yes my teacher friends, I experienced your worst nightmare.  My flipping water was breaking at school.
 Thank God for my team because they took over my class as I waddled through the hallway of crouched over students praying to God that my water wouldn't completely break in front of a bunch of fourth graders.

Luckily I was going to the office located in the hospital.  When I got there I had to sit in the waiting room and wait since he was squeezing me in that day.  I tried not to move because my water continued to leak more and more as I sat on my feet hoping I wasn't accumulating a pile of amniotic fluid on the chair in the waiting room.  When the nurse called us back I ran and hid behind the door as my water completely drenched my pants.  The nurse, who just happened to be my all time favorite nurse as well, busted out laughing at the leaking water off my pants.  I was checked and then sent to labor and delivery because we were having a baby -- almost two weeks early!

Kurtis and I went into mini panic mood calling my mom, my sister, Cohen's school, his family, his work, my work.  We had our plan for Cohen and my sister went and got him from school.  But Kurtis, of course, hadn't packed his bags (after several weeks of reminders may I add) so my dear sister, with the help of Cohen, packed up the remainder of my things and a bag for Kurtis.  After we were all checked in to the hospital they started me on pitocin around 4:30 to get the contractions going.   The pain was tolerable, so Kurtis and I watched a few free movies to waste some time.  At around 9:30 I decided to get my epidural.  My contractions weren't too horrible but Kurtis reminded me that if it hurt I might as well get the meds now.  After the epidural, the doctor came in and checked me and I was still only at 5 centimeters.  So I took a mini nap and work up around 11:30 feeling some pressure.  I called the nurses who called in the doctor.  He leisurely walked in about ten minutes later from another delivery.
As he checks me he looks at me and says, "Okay, push."
About 40 minutes later Miss Lola entered the world and changed our lives forever.

Okay seriously, this was the easiest labor and delivery of my life.  The worst part was probably the needles from the epidural.  Oh and the fact that my water decided to start breaking at school.  But if I told you Cohen's birth story you'd question my sanity as to why I had another kid and would want to go through labor again.  Lola was so easy it makes me want to have another one...but I doubt I can convince Kurtis on that one.

Like I said earlier, we are still adjusting as a family of four.  Cohen loves "his baby" as he calls her but needs reminders that we can't cough in Sissy's face or try to feed her Trix or push her swing real fast while she's in it.  He is starting to really push our buttons at some things too, which I have more patience at handling than Kurtis does at time.    But I think it's because I have some guilt that I can't give him all of my attention anymore.  My heart has doubled in size with love for each child but I still feel just a little guilty that he's no longer the only child of the family.  I'm sure with time this will subside.  But I do think some of this button pushing behavior is because of the glorious age of 3 -- I hear 2 is nothing compared to 3.

Lola is a sweet, precious baby.  She eats every 3-4 hours and loves her sleep -- unlike her brother. Kurtis went back to work this week and I'm going to start keeping her awake more to get her used to those nights and days.  Daddy was a spoiler and held her WAY too much.  Mama will be breaking that habit now.

Despite the lack of sleep and the amount of time it takes to get myself and two other kiddos ready, I love my new little family.  I wouldn't change a thing -- except buying more headbands, bows and ruffles of course.


  1. Congrats so much on Lola's birth! And the water breaking part ... that really is quite comical!

  2. Congratulations! She is gorgeous as is your little boy! Enjoy these precious moments! Happy Holidays!

  3. Welcome, Lola! That last picture is absolutely precious.

    I love the story - be sure to write it down so that, when she is being a difficult teen, you can remind her of what you went through to give birth to her (just focus on the water breaking at school - not the EASY labor).

  4. Wow, what a little adventure leading up to the birth but it makes a terrific story. She is just a beautiful little peanut!

  5. Congratulations! She's beautiful...makes me ready to meet my little girl.

    Out of three times, my water has broken once...on my kitchen floor!

  6. Congrats! She is so adorable! I have three kids and my water never broke on it's own. You know, if your water would have broken in front of all the 4th graders, they would have talked about you forever! :)

  7. Congratulations. What a little beauty.

  8. she is beautiful! Congratulations!

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  10. Congratulations! Beautiful baby girl!