Holiday Baking Success with Rudolph Reindeer Cookies

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Since being at home, I have started to feel very "housewifeish."  Unfortunately I do not look like any of the Real Housewives nor do I have their money because if I did, my house would be much cleaner and my nanny would take care of my baby so I could get in a shower every three days.  As if caring for a newborn. toddler, husband and crazy dog wasn't enough, I decided that I would make three dozen cookies for Cohen's school program yesterday.

Umm what?

So I needed a recipe and an easy one at that.  I started where anyone would start - Pinterest.  But then things went sour fast because let's get real -- I AM NOT MARTHA STEWART.  My sister got those genes...and the sewing genes and the gardening genes and the crafty genes.
 I did get the shopping gene - CHA CHING!
Okay anyways...
I kept seeing these pictures for these cute little reindeer cookies so I thought I'd give them a try.  Where do I need to go now? Target of course!  Since I'm not a baker I started where any nonbaker would start - the premade refrigerated cookie dough.  
Guess what was on the back my friends?

Here's what you need for these adorbes little cookies:
--One roll of refrigerated sugar cookie dough

--One bag of milk chocolate chips

--One bag of mini pretzel twists

--Two cans of white frosting

--One tube of red decorating frosting

How to make your Rudolph Reindeer Cookies:
1.  Preheat oven to the temperature your dough requires.

2.  Break up your roll of cookie dough into a bowl.  Add a bit of flour and reshape your dough into a triangular roll.  You can also reshape your roll and not break  it up if it soft.  Just remold it with your hands until it is triangular.

3.  Slice your cookies and place on an non greased cookie sheet.  I find the thicker the cookies, the better.  Some of my slices were too thing and they stuck to my pan or got really crispy.

4.  Bake your cookies based on the time it says to on your dough.  I suggest you bake them to the max time and then take them out.  They will still be soft so don't make my mistake and over cook them because they'll get hard.  Oops.

5.  Once the cookies have cooled, frost them with the white frosting.

6.  Create antlers with two pretzels at the top.  Then add your eyes with the chocolate chips and a red nose with your frosting.  You could also use M&Ms for the nose or red hots - which I couldn't find anywhere unfortunately.

How cute are these?  Thankfully they looked cute so people were fooled before they took a bite and realized they were hard and not soft.  They were still good, just not as soft as they should have been.  If I can make these you can too.  Trust me  -- they are super easy but will be a hit at your next holiday party!

Happy Holidays! :)


  1. Those are cute. I like cookies whether hard or soft. Yum!

  2. So cute and easy! I love things that I can still say I "made" with as many pre-made ingredients as possible. :)

  3. I've been having that problem with all my cookies lately - baking them too long - I tried turning my temperature down yesterday and baking them at the minimum time (and one batch even a minute less) we'll see how they came out - I haven't tried them yet. Those Rudolph cookies are really cute, and fairly easy too - I bet the kids will inhale them come Christmas!

  4. Those are really cute. I bet the kids absolutely loved them (although, they probably aren't on the food list for a newborn).

    I am going to pin this for next year.