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Monday, December 9, 2013

This is the first holiday season my family has been able to enjoy alone and at our own home.  I'll be honest with you - it has been completely stress free without having to worry about packing, traveling and even the threat of winter weather adding or taking away days from our planned visit.  We have been able to sit and enjoy the holidays from our home which has been a great opportunity to share new traditions with Cohen as he grows older and starts to understand the true meaning of the season.  However, one of the downsides has been the lack of family around us which is a bummer.  Luckily we have been blessed with the amazing word of new tech where we have the options of things like FaceTime, Skype, texting and unlimited minutes to talk with family and friends that we aren't able to see during the holidays.  Our stepdaughter is one of the family members that we have to split time with during the season.  Being a preteen, she is all about the latest and cool gadgets.  But her current phone plan is pretty basic (and expensive), and honestly, does a preteen really need all of the fancy schmancy bells and whistles of a phone plan?  Even more importantly, is it necessary that we should pay an arm and a leg on a student mobile plan to give her those bells and whistles if it truly isn't needed?

I decided to do some research and see what deals and offers I could find that were appropriate for her age.  That's when I came across the Sprint My Way Student Promotion that is only offered through Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores.  These stores are located conveniently in your local malls - so you can stop on in while you do some holiday shopping!  I decided to load Lola up for her first big "outing" to head to my local Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store to get more information about this promotion.

As I entered my Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store I was greeted with a super sweet salesperson, Ciara.  I explained  to her my dilemma -- my husband and I were considering purchasing our stepdaughter a new cell phone to maintain better long distance communication with her, but we wanted an affordable plan and one that we'd be able to monitor as well.  I asked Ciara about the Sprint My Way Student Promotion and how it worked.  I needed more deets about the program before I agreed to anything.  Ciara was super upbeat and definitely willing to share the important perks of the promotion.

Here's what I learned about the Sprint My Way Student Promotion:

It's a free wireless plan for students through Sprint and is available only though Best Buy Mobile Speciality Stores.
Yes, I said FREE wireless plan.  Students who qualify can get twelve months of free unlimited calling and texting along with 1GB of data with the purchase of a smartphone.  If students need more than 1 GB, you can upgrade to unlimited data and pay just $10 a month for your wireless plan.  That, my friends, is a monthly savings of over $70!  Now take that times twelve and figure out how much you will save in a year on your student's phone plan.  Maybe you are like us and don't feel comfortable purchasing a smartphone for your kiddo yet.  You can purchase a basic phone with unlimited talk and text and blocked data on the Sprint My Way Student Promotion and save over $50 each month.  Plus all lines will have unlimited talk, text and data through the Sprint network for as long as you stay with Sprint - no random and unexpected plan changes after a few years. 

Students just purchase their phone and pay a one time activation fee to get their plan started.
The great thing about the My Way Student Promotion plan is students get to pick their phones and pay the Student Offer Price for the phone, which is less than full retail value and it becomes theirs to keep.  Then, you pay a onetime $36 activation fee to get things started and voila!  You are all set!  Ciara did share with me that students have the option to trade in their old phones for up to $200 of Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store credit which in return can be used towards the purchase of their phone for their Spring My Way  Student Promotion to lower the cost of the phone at time of purchase.

The My Way Student Promotion is available to any student.
Ciara shared that some parents with children even as young as seven have taken advantage of this free student wireless promotion.  Students need to show proof that they are a student using an ID card, report card or proof of tuition to validate their student status.  Therefore it is available to students elementary aged through college!

After learning about the My Way Student Promotion, I had a chance to browse the eligible phones. I noticed right away the visible Student Offer Price and was highly impressed with the series of phones that were offered for this deal. You have every option from a sophisticated smartphone to your basic cellphone to choose from when you sign up for the My Way Student Promotion. The loads of accessories and cases to dress up your phones was beyond belief too!  Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores definitely have you and your phone covered this holiday season.

Lola and I took our information from our new friend Ciara and headed home to discuss our options with dad.  Since we do have to split our time during this holidays with Sophie, now may be a perfect time to upgrade her plan to the My Way Student Promotion so at least we can call and text her whenever we want and not worry about going over our minutes or text allotments. Plus this would make a perfect Christmas present and give us with the opportunity to discuss responsible choices.  I can't wait to share this amazing promotion with my mommy friends. The My Way Student Promotion is the perfect way for college students to keep in touch with heir families during the holidays - especially with finals looming around the corner.  I remember feeling stressed and homesick during the holidays and even though I was able to eventually head home for break, it would have been nice to have the option of keeping in touch with my families through a mobile plan that was so affordable and accommodating for my personal needs as a student.

 Hurry to your Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store to sign your students up for the My Way Student Promotion  and pay nothing for twelve months of amazing Sprint service.  This promotion ends January 4th, so now is your chance to hook your student up this holiday season!


  1. I need to have my daughter go with her student ID and check that out. I love to save money!

  2. I hope this plan can help foster your relationship with your stepdaughter. #client

  3. The deal sounds good but the upfront fee is high for me.

  4. OH my gosh, why weren't cell phones around when I was in college? I mean, they kinda were, but I didn't have one into my sophomore year of college. It was crazy expensive and had like 2 minutes a month. This is unbelievable. It would definitely be a great way for you to keep in touch with your preteen stepdaughter. We have a tween boy and he just broke his phone. I'm totally in the market for a new one now and I have to pay full price. I might as well just switch it up and go with this plan!

  5. I have been looking at this for my 17 year old, sounds like a good plan! Right now she has limited texting and talk, and she wants more.

  6. Wow this looks awesome!! I will pass this along to my parents. My younger brother could definitely use this. Thanks!

  7. Anything free is amazing - especially when the costs on everything else are always rising!

  8. This would be a great deal for my oldest son. He's in college and this would really cut costs for him.