Make it a Date Night In for Valentine's Day with K-Y Yours+Mine #ad

Monday, January 27, 2014

What is alone time when you have a two month old and a wild and crazy three year old?  My husband and I are dying for a night out, just the two of us.  We were actually looking forward to having a date night because my parents were coming to town.  However, thanks to Mother Nature plans were cancelled because we got snow, ice and extremely cold temps - AGAIN.  That's when we decided that we'd make it an early Valentine's Day date night in together.  With weather like this, who really wants to dress up and go out anyways?

I needed to get out of the house to keep my sanity so I headed over to Walmart to grab a few things for our date night.  This year we decided to forgo Valentine's cards or cheesy gifts because let's be honest, those cards just get pushed to the side and I spend weeks eating those chocolates I don't need.  I decided that this year I would create a romantic evening for just the two of us.  This was something we really needed.  I started by picking a few of our favorite snacks, some champagne and a movie.  We would spend the evening snuggled up in bed just relaxing and enjoying some alone time finally.  As I was browsing, I stopped in the pharmacy area to grab some things and spotted the K-Y Yours+ Mine personal lubricants.  That was definitely a perfect way to spice up our date night - so I threw it into the cart too.  Nothing says Valentine's Day more than K-Y Yours+Mine lubricants to set the mood.

I knew that our Valentine's Day night in would be the perfect evening for us, so I really wanted to put some thought into my gift.  I decided to create a Love Tray for my husband and I to enjoy on our date night in.  
Here's what I decided on:

Champagne -- Okay, I love my champs.  But nothing tastes sweeter than a nice glass of bubble while cozied up to your man by the fire.  While it may not be Dom or Cristal, a nice cold glass of champagne can get anyone relaxed.

Sweet and Salty Treats -- To go along with our romantic evening, I decided to make our treats sweet and salty.  I found some graham sticks that we dipped into a sweet yogurt dip along with some cut up apples and marshmallows.  Then I grabbed a bag of our favorite salty Sea Salt chips because these things are heaven!

Movie -- It's Valentine's Day so of course we needed a gushy one like P.S. I Love You.   I probably should have thrown in some (or a whole box) tissues too.  My husband wasn't annoyed or anything...

K-Y Yours+Mine lubricants -- Let's be honest here, it doesn't hurt to encourage a little intimacy on your Valentine's date night.  Plus the K-Y Yours+Mine collection offers special lubricants for both man and woman, so it works in each person's favor.  Luckily I snagged the limited edition pack that offers a special deal for and  If I would have thought ahead of time, I could have had deliver us fresh ingredients to create our own dinner together for our date night.  Then, I could have used my credits to order our movie.  I guess now I have an excuse for another date night in the future.

This early Valentine's date in was way overdue.  I'm so glad I finally had the opportunity to reconnect with the hubster as well as take a second to enjoy adult time with the help of K-Y Yours+Mine personal lubricants.  It was the alone we needed and really craved -- being parents of two little ones is hard work!  My love tray was the perfect touch to our evening -- especially the K-Y Date Night Yours+ Mine personal lubricants.  Finally a moment to enjoy the company of each other and reconnect.

How would you celebrate a #KYdatenight with your special one?


  1. P.S. I Love You is one of my top five favorite movies! It gets me every time. Sounds like a nice, relaxing night. Thanks for the great post. #client

  2. Love your tray of goodies! So nice you can pick all these up at your local Walmart! #client