Ode to My Sweatpants

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm sitting here on the couch in my sweats.
Not just because it's like 9 degrees outside and not because I can but because the best thing about sweatpants are how forgiving they are to a postpartum body.  While I have just two pounds left until my pre-baby weight, things aren't snapping back in place as quickly as they did with Cohen.  However, I feel like I should place some blame on the 30 age factor because we all know body after baby AND 30 just isn't the same.

But here are a few reasons why I really love my sweatpants:

Fact #1 -- You can pull your sweatpants up past your belly button when you are sitting to hide your muffin top and rolls.
Why yes, you may be pulling a Steve Urkle but by not being able to see those reminders of the last couple pounds you have left to to lose makes you feel just that much better.

Fact #2 - Elastic is much more forgiving than buttons and zippers.
Elastic stretches and zippers do not.  Point made.

Fact #3 - Black sweatpants can go with anything.
I'm not kidding.  If you throw a cute scarf and cardi over your pants, you can totally pull off a trendy little day outfit.

Fact #4 - When you wear sweatpants and running shoes you make people think you just left the gym.
Seriously.  Throw on a track jacket and headband and you are totally disguised as a gym rat.
GTL baby.

Okay judge all you want haters but if I run errands with my babe and I'm wearing my black yoga pants it's because...
A. The other pair of pants I put on got soaked in spit up before we left the house.

B.  Let's face it - jeans are not as comfortable...unless they are Pajama Jeans.

C.  I didn't have time to shower that day.

D. All of the above.

Let's be honest though, as much as I love my sweatpants and hate my postpartum body, in the end it was all worth it.  I mean come on, look at these babies?  Could they possibly get any cuter?

photo credit - Chickpixphotography

Ahh...sigh.  Life as a mommy - I wouldn't trade it in for anything - not even a good pair of sweatpants.

Would you rather wear jeans or sweatpants -- and be honest!


  1. Sweatpants for sure, especially right now!! And keep on rocking mama, good for you!

  2. I still live in my sweats and my son is 4. lol Seriously, THE best winter wear.

  3. Aww she's so stinkin' adorable. I love my sweats. I found that Aero's fit & flare sweats are super cute. They make laziness look fabulous! Plus leggings have now become another "lazy" wardrobe attire of mine.

  4. I live in my jeans! I couldn't live without them. Although I would love a pair of jeggings like we talked about earlier!