Sometimes Wine Before Noon is Acceptable

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did you hear?  A snowstorm hit Indianapolis!
Wah wah.

Seriously, the worst part of that all was the fact that I was literally confined to my house for a week.  I know, right?  A whole week being stuck at home in my yoga pants.  Oh wait, that's not new...

For real though, choosing to stay home and not being able to get out are two separate things.  I mean, I choose not to go anywhere because it takes me twice the time to get around and then get Lola around and then leave the house.  Therefore staying home in my sweatpants is my choice, yes I know.

I always know that I have that option of leaving if I want so I don't feel claustrophobic.  But when the Winter  Gods decided to spew 14 odd inches of snow on my town, that puts a huge a damper on my ability to travel - IF I WANTED.  Basically the city shut down because here in central Indiana it takes forever and a day to plow.  And then we have the moronic devices who think just because they have four wheel drive that they are able to drive 50 MPH in this junk.  Wrong my friends.  Very wrong.  So if the city shuts down, of course school does too.  Therefore I was stuck at home with an infant and a toddler. 
 God. Bless. It.

Normally this isn't too big of an issue.  We always have the option of running errands or playing outside when it's not -14 as the temperature -- not the windchill.  But in this case we were snowed in and had been snowed in for several days.  The stir crazy had set in quite effectively by this point.  If you aren't aware, my three year old is all boy.  I mean you turn your back and the kid has made a launching pad out of the pillows on the couch...from the other side of the room.  Sure, you laugh now but why don't you add an infant into that mix.  Mama may have been hiding in a corner crying and texting Dad to please take the afternoon off.  I endured this three year old torture for about a day, which is seriously long enough.  I contained my saniety by getting everybody on schedule and sticking to the schedule for the rest of the week.  By Friday this Mama had it down solid.  But I may have done a little happy dance on Monday as my life quietly went down to one child.

My child in his element.

And then there was a full moon...

Some days a glass of wine before noon is totally appropriate.

Cheers to Mommyhood,


  1. Nobody can take issue with that. Nope, not at all.

  2. I felt like doing that many times myself in recent weeks. Perfectly acceptable, I say.

  3. I hate that when the option to leave is taken even if I have no intentions of ever leaving I feel like the world's against. Beer thirty is always a good time no matter what time.

  4. As an aside, that is a gorgeous photo of your kid!

  5. A week is a long time to be stuck home, I go stir crazy after about 3 days!

  6. Oh my gosh...that photo! Precious!

    We didn't get 14 inches of snow but we did get plenty and all the cold weather. Makes me want to pack all my bags and head to warmer climates.

  7. Is it bad that I feel that way some days ...without snow? lol

  8. While I was reading this I totally felt for you. Our Christmas break was filled with the cold and flu kicking butt in our house. Then the cold and snow hit and the kids were still sick and so was the hubby and I was trapped with a bunch of whiny, sick people who were stir crazy and when they all finally went back to school and work I did the happiest of happy dances.

  9. Wow - a whole week - wine is definitely in the mix.