They Say the Higher the Hair the Closer to Heaven

Friday, January 10, 2014

We are nearing the two month mark as a mommy of two.  Here are some things I've learned in the last two months:

1.  Sleep is for the birds - or the super lucky ones.
I forgot how much sleep you don't get with a newborn.  While my Lola girl is really nothing like her brother and will actually sleep, the 4-5 increments really take a toll on your body after awhile. Then add the second child to the mix and you have no time to nap or sleep in...until you're kids are 18.  And then there are no promises.

2.  Sweatpants are an acceptable piece of attire.
Many of you may have read about my love affair that I currently have with my sweatpants.  I truly have no issues sporting these bad boys out in public.  I've become pretty sneaky and have been able to "accessorize" my sweatpants to make it look trendy.  Seriously.  A scarf can go a long way with any outfit.

3.  A shower alone is like winning the lottery.
The last few days I have been able to get in a workout, get both kids dressed and get a shower in myself all before noon.  That, my friends, is what I call a WINNING day.

But one thing that has made me feel even more like a lady lately is my Herbal Essences Naked Volume kit.  I love being able to lather up my hair with the amazing smelling shampoo and conditioner.  The scent of  grapefruit and mint extracts is a perfect way to start my day!  Then to actually spend time getting to blow dry and style my hair is enough excitement for this mama!  One thing I've always struggled with is flat hair, and this stuff helps give me the boost I need to keep my hair full of body and flair.

In case you forgot, here's what the kit includes:
Naked Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
- Restores hair’s natural body.
- Made with zero heavy residues, dyes, and parabens.
- Light weight shampoo provides a clean luscious bounce.
- Conditioner keeps hair detangled, nourished, and maintains full volume.

Naked Volume Dry Shampoo
- Great for days when you don’t have time to wash your hair.
- Refreshes your look for lightweight, clean hair — even on days when you don’t wash.
- The natural tapioca formula absorbs excess oil and transforms lifeless, oily hair into fresh hair.
- Delights senses with the crisp essence of citrus and mint.
- How to use: Gently spray on and work into roots, brush out as desired.

Naked Volumizing Souffle
- Weightless, volumizing styler gives you a lift for fullness that lasts.
- Delights the senses with a boost of grapefruit and mint.
- How to use: Gently work mousse through wet hair for volume.

Check out my video below to get my REAL thoughts on the new Herbal Essences Naked Volume Kit

Love that I'm in my true element of scenery, right?  It's called the aftermath of Snowmageddon 2014.  Or life with a wild three year old boy.  Both are appropriate.

Go from flat hair to fab hair with the Herbal Essences Naked Volume kit.  Head on over to to order your kit before they sell out!.

You know what they say - the higher the hair, the closer to heaven!

Happy Volume!

Disclosure:  The Walmart gift card and information have been provided by Herbal Essences.


  1. I love Herbal Essences and that's a great kit! As for the kids, I completely relate to 1, 2 and 3 still. My youngest is 5 and while it's better and I now have them all in school, I can still relate.

  2. That sounds like something they'd say in Texas!

  3. The higher the hair makes me cringe and think back to my sr. picture in high school when my hair was pretty high! I think my bangs stood straight up. :)

    I love Herbal Essences products.

  4. hahahaah this really sounds like a comment my kids would say when they look at my high school year book.

  5. I use herbal essennce shampoo all the time, but I haven't tried the volumizing ones

  6. I have really thin hair - this looks like something that might help me get a little oomph back!

  7. Accessorizing the sweat pants LOL!! Totally awesome!! haha!!!