Mommy Must Haves - The Things I Can't Live Without

Friday, February 28, 2014

One of the reasons I started this blog was to help other moms out.  I remember being a new mom and you think you know, but really, you have no idea at all.  So I wanted to share my must have list of items that I recommend you have ready to go before the baby is born.  These things are products that I use on a daily basis and can't imagine being without!

1.  Lansinoh Nursing Pads -  These puppies are the bomb because they will stick inside your nursing bras or tanks and completely protect you from that embarrassing leakage episode.  You know, the second you hear a crying baby kind of episode.  These nursing pads are super absorbent too and I will wake up with a dry shirt even during the long nights. 

2.  Medela Breast Pump -  Ladies call your insurance because now many of them will reimburse you or even pay for your entire pump!  I was reimbursed $250 so I paid $4 for my amazeballs breast pump -- holla!  I love my Medela because it's a quality brand plus the backpack will be perfect to pack up all of my supplies in and tote back and forth from work.

3.  Gilligan & O'Malley Nursing Tanks - I have these in every color and literally wear them every single day.  Check your Cartwheel app and mobile coupons from Target because you can score these tanks for super cheap.  Trust me, you'll LOVE them!

4. Functional Diaper Bag -  When I had Cohen, I chose a cheapo bag and it basically hung out in the closest.  I had the opportunity to review these fabulous Adelina Madelina diaper bags this summer and I can't tell you how many compliments I get about my bag!  I love this bag specifically because can be used as a backpack or a messenger bag.  Make sure your diaper bag has the things you are looking for and is one you will use!

5.  Bath Robe -- Okay, so I sound like my mom. But honestly, my robe has been so handy, especially the first few months with a newborn.  I used it faithfully in the hospital and then when I got home it was accessible for nursing at night and kept me comfy cozy during the day.

6.  Yoga Pants -- You know I love me some good yoga pants!  These bad boys come in handy seriously everyday.  So make sure you get a pair that are comfortable as well as stylish because you can still look cute and not like a slob ka-bob in a super baggy pair.

What must have items do you suggest all first time (and new) mommies make sure they have before the baby is born?

Target Match Ups for the Week of 2/23

Okay so I've been a little slacking on some of the match ups lately.  I blame it on several things:
a.  It was 45 degrees and sunny last weekend therefore I had to take my son out to get some of the winter stink out of him before this weekend's 8-10 inches of snow that are coming.  I'm dead serious.
b.  My beautiful Whirlpool Duets came in on Saturday and I've been busy playing laundry catch up and then watching it sit in a while praying it will fold itself.
c.  I am in the process of transitioning Lola to her crib and it's not going well.  At all.

So here are a few deals you can snag this week at Target (hoping I can get these out before she wakes up after sleeping only 20 minutes...)

--Mossimo yoga pants - $10.00.  Use 15% mobile coupon and 15% off Cartwheel deal.  Final Price: $8.50-- these things are the  Super soft and stretchy.  May just need to grab one more pair...

--Up & Up ibuprofen - $1.07.  Use $2/2 Target mobile coupon and 10% Up & Up Cartwheel deal..  Final Price:  $0.06 each when you buy 2.

--Mucinex Allergy - $7.49.  Use $5 off (SS 2/23) and submit $2.50 rebate from SS 2/23.  Final Price: FREE

--Archer Farms coffee cups (3 pk) - $1.49.  Use $2 Target mobile coupon or printable (  Final Price: FREE

--Market Pantry pasta sauce - $1.00.  Use $1.50/3 Target coupon ( - grocery, if still available) and 5% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price: $0.48 each when you buy 3.

--Starkist Tuna pouches - $0.99.  Use $1/2 (SS 1/5) and $1/2 Target coupon ( - grocery).  Final Price: FREE when you buy 2.

There were tons of name brand shampoos and conditioners on clearance at my store so be sure to check out yours to see what you can stack coupons on to score great deals!  Also, get the 10% off Up & Up products Cartwheel deal.  This can be applied to all Up&Up products and used up to 50 times!  It expires tomorrow so get on it!

P.S. This post was started yesterday and clearly finished today.  No, I did not make it through the nap yesterday.  Sigh.

Look Classy and Fab With My 20 Second Top Knot Tutorial

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life is just, oh, a little busy these days.  And the clock is counting down to Doom's Day...also known as the end of my maternity leave.  With two kids and a husband who works pretty late into the evenings most nights, there will be no time for me to get my workout in.  Therefore my plan come April will be to get up at 5:00 and get my workout in.
Cray, I know, I know.
Don't worry, I just have to be at work by 7:20 three days a week so my time will be a bit constrained.  So mornings will consist of working out, getting a shower in, pumping and then kicking my butt out the door by 6:50.
Once again, cray cray. 

My goal is to work smarter not harder so when I learned this amazing top knot trick, my life was simplified in so many ways.  I like my buns to look polished, but not fancy up-do kind of polished so this top knot will really save me some time when I need to get out the door and to work fast.

Ready to learn?  Let me teach you my friends.

Are you loving it?  Well, I hope I can make your life just a bit easier for those crazy busy days.

Looking for a Healthy Treat? Try New Yoplait Greek Blended Yogurt

I am absolutely ravenous these days.  Most likely because I'm training for a half marathon on top of exclusively pumping for my Lola girl.  At times I feel like I haven't eaten in days when in reality it has only been maybe an hour.
Seriously.  It's a problem.
My addiction to junk food has not been helping me reach my minimal goal weight either.  Lately I have been running to those Sea Salt Kettle Chips and cookies to curb my hunger, but those empty calories do nothing for this girl's healthy eating plan nor am I giving my body the nutrients that it needs to keep moving along in my busy lifestyle.  If I was tweeting I'd totally say - #mommyproblems

I decided to look for some snacks on my last trip the grocery store that were higher in protein and fit well within my healthy diet.  The more convenient the better for me.  Basically things I can eat while holding a baby, cooking dinner or folding laundry is what I'm looking for these days.  I've always been a fan of yogurt and lately I've become quite keen on my greek yogurt.  However, the texture of some brands can really get to me so I've been loyal to certain kinds over others.  Yoplait has always been my go-to yogurt brand so when I saw the new Yoplait Greek Blended yogurt I thought I'd give it a try.

Good thing I did because these cups are absolutely delish!  I know greek yogurt can get some people on the texture because it can with me too.  However, with Yoplait's Greek Blended cups, it is already smoothly mixed together - no fruit on the bottom for you to mix up on your own.  I was pleasantly surprised with how thick and creamy the yogurt was as I was eating it.  Plus it's packed with tons of protein (at least 14 grams of it per cup!) and also contains natural sweeteners and flavors, so none of that artificial stuff.  There are tons of flavors to choose from too.  It definitely satisfied my snack attack and held me over until my next meal.   Yoplait Greek Blended Yogurt is the perfect snack to curb my ravenous hunger that literally hits an hour after lunch.  I'm not exaggerating.

My perfect blogging snack.

Check out Yoplait's Greek Blended Yogurt line as well as the different flavors they have to offer.  These yogurt cups will definitely be part of my meal and snack plans during my training for the Indy Mini Marathon!

What's your favorite healthy go-to snack?

Disclosure:  I was provided a product sample for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week 2

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 2 of my Indy Mini Marathon is in the books my friends!  It was pretty decently warm here -- and by that I mean sunny and 40s.  However funny that the really nice days were on my Cross Training days or my rest days.  Oh well.

This week seemed a little rougher come the end time.  My goal starting tomorrow is to start eating better to help me with my training.  Dear Lord I can't say no to a good Chips Ahoy but I really need to do it.  Especially if I want to wear something other than a full body suit swimsuit this summer...

How do I feel you ask?
Like I mentioned earlier, Friday was kinda rough.  I think I'm getting bored running inside on this darn treadmill.  Next week it's back to 20's and snow -- wah wah.  I may try to get an evening run in at the inside track at my husband's work just to change things up.  I need to work on my form a little bit more too because I'm getting a blister on my right toe from rubbing in my shoe.  I tend to turn my foot in a bit when I run long distances, not sure why.

My Goals for this Race:
Like I mentioned last time I would love to finish this race and have ran the entire thing.  I convinced my sister-in-law to run it with me so I'm pretty excited.  Even though her legs as are long as my body, I think it'll be good to have each other to motive and push at those rough patches.  Plus we have already started talking about post celebration status...

What I Want to Do This Week:
I've planned some really high protein meals in hopes of curbing my everlasting hunger.  I'm going to go invest in a blender this week too so I can make a batch of smoothies at the beginning of the week and have them post recovery.  I also need to work on my water intake -- especially with the fact that baby needs to eat too!

Here's to Week 3 my friends!

Happy Training! :)

Help Your Babe Sleep with the Zipadee-Zip Sleep Sack + Giveaway

Lola has been a wonderful sleeper since she was born.  Unlike her brother, this kid really loves her sleep.  However, about a month ago she started waking herself up after she would get startled at her own reflexes. I had forgotten about these reflexes and how they get considerably worse in the first few months until they get control of them on their own.  So we decided to bust out that trusty old swaddle blanket and swaddle her up.  She hates to be swaddled at nighttime for some reason but will only nap if she is comfy, cozy snuggled up in that blanket.  But one of our biggest struggles with Cohen was when we transitioned him out of his swaddle and into the world of free arms.  So I decided to be proactive and see what amazing products were out there to help ease this transition period.

I came across Zipadee-Zip and fell in love with the story.  Stephanie and Brett Parker's little girl basically just stopped sleeping because she was no longer comfortable in the swaddle.  We can all understand that -- they start to roll or turn into mini Houdinis and escape their swaddles no matter how tight we make them.  Stephanie then sewed together the Zipadee-Zip and her daugther magically began sleeping -- like a full 12 hours at night plus naps!  The amazing part of this story that really touched my heart was the fact that the creation of the Zipadee-Zip allowed Stephanie the financial means to stay home with her daughter as she had so hoped to do.  The Zipadee-Zip allowed this family their much needed sleep as well as the ability to stay home to watch their sweet pea grow.

How does the Zipadee-Zip work you are asking yourself, right?
Well, basically it's a star shaped gown that your baby is zipped right up in.  I loved to call Lola "Starsky" as i put her in her Zipadee-Zip.  The sack still allows the baby to move around yet your little one still feels snug and cozy like they would in their swaddle.  Apparently the reason a baby will take herself up with the startle is because they can't feel their edges like they could while warm and cozy in the womb.  The Zipadee-Zip provides that security yet allows them to roll and move about more freely than the swaddle.  I love it because at night Lola's little hands are now nice and toasty warm because they're zipped right up in the Zippy.  Plus the security of the sack helps teach Lola how to self soothe herself to sleep, which we all know is important when sleep training your baby.

But the Zipadee-Zip is not only an aid in that swaddle transition!  I know all of you moms are as freaked out about germs and flu season as I am right now.  You can totally use your Zipadee-Zip sack as a "germ barrier" as you head out on your errands, trips to the mall or even on airplanes or at airports!  Since your babe will be snug and secure in their Zippy, you don't have to worry about them touching germy surfaces and then putting those hands in their mouths - like they are so good at doing!

Stephanie has been an amazing help sharing tips and information about the Zipadee-Zip with me.  Since kiddos don't grow out of their startle reflex stage until about six months, Stephanie suggested not completely transitioning from the swaddle until at the earliest, four months old.  So I plan on keeping Lola in her swaddle until the end of this month and then transitioning to the Zipadee-Zip for all of her sleeping arrangements once she has mastered that roll over.  For now, I will continue to use it while she sleeps snuggly in her Rock and Play but don't worry, I'll update you on her transition once we are fully in the crib with our Zippy!

Now here's the fun part -- you can win your very own Zipadee-Zip sack for your little one!  Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I received a product sample for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Recipe Rescue: Crock Pot Lasagna

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I've made this yumminess a few times and I think I've finally got it to a recipe that is enjoyable - ha!  I  realized that it's the kind of recipe you should do over the weekend or when you're home because if you cook it longer than 4 hours, you'll burn it and come on now, no one likes burned lasagna!

This recipe is really simple and takes just a bit of prep work.  But it's so much more low maintenance than a regular lasagna and it tastes just as great!  Plus any extras that you have make great leftovers and freeze really well for a future meal.  I ran out out of bags or I would've done that tonight.  Guess it's lasagna for lunch and dinner tomorrow.

Ready to cook?

First you'll need:
--1 lb ground beef (I use ground turkey -- it's our choice of meat in our household)
--1 box of lasagna noodles - the regular kind
--1 jar of pasta sauce
--1 white onion
--1 package of mozzy cheese
--1 cup of cottage cheese
--Garlic Powder for seasoning

Let's cook my friends!
1.  Begin by browning your meat over medium-high heat.  Chop up some onions and flavor with garlic powder.  Once browned, drain and add pasta sauce.  Let this simmer for about 5-10 minutes.
2.  While your sauce is simmering, mix together the mozzy and cottage cheese in a separate bowl.  Save the left over mozzy for the top layer of your lasagna.
3.  Next, spray your crock pot with nonstick spray and then spoon some sauce at the bottom of your pot.  Use about 1/3 of the sauce.
4.  Layer some noodles on top of your sauce.  I overlapped them and broke them up to fit.
5.  Then cover the noodles with half of the cheese mixture.
6.  Repeat layering with another third of the sauce, more noodles and then the rest of the cheese mixture.
7.  Top your lasagna with the remainder of the sauce and then sprinkle the leftover mozzy cheese on top.
8.  Set your crock pot on low for about 3-4 hours.
9.  Enjoy! :)

It's truly one of my favorite recipes now.  I love that I can start it in the afternoon while Lola naps and then by the time I get home from picking up Cohen from school dinner is ready!
A miracle also happened in our household last night -- COHEN ATE LASAGNA!!
If you have been following me you'll know my child is the world's pickiest eater.  I was beyond thrilled with this situation.

Now get cooking my friends!

**Yes I just noticed the misspelled "hours" in my recipe above.  Don't judge.  I'm a tired mom.**

Lola Girl is 3 Months Old

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Once again time has slipped away from me with this little munchkin!  Technically she's 13 weeks old, but has officially hit 3 months today because of the date.  Lola is turning into such an outgoing little sweetie I just cannot get enough of her!  We had a rough few weeks with the sleeping (okay, she woke up like three times compared to the one time) but lately she will go at least 8 hours if not all night long.  She is moving more and interacting so much with people.  I took her with me to my dentist appointment yesterday and of course she cried the whole time but only because it was nap time.  The hygienists kept coming over and playing with her while mine tried to appropriately clean my teeth as fast as possible.  I had to laugh because my dentist commented on how serious she was in her facial expressions.  I told him she knows when people are judging her or when I get the camera out.  My dentist and his wife, my favorite hygienist, had twin girls three days after Lola so I'm hoping when they get a little older we can have play dates together!  I know, I'm such a mom.

Well, here's what my Lola Girl has been up to this past month:

Size:  At her two month appointment she was 11 lbs 8 oz -- biggie girl I know!  She was also 23 and 1/8 inches long.  She is now too long for a lot of her 0-3 month jammies.  I notice that some brands she is even too long for the 3 month ones too.  Lola is pretty comfortable in 3-6 month clothes and I'm hoping she stays at this pace because all of her summer clothing is 6-9 months.  Baby Girl don't grow too much more!

Eating:  We are now to about 5-6 oz of breast milk every 3-4 hours.  After her week long sleep fussiness, she hit a huge growth spurt.  We go next month for her four month appointment and I think her doctor will let her start with some cereal.  I'm hoping i can add some oatmeal to her breakfast to keep her full a little longer.  My goal is to start getting her to go 4 hours between each bottle.

Sleeping:  As I mentioned earlier, she had about a week of bad sleep.  This was totally out of character for her because unlike her brother, she's been a great sleeper.  Now she goes to bed around 7:30 and will sleep until 3 or 4 and then goes down again until 8.  There have been several nights now where she has slept through the night -- HEAVEN!!  She is pretty consistent with her nap schedule.  She takes about a 40 minute nap in the morning around 9:30 and then a longer one in the afternoon around noon.  She will then take two short catnaps in the evening to get her to bedtime.  This month we plan on transitioning her to her crib.  She will take one nap in there a day now but likes the coziness of her Rock and Play.  Plus I like having her next to me at night to help ease my mind.

Likes:  Lola ADORES her brother!  She will turn and look right at him and smile the second she hears his voice.  I'm sure this will change in a few years.  She also loves to be held and talked to and is starting to enjoy music and other sounds.  The kid still loves her bottle of course.  Lola also loves her crinkly squirrel toy and her toy purse from her Lucy and Dave.

Dislikes: Dear Lord this child HATES tummy time.  I feel like Mom of the Year as I put her on her play mat to attempt at least 5 minutes a day of it.  You'd think the world was coming to an end if you heard her cry!  I'm hoping this changes as she gets older and stronger.  The Nose Frida is also a close second to tummy time.  Sorry kid but this invention is mommy's best friend!  She still hates to be hungry and is not a fan of being ignored.  Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Milestones:  Little Girl is laughing and smiling all the time now.  She is sleeping basically through the night too.  Even though she hates tummy time, she will play lying on her back and is super close to rolling from her back to tummy, which is way harder of a skill to master.  She's got a killer grasp and loves to grab her toys or your fingers.  Kiddo has pretty good head control too.

I'm already having dreams about going back to work.  It's the anxiety of leaving my child and going back into my wild and crazy classroom after having two maternity leave subs.  I still have over a month left so I need to chill out and relax my time at home.  But little girl just keeps growing too fast!

Happy Baby! :)

Sleep Like a Baby with Reverie

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sleep is something that is hard to come by these days.  With a three year old who loves to sneak into our bed at all hours of the morning and a three month old who is going through a serious growth spurt, when I finally get some sleep -- I sleep hard.  Lately I've been waking up in the morning with a stiff neck.  At first I thought it was the way I was sleeping.  But then I kept waking up with my neck hurting and then my shoulders hurting, so I knew it was more than the way I was sleeping.  Plus I don't sleep for very long periods of time these days so I knew it definitely was more than just my position.

I received my Reverie Sleep Slumber Pillow at just the right time.  I needed some serious relief to my sleeping situation because let's get real here, any mom with a newborn understands how important that little sleep you get really is when you get it!  I was excited to test it out.  The Reverie Sleep Slumber Pillow is filled with shredded natural latex making it soft yet almost squishy like -- kind of like sleeping on a marshmallow actually!  The latex helps the pillow conform to your head so you aren't in an unnatural position, which is really what I needed to help ease my horrible neck pain.  Plus it is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.  That part totally eased my mind as I pictured the little microscopic bug things running all over my old pillow as I pulled it out of my pillow case.  The Sleep Slumber Pillow also comes with a removable cover that I can throw into the washer every week to wash away dirt and grime...and probably a bit of dog hair too.

So how has my Reverie Sleep Slumber Pillow worked out?
I can't tell you how much of a difference it has made with my aching neck and shoulders.  I'll admit, the fact that I'm a stomach sleeper doesn't help my situation.  However, this pillow feels as if it conforms to my body but is still firm and makes my (lack of) sleeping so much nicer.  My neck pain has subsided substantially and I find that I'm now sleeping more soundly than before.   Usually I use two pillows when I sleep but the Sleep Slumber Pillow is so full and firm that there is no need to use anything else.  The Reverie Sleep Slumber Pillow has made my nightly sleeping arrangement heavenly.

Maybe you're in the market for a new pillow as well or you're looking for quality mattress or sleep system.  Be sure to check out Reverie's full line of sleep products!
Like they say, sleep well tonight and live better tomorrow!

Now it's time to go enjoy a nap with my Sleep Slumber Pillow...

Disclosure:  I received a product sample in return for a review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Ways to Save on Time and Healthcare Costs for Busy Runners with Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. #HealthcareClinic #CollectiveBias

I have officially started my training for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon that is coming up here in May.  It has been something that I have always wanted run however ironically I have ended up becoming pregnant the last two times I signed up and the morning sickness just wasn't a fan of all the training.  I'm really excited to get back at it again because running has been a big part of my life and mental health for the last five years.  One of the most important aspects of my training is making sure that I stay healthy and on top of any injuries that may occur.  However, being a working mom with two little ones I am now scraping by to find time to train which makes it's hard for me to schedule appointments for myself with healthcare providers during their hours of operation.  Luckily the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Indianapolis can help solve all of my training issues and keep my family and myself healthy this winter!

How can the Healthcare Clinic help save busy runners like myself save on time and money?
Let me share my top three reasons!

1.  Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is open 7 days a week and on weekends too!
Injuries and illness don't just happen Monday through Friday.  The majority of my long runs in my training are done on the weekends when my husband is home to watch the kiddos so I can run solo.  Therefore if I need a swollen ankle or sore throat checked out on a Saturday afternoon, I know the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic will be open and ready to assist me with my needs and get me back out there running as soon as possible!

2.  You can walk-in or make an appointment at the Healthcare Clinic.
My life revolves around a schedule.  Whether it's Cohen's school, Lola's naps or my husband's work obligations, sometimes I need to be seen by a healthcare professional on my own terms.  It's comforting to know that I can have the flexibility to walk-in to my local Healthcare Clinic at Walgreens or schedule an appointment for when it best fits my own lifestyle -- not based on the availability of an office.

Training takes a lot of time but I know Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Indianapolis can get me in and out to help keep my busy life schedule!

3.  Most insurance policies are accepted.
An injury or illness can really cost you an arm and a leg sometimes!  However, I know that if I want a healthcare professional's advice on my swollen foot or if I re-injure my broken toe, I can head over to the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Indianapolis and my appointment will be covered by my insurance.

In eleven short weeks, I will be running in my first half marathon.  Even with my busy lifestyle, I plan to stay on top of my running schedule to reach this final goal of mine.  Life can throw you curve balls but if it's a small injury or I get hit with the flu bug, I know that I can count on my local Healthcare Clinic at Walgreens to take care of injury and illness needs.  From prescriptions to wellness checks or even vaccines for my family, I know I'll be able to stay healthy during my Indy Mini training with their help!

Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week #1

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So if you have been following me lately, you may already know that one of the things on my Dirty Thirty is to run the Indy Mini Marathon.  Well, the last two times I signed up for it, I ended up getting knocked up and my doctor wasn't a fan of me running it.  My morning sickness really wasn't a fan of it either.  However, this time that will NOT be happening.  (Because if it did I'd have Irish Twins and you'd have to peel me off the bathroom floor and mop up my insane, dramatic tear puddle.)  I decided to get back into running and start the training process.

I've always used the Nike Running app to record my distances.  I used to have the chip that went into my shoe until it died so I just downloaded this app and it works just fine.  The great thing is that it has a 12 week training program and tells me what to run and on which days.  Some days I run for speed, others it's distance and sometimes it may be for endurance.  But I was a little nervous because technically it has been almost a year since my last good, long run.  Since my six week clearance at the doctor I had been logging about 7 or 8 miles a week just to prep for my training.

Here's what this week looked like:

It's kinda fun to race other people.  Lalo I know you are trying to beat my mileage -- I'm going to smoke you this time! :)

How do I feel you ask?
I don't feel bad at all.  Today's run was a little rough but I think it's because it's the end of the week and my body is a little tired.  This was my first run since having Lola that I ran more than two miles.  I've been using Jillian Michael's Body Revolution for my Cross Training and one of the rest days.  Otherwise I wouldn't get any weight or strength training in so I need to bust it out somehow.  I'm really excited for this week because it's supposed to be in the 40s and 50s and my rule is that if it is 40 degrees or higher that I can totally get a run in outside.  Let's be honest, running outside is 2948023489023 times better than on a treadmill.

My Goals for this Race:
My goal is basically to just run the whole Mini.  I'd love to get it in under 2 hours, but if I can run and not stop then I will have attained my goal.  Since this is my first race I want to make goals that I can maintain and achieve.

I'll be updating my progress every week with you all until the race.  Any one else out there training for the Mini?  Let me know and we can meet for some runs on the Monon!

Happy Running! :)

Kroger (Central) Match Ups for the Week of 2/13

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your day AND your Friday! Whoo hoo!  
Here are some deals this week for your Central Kroger stores!

**This week is the final week of the Super Sale so make sure you can load the Kroger digital coupons on your card!  You can use these up to 5 times but then once you're hit the 5 time they are dunzo!  I'll put a star (*) by the Super Sale digital coupons so start preparing!  Don't worry, they've all reset since last week, so load up!**

--Blueberries or Blackberries -  2/$5

--Avocados -$0.99

--Dole Salad Blends - $2.99.  Use $0.50 digital coupon*. Final Price:  $2.49

--Barilla pasta - 4/$5

--Prego Pasta sauce - 3/$5.  Use $1/3 (SS 1/15 or digital*).  Final Price:  $1.33 each when you buy 3.

--Annie's Mac and Cheese - $1.00

--Kroger canned veggies - 2/$1

--Kellogg's cereal - 3/$9.  Use $3/3 digital*.  Final Price: $2.00 each when you buy 3

--Eggo waffles or pancakes - $2.19.  Use $0.50 digital*.  Final Price:  $1.69

--Honeysuckle Lean ground turkey - $3.99.  Use $1.00 digital coupon*.  Final Price: $2.99

--Tyson Chicken 3lb bag - $7.99

--Bolthouse Farms Juice - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

--Kroger eggs (dozen) - 2/$3

--Chobani Greek Yogurt - $1.00.  Use $1/10 digital*.  Final Price: $0.90 each when you buy 10.

--Folgers Coffee or K-Cups (12 ct) - $6.49.  Use $1 digital*.  Final Price: $5.49

--Keebler cookies - $1.99.  Use $0.50 digital*.  Final price:  $1.49

--Ruffles chips or Tostitos Chip- 2/$5.  Use $1 digital*.  Final Price: $1.50

--Pepperidge Farm Cookies - $2.69.  Use $0.75 digital coupon*.  Final Price:  $1.94

--Smucker's Uncrustables - $2.49.  Use $0.50 digital*.  Final Price: $1.99

--Turkey Hill ice cream half gallon - 2/$5

--Huggies diapers jumbo packs - 2/$17.98.  Use $3/2 digital coupon* or $1.50/Huggies or $1.50/Lil Snugglers or $1.50/Pull Ups (SS 1/19).  Final Price:  2/$14.98

--Huggies wipes - $1.99.  Use $0.50 digital coupon* or $0.40 off (SS 1/19).  Final Price: as low as $1.49

Any other deals you found this week?

Target Match Ups for the week of 2/9

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My husband is working late tonight therefore what a better way to kill time than to go to Target, right?
Sometimes a slushie and popcorn can go a long way with a three year old.  I mean, it can also help with a mother's sanity as well too.

So let's see what deals I can grab this week for the family!

--Garnier shampoo or conditioner - $2.99.  Use $2 off (RP 1/12).  Final Price:  $0.99

--Windex Touch Up cleaner - $3.49.  Use Buy 1 Get 1 Free (SS 1/12) and $1 off Target coupon ( and 10% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price:  $0.95 each when you buy 2

--Select Valentine cards - $3.00.  Use 15% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price: $2.55 -- this deal can be used with any of the cards, but most of the packs are around $3.00!

--Ragu sauce - $1.42 and Buy 3 get 1 Free.  Use $0.75/2 Target coupon ( and two $0.75/2 (RP 1/26).  Final Price:  $0.50 each when you buy 4.

--Market Pantry pasta - $0.97 and buy 3 and get 1 free.  Use $1/3 Target coupon ( and use 5% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price:  $0.60 each when you buy 4.

--Pillsbury cookie dough - $2.64 and save $2 when you buy 3.  Use three $1 off (SS 12/15) and $2/3 Target coupon.  Final Price:  $0.31 each when you buy 3.

--Alexia frozen potatoes - $2.99.  Use $1 off (SS 1/19) and $1/2 Target coupon ( and 25% Cartwheel deal (that's an amazeball deal!!).  Final Price:  $0.87 each when you buy 2. 

--DiGiorno pizza - 2/$9.  Use Buy 2 Get 1 Free (SS 1/26) and $2/2 Target coupon and 10% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price:  $1.95 each when you buy 3. 

--Strawberries - 2/$5.  Use $1/Fresh Fruit mobile coupon (text CHEESY to 827438) and 5% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price:  $1.43

Any other great deals you've found this week?

Happy Shopping! :)

Kate Middleton Has White Hair Too

Monday, February 10, 2014

I've now been 30 for officially 4 months and 9 days.  Yet there are times I don't feel 30 at all and then it's those moments that hit you smack in the face to remind you of your ripe ol' age.  My friend and I had this conversation over Christmas of instances when it hurt to realize we were actually the big 3-0.  For example, she said it wasn't her birthday but rather when she had to punch in her age on the machine at the gym.  She said she no longer had to press the down arrow.  Now it was time to press it up to get to that dreaded 30.  I, on the other hand, hadn't experienced an "ouch 30" moment until recently when I looked into the mirror and saw this:

Yes my friends.  It is what you think it is.  
That is my first. white. hair.

I immediately texted my hair dresser and asked her to confirm my destiny.  She kindly tried to tell me it was just a blonde hair.  I had to swallow my pride and confess that it couldn't be because it was coarse, curly and stuck up straight in the middle of my part.

This is when it sunk in.
I'm no longer in my twenties.  I have officially climbed that hump into the 30 range.  
I'm not sure why it was so hard for me to swallow at first.  I think because growing up you picture 30 being sooo old when in reality, it's not a big deal at all.  I mean everyone else is growing up too, right?

And then I remembered it.  I remembered the picture that changed my thinking on getting old.
Which picture you ask?  This one of course:

Right there proves it.  Not only is it okay to grow up and accept the number 30 but HELLO!  If the Duchess can sprout white hair than my one, measly string is completely acceptable.  I will gladly take my 30, my little white hair and continue to conquer my list of  what I want to accomplish in my 30s.  Because if Kate Middleton can rock it than so can I.

Thanks for saving me from a therapy sesh Kate.

Yours Truly,

New Baby Must Have - New Tommee Tippee Pacifiers + Giveaway

Sunday, February 9, 2014

When you have a second baby, you are more prepared for the mental aspect of it.  For example, you understand what it will feel like to be a sleep zombie for the next three to four months because you have already experienced it once before.  You are also more prepared physically and you have figured out what baby items you really need for round two.  Luckily, we were able to use some of Cohen's things such as his play mats, swing, burp cloths and even his neutral clothing.  However, I knew I'd need to stock up on a few other items including bottle nipples and most importantly, pacifiers.  

When Lola was born she took to her pacifier right away.  However the ones she was given in the hospital seemed too big for her little mouth.  The kid has a killer gag reflex so I had to find pacifiers that weren't too big and would offer her that soothing sensation.  Luckily, Tommee Tippee sent me a set of their new line of pacifiers to try out with Lola.

Tommee Tippee's new line of pacifiers had everything on my pacifier checklist.  I've always been weird about teeth, probably because I had oral issues and braces when I was younger.  Therefore it is important that I choose pacifiers that support her oral development.  Tommee Tippee's pacifiers not only support the natural palate in the baby's mouth but they were designed with help from a leading pediatric dentist to help ensure healthy oral growth.  The orthodontic nipple is a perfect fit for Lola's mouth.  She took to the pacifier right away and was immediately soothed and comforted.  Plus it was just the right size and there was no gagging for this girlfriend!  Tommee Tippee's pacifiers come in a variety of styles and colors as well as different sizes based on the appropriate age of your baby.

Ready to purchase Tommee Tippee's pacifiers for your little one?  You can pick your set up at your local Target or Babies R Us retailers.

Be sure to follow Tommee Tippee on Facebook and Twitter to get more amazing updates on their new line of pacifiers as well as to learn more about their products for your babies and tots!

But now, what's even better is you have the chance to win your own set of Tommee Tippee's pacifiers for your little one!  Check out the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I was provided a product sample for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Meijer Match Ups for the Week of 2/6

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I know, I've been slacking on the Meijer deals lately but don't worry -- there's a 5% off your total order mPerk good for Friday and Saturday.  So clip it and use the deals below to score yourself some great steals this week!

--Broccoli - 2/$4

--Potatoes (10 lbs) - $2.99

--Romaine Hearts (3 pk, organic) - $2.00

--Eckrich franks - 3/$5

--Jennie-O ground turkey products - 20% off.  Use $1.00/ground turkey (SS 1/3)

--Lunchables - $1.00

--Kraft singles - 2/$5

--Go-Gurt - 2/$4.  Use $0.75/2 (SS 1/15).  Final Price:  $1.73 each when you buy 2.

--Meijer shredded cheese or string cheese - 2/$6

--Meijer canned veggies - $0.79

--Green Giant frozen veggies - $0.99.  Use $0.60/3 (SS 1/5).  Final Price: $0.79 each when you buy 3.

--Campbell's condensed cream soups - $0.99.  Use $0.50/5 (SS 1/12).  Final Price: $0.89 each when you buy 5.

--Meijer apple juice - 2/$4

--Eggo waffles or pancakes - 2/$4

--Tyson bagged chicken - $3.99.  Use $1 off (SS 1/19).  Final Price:  $2.99

Be sure to check your mPerks for extra deals!

Happy Shopping! :)