Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week #1

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So if you have been following me lately, you may already know that one of the things on my Dirty Thirty is to run the Indy Mini Marathon.  Well, the last two times I signed up for it, I ended up getting knocked up and my doctor wasn't a fan of me running it.  My morning sickness really wasn't a fan of it either.  However, this time that will NOT be happening.  (Because if it did I'd have Irish Twins and you'd have to peel me off the bathroom floor and mop up my insane, dramatic tear puddle.)  I decided to get back into running and start the training process.

I've always used the Nike Running app to record my distances.  I used to have the chip that went into my shoe until it died so I just downloaded this app and it works just fine.  The great thing is that it has a 12 week training program and tells me what to run and on which days.  Some days I run for speed, others it's distance and sometimes it may be for endurance.  But I was a little nervous because technically it has been almost a year since my last good, long run.  Since my six week clearance at the doctor I had been logging about 7 or 8 miles a week just to prep for my training.

Here's what this week looked like:

It's kinda fun to race other people.  Lalo I know you are trying to beat my mileage -- I'm going to smoke you this time! :)

How do I feel you ask?
I don't feel bad at all.  Today's run was a little rough but I think it's because it's the end of the week and my body is a little tired.  This was my first run since having Lola that I ran more than two miles.  I've been using Jillian Michael's Body Revolution for my Cross Training and one of the rest days.  Otherwise I wouldn't get any weight or strength training in so I need to bust it out somehow.  I'm really excited for this week because it's supposed to be in the 40s and 50s and my rule is that if it is 40 degrees or higher that I can totally get a run in outside.  Let's be honest, running outside is 2948023489023 times better than on a treadmill.

My Goals for this Race:
My goal is basically to just run the whole Mini.  I'd love to get it in under 2 hours, but if I can run and not stop then I will have attained my goal.  Since this is my first race I want to make goals that I can maintain and achieve.

I'll be updating my progress every week with you all until the race.  Any one else out there training for the Mini?  Let me know and we can meet for some runs on the Monon!

Happy Running! :)


  1. My daughter is a runner so I know she does training routines when she's preparing for a race too. I'm pretty much in awe of all of you who run. It's hard work!

  2. I wish I could run in a race. They look so run. Good luck with your race and race time!

  3. Good luck! I am going to try walking a half marathon this weekend - was hoping to run it, but suffered a foot injury that has ended my running days before they even started.

    Just curious, how long is a "mini marathon?" Kind of reminds me of the time my husband went to an Irish pub and they asked him if he wanted a small PINT or a large PINT. He said, "do you just a pint-sized pint?" ;)