Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week 2

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 2 of my Indy Mini Marathon is in the books my friends!  It was pretty decently warm here -- and by that I mean sunny and 40s.  However funny that the really nice days were on my Cross Training days or my rest days.  Oh well.

This week seemed a little rougher come the end time.  My goal starting tomorrow is to start eating better to help me with my training.  Dear Lord I can't say no to a good Chips Ahoy but I really need to do it.  Especially if I want to wear something other than a full body suit swimsuit this summer...

How do I feel you ask?
Like I mentioned earlier, Friday was kinda rough.  I think I'm getting bored running inside on this darn treadmill.  Next week it's back to 20's and snow -- wah wah.  I may try to get an evening run in at the inside track at my husband's work just to change things up.  I need to work on my form a little bit more too because I'm getting a blister on my right toe from rubbing in my shoe.  I tend to turn my foot in a bit when I run long distances, not sure why.

My Goals for this Race:
Like I mentioned last time I would love to finish this race and have ran the entire thing.  I convinced my sister-in-law to run it with me so I'm pretty excited.  Even though her legs as are long as my body, I think it'll be good to have each other to motive and push at those rough patches.  Plus we have already started talking about post celebration status...

What I Want to Do This Week:
I've planned some really high protein meals in hopes of curbing my everlasting hunger.  I'm going to go invest in a blender this week too so I can make a batch of smoothies at the beginning of the week and have them post recovery.  I also need to work on my water intake -- especially with the fact that baby needs to eat too!

Here's to Week 3 my friends!

Happy Training! :)


  1. Great goal to have! I find it much easier to be motivated when I can run outside, the treadmill is dead boring.

  2. We just ordered a treadmill and it gets here on Wednesday. I can't wait for it to show up. I want to run a marathon also.

    And I love your shoes.

  3. Good luck! I just did a half marathon about 5 weeks ago. It's tough training but worth it when you cross the finish line!

  4. You are doing a great job! I can't run on a treadmill I get some weird vertigo-like thing. I have to wait for it to warm up some here so I can get back outside and moving.

  5. Great goal! It warmed up yesterday to the 20's and my daughter and I rushed outdoors for a bit of exercise. She ran, I walked but I needed to start somewhere. :)