Lola Girl is 3 Months Old

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Once again time has slipped away from me with this little munchkin!  Technically she's 13 weeks old, but has officially hit 3 months today because of the date.  Lola is turning into such an outgoing little sweetie I just cannot get enough of her!  We had a rough few weeks with the sleeping (okay, she woke up like three times compared to the one time) but lately she will go at least 8 hours if not all night long.  She is moving more and interacting so much with people.  I took her with me to my dentist appointment yesterday and of course she cried the whole time but only because it was nap time.  The hygienists kept coming over and playing with her while mine tried to appropriately clean my teeth as fast as possible.  I had to laugh because my dentist commented on how serious she was in her facial expressions.  I told him she knows when people are judging her or when I get the camera out.  My dentist and his wife, my favorite hygienist, had twin girls three days after Lola so I'm hoping when they get a little older we can have play dates together!  I know, I'm such a mom.

Well, here's what my Lola Girl has been up to this past month:

Size:  At her two month appointment she was 11 lbs 8 oz -- biggie girl I know!  She was also 23 and 1/8 inches long.  She is now too long for a lot of her 0-3 month jammies.  I notice that some brands she is even too long for the 3 month ones too.  Lola is pretty comfortable in 3-6 month clothes and I'm hoping she stays at this pace because all of her summer clothing is 6-9 months.  Baby Girl don't grow too much more!

Eating:  We are now to about 5-6 oz of breast milk every 3-4 hours.  After her week long sleep fussiness, she hit a huge growth spurt.  We go next month for her four month appointment and I think her doctor will let her start with some cereal.  I'm hoping i can add some oatmeal to her breakfast to keep her full a little longer.  My goal is to start getting her to go 4 hours between each bottle.

Sleeping:  As I mentioned earlier, she had about a week of bad sleep.  This was totally out of character for her because unlike her brother, she's been a great sleeper.  Now she goes to bed around 7:30 and will sleep until 3 or 4 and then goes down again until 8.  There have been several nights now where she has slept through the night -- HEAVEN!!  She is pretty consistent with her nap schedule.  She takes about a 40 minute nap in the morning around 9:30 and then a longer one in the afternoon around noon.  She will then take two short catnaps in the evening to get her to bedtime.  This month we plan on transitioning her to her crib.  She will take one nap in there a day now but likes the coziness of her Rock and Play.  Plus I like having her next to me at night to help ease my mind.

Likes:  Lola ADORES her brother!  She will turn and look right at him and smile the second she hears his voice.  I'm sure this will change in a few years.  She also loves to be held and talked to and is starting to enjoy music and other sounds.  The kid still loves her bottle of course.  Lola also loves her crinkly squirrel toy and her toy purse from her Lucy and Dave.

Dislikes: Dear Lord this child HATES tummy time.  I feel like Mom of the Year as I put her on her play mat to attempt at least 5 minutes a day of it.  You'd think the world was coming to an end if you heard her cry!  I'm hoping this changes as she gets older and stronger.  The Nose Frida is also a close second to tummy time.  Sorry kid but this invention is mommy's best friend!  She still hates to be hungry and is not a fan of being ignored.  Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Milestones:  Little Girl is laughing and smiling all the time now.  She is sleeping basically through the night too.  Even though she hates tummy time, she will play lying on her back and is super close to rolling from her back to tummy, which is way harder of a skill to master.  She's got a killer grasp and loves to grab her toys or your fingers.  Kiddo has pretty good head control too.

I'm already having dreams about going back to work.  It's the anxiety of leaving my child and going back into my wild and crazy classroom after having two maternity leave subs.  I still have over a month left so I need to chill out and relax my time at home.  But little girl just keeps growing too fast!

Happy Baby! :)


  1. She's so beautiful Kait! I can't believe how big she's getting! Now that our house is healthy, we'll have to do a playdate soon!

  2. congrats again!! Shes so happy too!!

  3. OMGosh - she is adorable!!! I'd forgotten about tummy time! :) Em and LilMan hated that too :)