Cohenisms Part 2 - Words from the Wise 3 Year Old

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dear Lord this child keeps me on my toes.  He's just about 3 and a half and there are days I'd rather have a root canal than deal with his Jekyll and Hyde moments (post coming about this later).  But the older he gets, the smarter he gets, which makes me realize I need to watch what comes out of my own mouth.  I posted a Cohenisms post awhile back so I thought I'd update some of the amazingly hilarious things that have been said by my three year old lately.  

It's Wednesday.  We all need a good laugh.

--In the movie theater -- "Hey Mom!  I got ice in my beer!"  This was not said in a whisper either.

--One day during one of the 2340283490 snowstorms we had this year, we were playing in the basement.  He looks at me and says, "Mom, I need my helmet."  I explain to him, "We don't have a helmet buddy."  He responds, "Oh yes we do."  And did this:

Don't worry.  These were off his clean clothes pile.
He did this for about two weeks straight.

--The other night Kurtis goes up to say goodnight to Cohen.  Cohen responds with, "Night Daddy.  Love you, but you have stinky breath."

--Last week I went to pick up Cohen from school.  It was a rare gorgeous day so his class was playing outside with another class.  One of the teachers stopped me to say at lunch she sat with him and pulled out a Diet Coke.  Apparently Cohen asked her why she was drinking beer.  She said he was absolutely convinced she was drinking beer with her lunch.  Only my child would ask his teacher what beer she was a church school.

--My parents came last weekend to help keep me sane while my husband played Fantasy Baseball all weekend in Ohio.  Cohen loves my dad, whom he calls Papa.  However, he's recently picked up that Papa's real name is Ger and knows it makes us laugh when he says, "See ya, Ger."   Sunday when they were leaving he obviously forgot what Papa's name was and came up with the next closest name as he calls out, "See ya later, Jesus!"
Ger.  Jesus.  Same beginning sound.
I'll give it to him.

Cohen Lee you are by far one of the most funny three year olds I know.
Now please quit it with the naughty attitude and we can all live happily ever after.

Until next time,


  1. Ha! They sure are funny at that age. My youngest is turning 3 in less than 2 weeks. Oh my goodness - I can't believe how time has flown.

    I can't wait for 3 1/2 - there is something about that age. My theory is that it is the time when you REALLY start to see their personalities coming out... Cohen seems to be proof of my theory.

  2. Omgosh I love his underwear head! my kids are always doing that.

  3. Oh, 3. 3 is always a fun age, I can say now that it's an age safely behind me. It's a good thing they're cute.

  4. That is all so funny! I couldn't help but giggle. It's great that you wrote all of these down, because time flies and sometimes it gets harder to remember moments with our kids like these.

  5. He is awesome! I have a special love for 3 year olds, I just find them so adorable and funny! My middle son was a very quiet, sweet 3 year old, my daughter was a firecracker and my youngest??? Man, oh man. He is a wrecking ball. My oldest is in that weird transitional adult phase of his life--19 but seriously immature. Ugh. Underwear head is far more fun than snotty teens!

  6. Ice in my beer. Oh that cracks me up! What a cute little guy.

  7. He is a cutie! I wish I'd written down my kids cute sayings!

  8. He's just so cute and funny. That's a great age. I love that you wrote his 'Cohenisms" down. Kids definitely tell it like it is!