Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week 7

Friday, March 28, 2014

Another week down in my training!  However, this week was really quite a bust.  Once again, Lola has been extremely off with her sleeping and therefore I'm running on fumes.  Plus it was all I could do to get her to nap for 30 minutes and let's get real, I'm no Road Runner.  I'm not getting in my 7 miles in that short of time.  Plus she has been super clingy and wasn't into the Baby Einstein so that wasn't an option this week.
Want to know what else wasn't an option?
Running outside.
I'm O.V.E.R. this Indiana weather.  
I had planned on doing my long 10 mile run outside today.  Unfortunately as I'm getting around and listening to the wind outside I realized that the weather wasn't on my side today.  I mean 39 mile an hour gusts don't offer the best running weather.  So sadly I had to run on the treadmill and only got in 7 miles before the Baby Cry-a-Thon. 

This week's reflections:

How do I feel you ask?
Pissed I didn't get my mileage, or even close to it, this week.  I was so psyched for my long run today too but I guess I should be thankful I could make the 7 miles so effortlessly.  Next week I will be on the training ball - tired and all.

My Goals for this Race:
My goal is still to maintain a steady pace and finish it running without having to stop.  Friday is an 11 mile run so this will be a true test of my endurance.  However I will have the stroller with me so we will see how the run pans out.

What I Want to Do This Week:
I'm going to get in every single run on my training schedule this week.  I need to suck it up and get them in.  Maybe I'll do a few evening runs when the husband gets home from work.  It's just so hard now with two kiddos -- your time is eaten up even more than it was before.

Time for bed my friends.  I need to start mentally preparing myself for next week.  Like now.
Please baby keep sleeping.


  1. Ah the joys of a new baby. I don't miss it at all. I will say that even if you are not training as much as you'd like your shoes are awesome.

  2. ohhh cheering you on as usual, and now praying for baby to zzzzz for longer hours!!

  3. even though you're not getting in exactly what you want, you haven't stopped or given up. Keep it up!

  4. I am totally totally over this Indiana weather too. My yard is -finally-drying out enough for me to be out in it planting things. I hope your training schedule is extra awesome this week!

  5. Kids like to throw a kink into any plans you may have. It's just the nature of the beasts to be contrary, well contrary and really cute so you don't get mad. I hope this week goes better for you.

  6. You go girl! I admire your dedication - I hate to run on a treadmill.