Lola's Loves: TinyLove Gymini Developlace Activity Mat + Giveaway

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lola decided to turn four months next week.  I'm not quite sure how that happened so fast!  Girlfriend is a moving and grooving little thing.  She is cooing and making noises and  loves to grab and grasp things (especially my hair).  I like to call her Hercules because girlfriend has a serious grip - especially when it comes to mama's hair.  But she's all about kicking her legs and moving her arms and focusing on different objects and colors.  Clearly she gets bored quickly when I lay on a blanket with a few toys.  Lola is extremely social and needs things to be exciting and intriguing in order to entertain her.  TinyLove Gymini Developlace Play Mat has been the perfect addiction to Lola's daily dose of entertainment.

One of my favorite features of this play mat is how it grows with your child's age.  Whether it's tummy time or independent play, the Gymini Developlace was created to entertain your tot through their toddler years.  Right now Lola is all about reaching and grabbing toys.  I love being able to place her on this mat and let her work on her motor skills by being able to grab at the toys hanging above and around her.  The kid also hates tummy time but we all know how important this time is for a growing infant.  Another fun feature that I love about the Gymini Developlace mat is the sides that fold up or down so I can make it longer for her to roll around on or more compact to practice her dreaded tummy time.  There is even a fun little Peek-a-boo window that I can look through and talk to her while she does her tummy time so I'm at her level.  It makes the screaming a little more tolerable.  

Right now my poor kiddo is teething so the drool is something fierce these days.  I'm constantly washing her toys or wiping them up, but sometimes the fabric doesn't allow me to be able to wipe it clean.  This play mat has a smooth fabric that lets me wipe up drool or spit up easily and doesn't leave marks or stains like other fabric.

Tiny Love Gymini Developlace is loaded with tons of great toys and learning features.  These things are perfect to help strengthen and grow your little one's senses and motor skills.  Lola's favorite is the Soft and Crinkly Play pal.  This little squirrel has a  hook so she can bat it above her head or I can let her hold it and she can explore the texture and noise it makes.  She also loves to kick at the the soft ball rattle that we hang above her.  Another fantastic toy feature is the mirror because what baby doesn't love to look and smile at their own reflection?

The TinyLove Gymini Developlace is sure to offer your little one tons of fun playing and learning time.  Lola is just starting to explore her surroundings but I can see how this mat will grow with her as her skills get stronger and she becomes more aware of the sites and sounds that are around.  Whether it's your newborn baby or your busy toddler, this play mat if full of fun and exciting features that are sure to offer your little one an enjoyable play experience.

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--The TinyLove Gymini Developlace Activity Mat retails for $79.99.  For more information and to check out other TinyLove products, visit their website.

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--One (1) lucky winner will win their very own Gymini Developlace play mat. Follow the Rafflecoptor below.

Disclosure:  I received a product sample for this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.