Easy Mini Blueberry Muffins with Driscoll's Blueberries + Giveaway

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If you are a follower of my blog, then you are aware of my extremely picky eater of a child.  For the past two years I have tried everything to get this kid to eat things other than pizza and chicken nuggets.
Don't judge.
However, recently he has started to at least try foods before deciding whether he hates them or really does like it.  The kid is a creature of habit so getting him to even look at a new food let alone taste it is a miracle.  Now that it's spring and we are gearing up for summer, I love to stock the house up with fresh fruit, including our favorite Driscoll's berries.  I decided to get brave and offer Cohen some blueberries with his dinner the other night and he loved them! This was the perfect opportunity to create something new with the blueberries that I knew he'd eat.

Lately he has been on a muffin kick so I decided to make up a batch of easy blueberry muffins with Driscoll's blueberries - but only mini and of course Cohen sized.

My friends they were a hit!
I actually made up an extra batch of them and froze them for future breakfasts.  Perfect for those busy mornings moms!  Plus the bite size muffins are perfect for little hands.

But moms of picky eaters, I have to share with you a great book that shares the story of a little picky eater himself.  "The Scary Blueberry" by Jaden A. Shelton tells the story of a boy who is afraid to try a blueberry.  His dad convinces him not to be afraid by reminding him of all the things he isn't scared of  (like a big, ferocious dragon!) to get him to try that blueberry.  It has turned into one our favorite bedtime stories and has been a great conversation starter when trying to get Cohen to eat new foods.

Now let me help you create your own berry recipe for your picky eater!  Enter the Rafflecopter below  for your chance to win $15 in Driscoll's coupons and your own copy of "The Scary Blueberry."

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I received coupons to purchase products for review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week #11

Saturday, April 26, 2014

This was my taper week.  It was also my first week back to work and I'm a beat.  The 5:00 am runs only happened twice this week.  It's not easy to get up after being up with a baby a few hours prior.  I do, however, love the silence and DVR catch up time.  I think the morning workouts will be more effective starting next school year when Lola decides to sleep better.  She will, right?

Even though I didn't get in a bunch of runs this week, I killed my long run on Friday.  I ran 8 miles under 80 minutes and it totally didn't kill me!  It felt really good and really wasn't hard at all.

I'm not sure why they say that 67% of my runs were done at night.  Apparently 5:00 am is considered night now because thee sun isn't up?

Here are this week's thoughts:

How do I feel you ask?
Despite not making all my miles this week, I feel really good after Friday's long run. I'm super confident that I'll be able to run well next Saturday.  I'll be honest though, I probably will give running a little break after the Mini.  My knees are really feeling it after all this training.  My focus after next week will be toning since swimsuit season is a month of away.  How did that one happen?

My Goals for this Race:
My goal is to run the entire race and keep about a 10 minute mile pace.  If the adrenaline kicks in and I can make it under 2 hours I'll be pumped.
What I Want to Do This Week:
I'm going to keep it easy this week but still get in a few good runs before the race.  I want to keep my knees strong and give my toes a bit of time to heal before getting all blistered up again.  After the race I'm investing in new running shoes -- I already have them all picked out don't you worry!

Well, it's time to get around and take Coco to Sesame Street Live.  This kid has been a real turd here lately.  Please tell me he will wake up a new child as soon as he hits 4?

Just one more week until Race Day!

Wordless Wednesday - Gone Fishin'

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful here.  It was the first nice weekend in probably 9 months so we definitely did as much as we could outside.  My husband promised Cohen he'd take him fishing.  As a mom of a three year old I found that pretty ambitious considering all that it entails -- patience, sharp hooks...

After a few snafus, including a hook to the sleeve, we got the hang of it and enjoyed a family evening together in the gorgeous weather.

Happy Wednesday! :)

Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week #10

Sunday, April 20, 2014

This was my Peak Week of my training which basically means the longest run yet.  While I was short a few miles I still kept up throughout the week because I knew Saturday would be my longest run ever.  In my entire life.

This girl was on fiiiiireeeeeee.

I killed a 13 mile run on Saturday.  I want to give a shout out to Runner's Forum in Carmel, Indiana because they have A-MAZING customer service.  I went to Dick's looking for a runner's water belt and let me tell you, you would think I was speaking alien to them.  It took four, yes four, different sales people to ask where we could find one.  Then the kept sending us off to different areas like we were in a maze or something.  And then one of them brings me a hiker's water belt.  Umm. No.  Aren't you a sporting goods store??  Well, the Runner's Forum was so helpful and got me what I needed and was super friendly.  So thank you Runner's Forum!!

Anyways, I killed my 13 mile run.  I averaged about a 10:16 mile which is good but hope I can knock a few more seconds off during the race.  I need to tape my toes up better for my next runs because I have killer blisters on the sides.  I turn my toes in when I run a bit.  I think it's from my soccer days when I'd run and dribble the ball.  I usually am pretty good at correcting it but after so many miles, that's the last thing on my mind.

So...here's how I felt about this week:

How do I feel you ask?
I feel totally ready for this race. I'm going to keep up running the next two weeks, just slowly and steadily.  I'm kinda excited to be over with it though, I'm not going to lie.  Training is a lot of work and with a family and a full time job, it takes a lot out of you.  Since I go back to work tomorrow I'm going to get up at 5 to run.  I know, butt crack early but I have to or it will never get done.

My Goals for this Race:
I'm confidant I can run this entire race now after yesterday's run.  I'd love to stay around a 10 minute mile which I think is totally doable now.  Just two more weeks until Race Day!
What I Want to Do This Week:
My goal is to get my butt out of bed at 5 to run at least 3 times during the week.  Then I can do a longer run (I think it's 8 miles) on Saturday.  Next week won't be bad at all because it's Race Week so the runs are shorter and fit better within my schedule.

Alright, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of this beautiful Easter Sunday with my family.

Happy Running! :)

Lola Girl is 5 Months

Five months already!  How is this possible?  
My little stinker is growing up so fast in so many ways!  She is so alert, loves to make sounds with her voice and is eating more solid foods.  I've been so lucky to be able to stay home and enjoy the last five months with her.  But, all good things must come to an end and therefore I'm headed back to work Monday. 
Wah. Wah.
Luckily it's only 31 days until Summer Break -- I totally can do it.

Lola is starting to get stronger everyday.  She loves to sit in her activity saucer, look around and put the things in her mouth.  Girlfriend is a drooler though!  She literally soaks through a few bibs a day.  I'm just waiting for those bottom teeth to pop through.  It's gotta be any day now...

We finally have had some warmer days here lately and I've been able to bust out the precious rompers and dresses.  I'm dying at the cuteness.  Too bad I couldn't get away with wearing a sleeveless Gap romper.  Or could I?

Here's how my Lola girl is growing:
Size:  As her four month appointment she was 14 lbs on the  money -- man, I'm good!  She was also 24 and 3/4 inches long.  Lola is comfortably wearing 3-6 month clothes but mainly 6 months because the arms are too short.  She's in size 2 diapers and I think she'll be in those a big longer.  

Eating:  During the day she will eat three 6 ounce bottles and a 7 ounce bottle before bed.  Lately she hasn't been too interested in finishing her bottles which makes me nervous that she has an ear infection.  There hasn't been any tugging on the ears so I guess I'll just watch her carefully.  Lola loves her oatmeal and fruit in the mornings and a veggie for dinner.  I'm planning on making some food this weekend if I have time.  It is so much cheaper to make than buying it!

Sleeping:  I probably should be sleeping instead of blogging right now considering the lack of sleep I've had these last few weeks.  I have her on a killer day schedule.  We are now at two solid naps for about an hour to two hours each - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  She usually takes a brief evening catnap as well.  But nighttime is all of a sudden horrible.  She still goes down between 7:30 and 8 but now wakes up around 1 to eat.  But she barely eats and conks right out again.  Sometimes she'll do this two or three times throughout the night.  This is another reason I'm hoping he doesn't have an ear infection.  I'm probably reading in to this too much but mama cant be running on fumes back at work Lola!  Yes, we have tried to have her cry it out and sometimes it works.  But then you have last night when she screamed for three hours.  She may have passed out for a few moments to rest her voice but then she woke up again and shrieked until we got her a bottle.  Cohen, my son who NEVER slept, was sleeping through the night by now (12 hours, 7-7) so I'm not sure what's going on.  All I know is I need a good night's sleep here soon...

Likes:  Lola loves blowing bubbles and interacting with people.  She is also starting to become a fan of standing -- she's got some strong, chunkers.  We recently discovered our toes which have been spending a lot of time in our mouth.  Socks?  Forget about 'em.  I love to pick her up out of her bed because I get this huge smile from her and it's the cutest thing you've ever seen.  When you talk to her she will smile and coo and move her arms around like crazy.  So far she's loving her solid foods.  We've had green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas and pear.  I'm making apples and peas this week for her so I hope they turn out...

Dislikes:  Sleeping at night.  Sweet Jesus please let this change.  She also hates when Cohen cries.  The other night he started crying and she looked at him and started crying herself!  It was really weird, I'm not going to lie.  Cohen then stopped crying and died laughing because he thought it was hilarious.  Thanks Lola for defusing the situation for me.

Milestones:  A big milestone has been the introduction of solids into her diet.  She also loves to grab things and put them in her mouth.  Her new favorite thing is to take her paci in and out of her mouth but then gets mad when it falls and she can't reach it.  Diva status.  She's not completely rolling over yet but I'm preparing myself for this day.  Lola loves to sit up with the help of her Boppy and look around.  She is so aware of her surroundings and love the sites and sounds.

I'm excited for the summer because I love the age when they start exploring and crawling which will hopefully happen this summer.  Besides the ridiculous amount of adorable clothes, I can't wait to put her in the precious swimsuits that accentuate those chunky thighs.  Hopefully this summer will be hot and sunny unlike last summer's cold and rainy spell.

Here's to another month my little Lola Girl!
P.S. Stop growing up.

Kroger Match Ups for the Week of 4/17

Friday, April 18, 2014

I'm returning to work Monday after five glorious months of maternity leave.  So my grocery trip this week needs to include some easy peasy meals because we all know I'll be dog tired come 4 o'clock.

Here are some great deals you can snag this week at Kroger:

--Sweet Corn - 10/$3

--Mini Sweet Peppers - $1.99

--Mulit Colored peppers - $0.99 each

--Armour LunchMakers - $1.00

--Annie's Mac and Cheese - $1.00

--Kroger spiral sliced ham - $1.29/lb with $25 purchase

--BarS franks or bologna - $1.00

--Betty Crocker boxed potatoes - $1.00.  Use $0.50/2 printable or Kroger digital.  Final Price: $0.75 each when you buy 2.

--Kroger bread or buns - 4/$5

--Thomas bagels or muffins - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

--Lay's chips - 2/$5

--Kroger apple juice - $1.88

--Coffee-Mate creamer - 2/$5.  Use $1.25/2 (SS 2/9).  Final Price:  $1.88 each when you buy 2

--Kroger or Turkey Hill  ice cream - 2/$5

--Marie Callender Pie - $4.49.  Use $1 off (SS 4/6).  Final Price: $3.49

--Kroger shredded cheese - $1.99

--Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese bar - 2/$3.  Use $0.50/2 Kroger digital.  Final Price:  $1.25 each when you buy 2.

--Colgate toothpaste - $1.00.  Use $0.50 off (SS 4/13).  Final Price:  $0.50

--Garnier Fructis shampoo or conditioner - 2/$5.  Use $1 off (RP 4/6).  Final Price: $1.50

Don't forget gift cards earn you 4x the fuel points!  With gas up to almost $4 a gallon stock it up!  I love to get Starbucks ones because let's be honest peeps, we all go to Starbucks.

What deals did you find at your Kroger this week?

Wordless Wednesday - Sibling Love

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As a mom there is nothing sweeter than seeing your babies love each other.  For Cohen it was a hard adjustment, but now I can't get Lola past him without him "kissing her cheekies" he says or giving her a hug.  Don't get me wrong, he isn't always a sweet brother, but who is?  

But my heart swells when I see the two of them together.

Let's not forget about this big brother either.

I just can't get enough of my family.

Target Match Ups for the Week of 4/13

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I have made two successful trips to Target this week and left spending less than $14 each trip -- boo yeah.  I'm going back to get the kiddos some swimsuits on Friday I think.  Oh and probably more wipes.

Here are some great deals you can snag this week:

--Benadryl stick - $2.39.  Use $2 off (SS 4/13).  Final Price:  $0.39

--Up&Up Mouthwash - $1.99.  Use 5% Cartwheel deal and $1 Target coupon (target.com).  Final Price:  $0.94

--Up&Up wipes - $1.00.  Use 5% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price:  $0.95 -- I already have 6 packs so far...

--Nestle Coffee-Mate creamer - 2/$3.  Use  $1.25/2 (SS 2/9) and $1/2 Target coupon (target.com) and 5% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price: $0.29 each when you buy 2.

--Kellogg's Mini Wheats - $2.50.  Use 50% off Cartwheel deal.  Final Price:  $1.25

--Market Pantry canned veggies - $0.70.  Use 5% Cartwheel deal  and $0.50/2 Target coupon (target.com).  Final Price:  $0.38 each when you buy 2

--Russet Potatoes (5 lb bag) - $1.99.  Use $1/fresh veggies mobile coupon and 5% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price:  $0.94

--Starbucks ground coffee - $3.49.  Use $2/2 (SS 4/13).  Final Price:  $2.49 each when you buy 2.

What deals did you find this week at Target?

CVS Match Ups for the week of 4/13

Monday, April 14, 2014

This is my final week of maternity leave.  Last week I played Dr. Mom to Cohen and this week it looks like I'll be playing it with Lola.  However I find it awfully funny how much more manageable she is when she is sick compared to Cohen.

I think it's a boy problem...

Here are a few great deals you can snag this week at CVS:

--Almay Color and Care lip balm or eye makeup remover - $5.99 and get $1 ECB.  Use $4 off (SS 4/13).  Final Price: $0.99 after ECB

--Ban Refresh cloths - $3.99.  Use FREE coupon (SS 4/13).  Final Price: FREE

--Colgate Max, Total, Optic White or 2 in 1 toothbrush - $2.99.  Use $2.50 CVS coupon (machine in store) and $0.50 (SS 4/13).  Final Price: FREE

--CVS baby products - Buy 1 get 1 50% off

--Huggies, Pampers or PullUps jumbo packs - $8.99.  Use $1/Huggies (SS 3/23) or $1.50/Huggies CVS coupon or $1/2 Pampers (April PG).  Final Price: as low as $7.49

--Hershey Kisses, Eggs, Minis or Cadbury Minis - 2/$6 and get $2 ECB when you buy 2.  Use $1/2 CVS coupon and $1/3 (SS 4/6).  Final Price: $1.67 each when you buy 3 after ECB

--Dean's milk - $2.99 and get $1 ECB.  Final Price: $1.99

--Quaker granola bars - $2.49 and get $1 ECB.  Use $1/2 (RP 3/23).  Final Price: $1.49 each when you buy 2 after ECB

What deals did you find this week at CVS?

Mother's Day Giveaway with Crafty Spices

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mother's Day is right around the corner!  Now is your chance to pamper mom (or yourself) with this amazing giveaway prize pack!

Crafty Spices is hosting a Mothers Day Giveaway, sponsored by  Mohawk Valley Trading Company and Crooked Brook. Join for a chance to win the Prize Pack.

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This contest is open to all U.S.residents (48 contiguous states) age 18 and over, void where prohibited. Physical address required for shipping.

Enter the rafflecopter for a chance to Win.

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this post. We are not responsible for shipment of prize, for details please contact Jay @CraftySpices.

Good Luck

Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week #9

This week's training to brought to you by...

the Struggle Bus.

I have been playing Dr. Mom all week and I don't think I have EVER been this tired.  That's why I've been absent from the blog this week.  Poor Cohen had an upper respiratory infection and then sprouted an ear infection Friday at 4 a.m.  I was already up because at 3 a.m. the dog was puking up the rib bones he decided to get from ON TOP OF THE TABLE.  And then Lola woke up at 6 coughing.

When it rains, it pours.

I got a few shorter runs in during the beginning of the week but by the end I sucked.  So I decided to get all pumped up to run my 12 miles on Saturday because it was absolutely gorgeous outside!  My husband helped me route a new path from our house to the Monon to try something new.  This run ended up being a total mind game and I'll be honest - I gave up.  

Why you ask?

Well, let me explain.
I ran the first half amazingly -- I seriously rocked it out in an hour.  Then, usually by this time it starts to get harder, right?  So I give myself visual markers to look forward to that tell me my run is close to being finished.  My first marker was at 6 miles so as I stopped to turn around, I could take off my jacket and enjoy the remainder of my run in a tank top.  (If you are from Indiana you will understand why that is an amazing thing after this horrible winter we endured.)  Then, my next marker was the bridge that seriously feels like Mt. Everest but I knew if I could get up it I could do it.  And I did.  So my next marker was the water fountain to refill the water bottle I brought with me.  As I came upon this fountain with another runner who was just as parched as I was, we realized the city -- HADN'T TURNED ON THE WATER YET!!!!
After that my mind was completely shut down.  I ran a solid 9.5 miles and I was so thirsty I felt like I was in the Sahara Desert.  Who doesn't turn on drinking fountains in the middle of April?  The city of Westfield actually.  So I decided to pout and walk and attempt to run some the remainder of my route.  But let me tell you, it was no easy feat.  
The wind decided to pick up and as I'm walking and pouting past this pond, it blew nasty smelling pond water on me and I of course started to gag.  After that I was over this run.  I tried calling my husband to get me but the baby was asleep and I think he secretly was laughing at me because he knew I was being a baby.

Here's how I ran this week:

See my horrible pace?  Basically because I decided to walk yesterday.  
Baby.  I know.

How do I feel you ask?
Like I totally failed my training this week.  I'll be honest, I'm starting to lose momentum a little bit and just want the race to get here.  Only three more weekends until the big race so I can do it.  I'm ready to do more TurboKick and toning/strength stuff with running as an option - not a must do.  

My Goals for this Race:
As before, my goal is to run the whole thing.  I'm 95% sure I can do it.  Honesty at this point it is a total mind game.  I'm sure with the excitement of the race itself I will totally be motivated and the adrenaline will kick in with no problem at all.

What I Want to Do This Week:
This is my last week of maternity leave.  Yes.  I am crying as I type this.  I want to get in a few more good runs with Saturday being the big 13 mile test.  However I plan on buying a running belt so I can stay hydrated this time.  I can do it...I can do it...

You should see the killer tan lines on my back from yesterday.  They will sure be a gem to get rid of by summer.  Not.

I did manage to make a few little friends yesterday as I pouted home.

Here's to a better week and my last hard week of training!

The Hardest Job in the World

Motherhood is hard.
When you are blessed with your first little miracle, you have no idea how your world is going to change.  You are completely clueless to the amount of sleep you will never get.  When you thought your house was messy before, your view on what a clean house should really look like is completely changed.
But that little tiny being your bring home makes it all worth it.

Motherhood is even harder the first time they get sick.
That first sniffle, cough and sneeze is enough to make your heart race and your mind fill with worry.  You immediately clean your house from top to bottom and disinfect anything and everything that may come into contact with your little one again.  Your sleepless nights get even more sleepless and you have now turned into a walking "Mombie" during the day.
But the illness passes and your little one is completely happy again.

A year later, motherhood is still hard.
On that first birthday you reminisce about where you were and what you were doing when your now toddler entered the world.  You put away the formula and bring out whole milk to fill sippy cups instead of bottles.  You are moving out their swing, exersaucer and bouncy chair and replacing it with blocks, books and other noisy themed toys.
But they melt your heart with each passing day that they grow.

Motherhood is the hardest when you bring another sibling into the mix.
You spend ten whole months preparing your only child to become a big sibling when deep inside you know they have no idea how their world is going to be rocked.  You worry about how you will be able to love another little one the way you love your first.  You spend ten months trying to remember what you'll need for your newborn and what life will be like again.  Your nights are once again sleepless and you spend your days just trying to get by until it's bedtime.
But you wouldn't change a thing about your new family.

Motherhood is a journey.
Everyday my limits are reached and my patience is tested.  But my heart swells with more love for these two little children that we brought into our lives.  Even on my longest days, my grumpiest days and my absolute hardest days, I take a step back to breathe and remember how lucky we are to be a family.  While I may not sleep for the next twenty years, take more than five minutes to eat a meal  or be able to shower in peace again, I would never trade this journey for anything.

But I will never say it is easy.

Moms - What's your favorite part of motherhood?

Save Money and Get Quality with Perrigo Nutritionals

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Lola girl is a growing!  At her last doctor's visit, we got the "ok" to start solid foods within the next few months.  So slowly we are beginning to add these foods to her daily diet.  Unfortunately, I start work in two weeks and therefore my daily life will completely change -- and get even busier than it was before.  I was, however, fortunate enough to have an extended leave that allowed me to stay home for five months with my girl.  But an extended leave means a smaller paycheck -- but it was a small price to pay to spend more time with my baby.  But now we are starting solids and soon other baby snacks which means added cost to my grocery budget.  I want to make sure what I give Lola is healthy and the best for her but I also don't want to break the bank paying for these things.

I have previously shared my experience and thoughts on Perrigo Nutritionals formula.  If you remember, I am a huge fan of the store brand formula.  Cohen actually was on the Up&Up brand from six months until a year.  While I plan on feeding Lola with pumped breast milk, I will also supplement with Perrigo Nutritionals formulas as needed.  By choosing store brand formula I am saving almost 50% when compared to the national brands of formula, which can be about $600 a year!  I know you're thinking, "Well, what about nutritional value?  How do they compare?"  I get it.  I thought the same thing.  So I compared a label from the store brand to a national brand label and the ingredients were almost identical.   Perrigo Nutrionals is the largest supplier of store brand formulas and one of only four companies that is recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for meeting the strict FDA requirements for safety, nutrition and quality for infant formula-manufacturing in the United States.  Talk about reassuring, right mamas?  So not only do they know what they're doing with formula, but Perrigo Nutritonals has it down when it comes to baby and toddler food.  Perrigo Nutritionals applies the same standards and expertise that are used to create infant formula to create their toddler food and snacks.  These foods are appropriately developed for a variety of stages of growth and motor skills with quality, nutritional ingredients to create foundation of good nutrition.  Don't forget that you can get these foods at a lower cost than the national brands!  Plus they honestly taste and look the exact same -- neither of my kids could tell a difference and enjoyed their Perrigo Nutrionals snacks just fine.

Since buying store brand formula and food, we have been able to save a ton of money on our grocery bill.  By saving so much money, I decided to find more ways to easily cut back on our monthly spending.  I recently started reading Crystal Paine's (blogger and mother herself) newest book,  Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life to help me think more conscientiously about our budget. Her five easy tips to save money as well as set your priorities within your budget have been a huge help in our financial planning process.

Crystal Paine’s 5 Money Saving Tips for Families
Create a Budget
A budget gives you parameters and purpose, it gives you boundaries, and it gives you freedom to live creatively within those boundaries.

Shop With Cash

When you shop with a credit card (or even a debit card, for thamatter!) you can have your budget in your head and you can do the best to stick with it when you check out, but it’s so much easier to go just a little bit over here and there when you’re swiping!

Plan a Menu
When you have a plan in place for what you’re supposed to be eating each meal and you’ve already purchased the ingredients for those recipes, it’s a lot harder to justify chucking the plan for takeout.

Use Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save a lot of money on your grocery bill, but they can be hard to keep up with. Clipping, sorting, and organizing coupons takes time — so enter a coupon database! You’ll have access to printable and other coupons currently available and it’s one of the most effective and efficient ways to save money on groceries.

Buy Store Brands
One way to save a great deal of money on your grocery budget is to learn to like and use a variety of brands. The sooner you can get over being a brand-snob, the more your pocketbook will thank you.

For example, while I breast fed my children, moms who choose to formula feed can save up to 50 percent by switching to store brand formula, which meets the same FDA quality standards as expensive name brands. There are also coupons available at a website - StoreBrandFormula.com (www.storebrandformula.com).  This one simple change can save moms about $600 a year. 

Ready to try products by Perrigo Nutritionals?
Well, it's your lucky day!

One lucky winner will win a Perrigo Nutrionals prize package of the following:

     --A copy of “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your  Passion for Life” by Crystal Paine
--1 container of store brand formula
--9 assorted Puree Pouches
--5 assorted Puffs
--4 assorted Yogurt Bites

Amazeballs right?  Enter the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: The Perrigo Nutritionals product, information and two gift packs have been provided by Perrigo Nutritionals.

Indy Mini Training Update - Week #8

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I feel 2834928439 times better about this week's training than I did last week.  This week was focused more on maintaining, which meant my runs seemed a bit more manageable as far as distance and consistency goes.  The goal was 27.75 miles and I managed 25.8 miles -- so I consider it a success.  What I'm even more excited and proud of is the fact that on Saturday I ran 11 miles.
I ran the entire 11 miles!!!

I told my husband I felt like a cartoon while running because my legs just kept going and wouldn't stop.  It was really weird.  Yesterday the trail was full of inspiration and encouraging people.  At about mile 6, I had a man who was obviously a hardcore runner wave at me and shout, "Keep it up! Nice work!"  I must have really looked like I had hit the struggle bus but the motivation totally worked.  Next week it is 12 miles so I'm excited to see how I'll do with that too!

Did I mention I'm just a little sore?  So those million stairs in my house?  Yeah, not liking those too much.

Here's what this week looked like:

How do I feel you ask?
I feel so much better about this week's training!  My knees, however, are a little angry with me.  Next week's training totally intensifies but I decided I'm going to modify it for myself because I'd rather maintain than get an injury.  My long run is supposed to be on Friday but I find it easier to do them Saturday mornings when I don't have to push along a heavy jogging stroller.  I think I'm going to invest in a new pair of running tights and a runner's belt with water bottles.  How fancy is that?  #official runner
Did I mention next week is the 60s and even a day with 70?

My Goals for this Race:
I'm still aiming to run the whole thing and after Saturday's run I think it's totally doable.  I still have four weeks left of training to build my endurance so I know I can get to this goal!  Plus I found a running buddy who has a daughter a week older than Lola.  While she's a major runner, I think she'll be able to motivate me to keep going throughout the race.

What I Want to Do This Week:
I'm going to maintain my training this week and modify it for myself as needed.  My knees are starting to feel a little abused so I want to treat them kindly this week so I don't end up like my old sister in law and snag an injury.

The face of a champion.  Or just a sweaty mom who ran 11 miles.  What what!

Here's to a new (and warmer) week!

Target Match Ups for the Week of 3/31

Friday, April 4, 2014

I haven't been to Target going on 3 weeks.  I know, problems.  I'm trying to be a good wife considering the hubster agreed to let me extend my maternity leave until the end of this month.  However, extended maternity leave means teeny tiny paychecks.  Therefore I have to save cash money somewhere.  And Target, it is you.

Not with some of this week's match ups though -- holla!!

--Bic disposable razors - $2.99.  Use $3 off (SS 3/9).  Final Price: FREE

--Similasan eye drops - $6.49 and get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 2.  Use $5 off (SS 3/2).  Final Price:  $1.49 each when you buy 2 plus $5 Target gift card

--Right Guard deodorant - $3.  Use $2/2 Target coupon and $2 off (RP 3/16).  Final Price: FREE

--Windex Touch-Ups - $3.39 and get a $4 Target gift card when you buy 4.  Use Buy 1 Get 1 Free
(SS3/16) and $2/$3 cleaning products (target.com) and $1/1 Target mobile.  Final Price: $0.95 each when you buy 4 plus $5 Target gift card

--Huggies Pull-Ups - 2/$16.  Use $3/2 Target coupon (target.com) and $2 off (Pull-Ups.com).  Final Price: $4.50 each when you buy 2

--Skittles or Starburst bagged candy - $1.99 and Buy 2 Get 1 Free.  Use 10% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price: $1.19 each when you buy 3.

--Prego Alfredo sauce - $1.79.  Use $0.75 off (SS 3/23) and 10% Cartwheel deal.  Final Price: $0.94

--Market Pantry fruit snacks - $1.69.  Use $1/2 Target coupon (target.com) and 5% off Cartwheel deal.  Final Price: $1.13 each when you buy 2

Any great Target deals you snagged this week?