Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week #11

Saturday, April 26, 2014

This was my taper week.  It was also my first week back to work and I'm a beat.  The 5:00 am runs only happened twice this week.  It's not easy to get up after being up with a baby a few hours prior.  I do, however, love the silence and DVR catch up time.  I think the morning workouts will be more effective starting next school year when Lola decides to sleep better.  She will, right?

Even though I didn't get in a bunch of runs this week, I killed my long run on Friday.  I ran 8 miles under 80 minutes and it totally didn't kill me!  It felt really good and really wasn't hard at all.

I'm not sure why they say that 67% of my runs were done at night.  Apparently 5:00 am is considered night now because thee sun isn't up?

Here are this week's thoughts:

How do I feel you ask?
Despite not making all my miles this week, I feel really good after Friday's long run. I'm super confident that I'll be able to run well next Saturday.  I'll be honest though, I probably will give running a little break after the Mini.  My knees are really feeling it after all this training.  My focus after next week will be toning since swimsuit season is a month of away.  How did that one happen?

My Goals for this Race:
My goal is to run the entire race and keep about a 10 minute mile pace.  If the adrenaline kicks in and I can make it under 2 hours I'll be pumped.
What I Want to Do This Week:
I'm going to keep it easy this week but still get in a few good runs before the race.  I want to keep my knees strong and give my toes a bit of time to heal before getting all blistered up again.  After the race I'm investing in new running shoes -- I already have them all picked out don't you worry!

Well, it's time to get around and take Coco to Sesame Street Live.  This kid has been a real turd here lately.  Please tell me he will wake up a new child as soon as he hits 4?

Just one more week until Race Day!


  1. It's so exciting to see your progress!! Do you run with knee guards? I do that cos my knees aint doing too well too! It helps!

  2. Keep up the great work and love your work out shoes!!! One more week!!

  3. You're still doing wonderful! Keep up the great work - I would love to do 8 miles in 80 minutes, you're far ahead of me!

  4. You've got this. I need to get up in the mornings and start running. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I don't know what I was thinking, but I agreed to run a 5k with my daughter later this year. It's not anywhere near a marathon, but it will be a good start for me.

  6. If you could run the entire race, that'd be a huge accomplishment. But just completing the race it's an accomplishment in itself!

  7. You're almost there! I admire your determination. You're doing great!

  8. I have a hard time getting up at 6. I can't imagine 5am to go run. You are a better woman than I am.

  9. I can only imagine how amazing you must feel after every run - empowered and strong!

  10. Sounds like your training is going well, can't wait to here how it goes next week.

  11. I'm still in awe every week of how much running you do. I hope to one day be able to run as long and far as you are. I'm working on it!

  12. You are ROCKING it! Have I mentioned that I LOVE the shoes?

    By the way, between ages 3-4 were our *interesting* times with Superkiddo. We never experienced the terrible twos; we went through the totally tripping threes. Everything was "why," "why not," and "I can't" WHEW! It gets better, I promise.