Indy Mini Marathon Training - Week #9

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This week's training to brought to you by...

the Struggle Bus.

I have been playing Dr. Mom all week and I don't think I have EVER been this tired.  That's why I've been absent from the blog this week.  Poor Cohen had an upper respiratory infection and then sprouted an ear infection Friday at 4 a.m.  I was already up because at 3 a.m. the dog was puking up the rib bones he decided to get from ON TOP OF THE TABLE.  And then Lola woke up at 6 coughing.

When it rains, it pours.

I got a few shorter runs in during the beginning of the week but by the end I sucked.  So I decided to get all pumped up to run my 12 miles on Saturday because it was absolutely gorgeous outside!  My husband helped me route a new path from our house to the Monon to try something new.  This run ended up being a total mind game and I'll be honest - I gave up.  

Why you ask?

Well, let me explain.
I ran the first half amazingly -- I seriously rocked it out in an hour.  Then, usually by this time it starts to get harder, right?  So I give myself visual markers to look forward to that tell me my run is close to being finished.  My first marker was at 6 miles so as I stopped to turn around, I could take off my jacket and enjoy the remainder of my run in a tank top.  (If you are from Indiana you will understand why that is an amazing thing after this horrible winter we endured.)  Then, my next marker was the bridge that seriously feels like Mt. Everest but I knew if I could get up it I could do it.  And I did.  So my next marker was the water fountain to refill the water bottle I brought with me.  As I came upon this fountain with another runner who was just as parched as I was, we realized the city -- HADN'T TURNED ON THE WATER YET!!!!
After that my mind was completely shut down.  I ran a solid 9.5 miles and I was so thirsty I felt like I was in the Sahara Desert.  Who doesn't turn on drinking fountains in the middle of April?  The city of Westfield actually.  So I decided to pout and walk and attempt to run some the remainder of my route.  But let me tell you, it was no easy feat.  
The wind decided to pick up and as I'm walking and pouting past this pond, it blew nasty smelling pond water on me and I of course started to gag.  After that I was over this run.  I tried calling my husband to get me but the baby was asleep and I think he secretly was laughing at me because he knew I was being a baby.

Here's how I ran this week:

See my horrible pace?  Basically because I decided to walk yesterday.  
Baby.  I know.

How do I feel you ask?
Like I totally failed my training this week.  I'll be honest, I'm starting to lose momentum a little bit and just want the race to get here.  Only three more weekends until the big race so I can do it.  I'm ready to do more TurboKick and toning/strength stuff with running as an option - not a must do.  

My Goals for this Race:
As before, my goal is to run the whole thing.  I'm 95% sure I can do it.  Honesty at this point it is a total mind game.  I'm sure with the excitement of the race itself I will totally be motivated and the adrenaline will kick in with no problem at all.

What I Want to Do This Week:
This is my last week of maternity leave.  Yes.  I am crying as I type this.  I want to get in a few more good runs with Saturday being the big 13 mile test.  However I plan on buying a running belt so I can stay hydrated this time.  I can do it...I can do it...

You should see the killer tan lines on my back from yesterday.  They will sure be a gem to get rid of by summer.  Not.

I did manage to make a few little friends yesterday as I pouted home.

Here's to a better week and my last hard week of training!


  1. Seeing animals definitely makes the route much more exciting!

  2. Wishing you luck on reaching your goals! Hang in there.

  3. Keep it up! I have never run a Maranthon before so kuddos to you and your hard work! XOXO