Lola Girl is 5 Months

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Five months already!  How is this possible?  
My little stinker is growing up so fast in so many ways!  She is so alert, loves to make sounds with her voice and is eating more solid foods.  I've been so lucky to be able to stay home and enjoy the last five months with her.  But, all good things must come to an end and therefore I'm headed back to work Monday. 
Wah. Wah.
Luckily it's only 31 days until Summer Break -- I totally can do it.

Lola is starting to get stronger everyday.  She loves to sit in her activity saucer, look around and put the things in her mouth.  Girlfriend is a drooler though!  She literally soaks through a few bibs a day.  I'm just waiting for those bottom teeth to pop through.  It's gotta be any day now...

We finally have had some warmer days here lately and I've been able to bust out the precious rompers and dresses.  I'm dying at the cuteness.  Too bad I couldn't get away with wearing a sleeveless Gap romper.  Or could I?

Here's how my Lola girl is growing:
Size:  As her four month appointment she was 14 lbs on the  money -- man, I'm good!  She was also 24 and 3/4 inches long.  Lola is comfortably wearing 3-6 month clothes but mainly 6 months because the arms are too short.  She's in size 2 diapers and I think she'll be in those a big longer.  

Eating:  During the day she will eat three 6 ounce bottles and a 7 ounce bottle before bed.  Lately she hasn't been too interested in finishing her bottles which makes me nervous that she has an ear infection.  There hasn't been any tugging on the ears so I guess I'll just watch her carefully.  Lola loves her oatmeal and fruit in the mornings and a veggie for dinner.  I'm planning on making some food this weekend if I have time.  It is so much cheaper to make than buying it!

Sleeping:  I probably should be sleeping instead of blogging right now considering the lack of sleep I've had these last few weeks.  I have her on a killer day schedule.  We are now at two solid naps for about an hour to two hours each - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  She usually takes a brief evening catnap as well.  But nighttime is all of a sudden horrible.  She still goes down between 7:30 and 8 but now wakes up around 1 to eat.  But she barely eats and conks right out again.  Sometimes she'll do this two or three times throughout the night.  This is another reason I'm hoping he doesn't have an ear infection.  I'm probably reading in to this too much but mama cant be running on fumes back at work Lola!  Yes, we have tried to have her cry it out and sometimes it works.  But then you have last night when she screamed for three hours.  She may have passed out for a few moments to rest her voice but then she woke up again and shrieked until we got her a bottle.  Cohen, my son who NEVER slept, was sleeping through the night by now (12 hours, 7-7) so I'm not sure what's going on.  All I know is I need a good night's sleep here soon...

Likes:  Lola loves blowing bubbles and interacting with people.  She is also starting to become a fan of standing -- she's got some strong, chunkers.  We recently discovered our toes which have been spending a lot of time in our mouth.  Socks?  Forget about 'em.  I love to pick her up out of her bed because I get this huge smile from her and it's the cutest thing you've ever seen.  When you talk to her she will smile and coo and move her arms around like crazy.  So far she's loving her solid foods.  We've had green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas and pear.  I'm making apples and peas this week for her so I hope they turn out...

Dislikes:  Sleeping at night.  Sweet Jesus please let this change.  She also hates when Cohen cries.  The other night he started crying and she looked at him and started crying herself!  It was really weird, I'm not going to lie.  Cohen then stopped crying and died laughing because he thought it was hilarious.  Thanks Lola for defusing the situation for me.

Milestones:  A big milestone has been the introduction of solids into her diet.  She also loves to grab things and put them in her mouth.  Her new favorite thing is to take her paci in and out of her mouth but then gets mad when it falls and she can't reach it.  Diva status.  She's not completely rolling over yet but I'm preparing myself for this day.  Lola loves to sit up with the help of her Boppy and look around.  She is so aware of her surroundings and love the sites and sounds.

I'm excited for the summer because I love the age when they start exploring and crawling which will hopefully happen this summer.  Besides the ridiculous amount of adorable clothes, I can't wait to put her in the precious swimsuits that accentuate those chunky thighs.  Hopefully this summer will be hot and sunny unlike last summer's cold and rainy spell.

Here's to another month my little Lola Girl!
P.S. Stop growing up.


  1. Wow, she's getting so big and is adorable!

  2. Look at that smile! What a cutie! And I love that outfit you have on her. I loved when my kids first began to smile- that's when they began to get really fun.

  3. She's so sparkly! I love that she is so engaged, so bright and beautiful!

  4. LOL - "dislikes: sleeping at night".... It's so hard when they are in this stage with sleep! Hang in there! She is just so adorable - you can really see her little personality in these photos. :)

  5. Oh my goodness the cuteness is unbearable. I too would be weeping to leave that precious face and go back to work. Good luck Mama.