The Hardest Job in the World

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Motherhood is hard.
When you are blessed with your first little miracle, you have no idea how your world is going to change.  You are completely clueless to the amount of sleep you will never get.  When you thought your house was messy before, your view on what a clean house should really look like is completely changed.
But that little tiny being your bring home makes it all worth it.

Motherhood is even harder the first time they get sick.
That first sniffle, cough and sneeze is enough to make your heart race and your mind fill with worry.  You immediately clean your house from top to bottom and disinfect anything and everything that may come into contact with your little one again.  Your sleepless nights get even more sleepless and you have now turned into a walking "Mombie" during the day.
But the illness passes and your little one is completely happy again.

A year later, motherhood is still hard.
On that first birthday you reminisce about where you were and what you were doing when your now toddler entered the world.  You put away the formula and bring out whole milk to fill sippy cups instead of bottles.  You are moving out their swing, exersaucer and bouncy chair and replacing it with blocks, books and other noisy themed toys.
But they melt your heart with each passing day that they grow.

Motherhood is the hardest when you bring another sibling into the mix.
You spend ten whole months preparing your only child to become a big sibling when deep inside you know they have no idea how their world is going to be rocked.  You worry about how you will be able to love another little one the way you love your first.  You spend ten months trying to remember what you'll need for your newborn and what life will be like again.  Your nights are once again sleepless and you spend your days just trying to get by until it's bedtime.
But you wouldn't change a thing about your new family.

Motherhood is a journey.
Everyday my limits are reached and my patience is tested.  But my heart swells with more love for these two little children that we brought into our lives.  Even on my longest days, my grumpiest days and my absolute hardest days, I take a step back to breathe and remember how lucky we are to be a family.  While I may not sleep for the next twenty years, take more than five minutes to eat a meal  or be able to shower in peace again, I would never trade this journey for anything.

But I will never say it is easy.

Moms - What's your favorite part of motherhood?


  1. You're so right. It's not easy, but tomorrow is always a new day and something new to be thankful for.

  2. It's especially difficult when those little ones grow up and begin to venture out on their own. It's no longer physically hard, but emotionally difficult. My little one is heading to boot camp in a week. Yes, motherhood is hard.

  3. My favorite part of motherhood is seeing my kids grow and learn.

  4. Motherhood is one of the most demanding, amazing, painful, frustrating and wonderful 'jobs' I've ever had. I can't imagine my life without my children which is pretty funny coming from someone who was NOT going to have children. I have four. FOUR! I will admit that I am really struggling through the teenage years, but because of that, I am really enjoying my time with my younger two. I appreciate every kid I have and I love them eternally. They make me who I am.