Lola Girl is Six Months Old

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We have hit the midway point.  My little munchkin is already six months old!  But not only is she half a year, but I survived my first month back at work.  Seriously though, survive is an understating verb.  It has been a ridiculously, crazy adjustment.  I am thankful that there are only seven more student days until Summer Break because otherwise I'd seriously have to consider moving to Canada where woman can take a year of maternity leave -- take note U.S. 

It has been a month full of firsts and many sleepless nights...again.  Within the last two weeks, the poor little thing has sprouted one tooth and is working on number two.  
Two teeth = no sleep 
I finally have come to the conclusion that sleep truly is overrated and that I will sleep all I want when I'm dead, so who needs it now?

Lola is so personable and super active now.  The kid is obsessed with her toes unlike her mother who is NOT a foot person.  I really want to paint her toesies for summer but I'm afraid she'll accidentally eat off the nail polish.  Okay, I'm over exaggerating but a mom's gotta worry.  She still loves her rough and tough brother who is still obsessed with her six out of seven days of the week.  Cohen will talk to her and she will squeal and smile which makes him laugh and squeal back at her and then she squeals back.  The process is rather adorable.  He is starting to be less rough and more sweet with her too, except for yesterday when Kurtis came out of the shower and he was in her crib with her.  The baby gate couldn't have gone up quicker on his door last night...

Lola is so sweet and very laid back.  She has started to get a bit of separation anxiety when one of us leaves her side.  However, she definitely plays Dad like a fiddle.  The kid can put on a fake cry the second he walks into a room because she knows he'll pick her up.  Sucker.  But usually she is pretty content sitting in your lap being snuggled which is completely opposite of  how her brother was when he was her age.

Here's what my girl has been up to lately:

Size:  We had our 6 month check up today and she is 15 lbs 10 oz and 25.5 inches long -- 50% for both. The kid took her shots like a champ -- cried for 5 seconds and then when I picked her up she started laughing and talking to the nurse.  She can wear size 2 or 3 diapers - it really depends what I pull from the closet.  But we definitely use a size 3 for bed for more absorbency.  She is happily wearing size 6 months clothes (including her closet full of adorbes rompers and dresses finally!) and 6-9 month jammies.  I find that jammies run much snugger, am I the only one moms?

Eating:  Lola eats four bottles a day - 7 oz at 8:00 am, 6-7 oz at noon, 6-7 oz at 4:00 pm and 7-8 oz at bed.  The doctor said that soon her bottle intake will decrease so I'm planning on continuing to pump throughout the summer or at least cutting back to just two sessions so I don't have to mess with it when school starts.  As of now she only eats 2 oz of formula a day which has saves us some serious money.  My frozen stockpile of milk is still pretty big so I'm hoping to make it to 9 months at least.  She also eats oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, a veggie for lunch and rice cereal and a veggie for dinner.  I have made all over her baby food this time around and I'll share my experience with it here soon -- so easy and super cheap.  It's ridiculous!  I'm excited to start YoBaby yogurt soon because that was always Cohen's favorite!  

Sleeping:  Despite the past two weeks, she has been pretty consistent.  She will go down around 7:30 and wake up around 7 or 7:30.  She is usually pretty happy just lying in her crib and will play until you go get her.  She is a rock star with her naps though.  She goes down at 10 and 2 and will nap for at least an hour or more each time.  It isn't unusual to have to wake her up from her morning nap, otherwise I think she'd sleep for 3 hours if we let her.

Likes:  My Lola Girl loves her Baby Einstein activity saucer.  She has figured out how to turn herself around in it which is pretty darn cute.  She loves playing on a blanket on the floor but I think that's because she loves eating her toes.  Baths are fun time too - she loves to suck on the washcloth and laugh away.  I'm excited to get her into the pool this summer.

Dislikes:  Cutting teeth.  The poor thing has been miserable.  She isn't a fan of the netty thing either so I've been relying on Tylenol, wet wash cloths and cold teethers.  I'm going to grab some Hyland's Teething Tablets this week to see if they help at all because it makes me so sad to see her upset in the middle of the night.  She also hates when you walk away from her.  Once again, nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Milestones:  We have one tooth and are working on number two.  Cohen cut his teeth real fast and early so it wouldn't surprise me if they all come in at once like his.  Oh joy.  She is a wiggle worm and will maneuver herself in a circle when lying on a blanket. We are working on her ab muscles to get her to sit up for longer periods of time.  She will sit for a bit when the help of a Boppy, which makes me feel better since she isn't too sturdy yet.   Lola is also great at grabbing things and putting them right into her mouth - including my hair.  I'm considering getting a tiny haircut just so I can avoid these fistfuls of hair that are getting drenched in baby drool.  

I can smell summer it is so close.  I can't wait to spend our days at the pool, water park and splash pad -- I'm seriously so excited.  Wait, all of those activities require a swimsuit.  
Aww man...

Here's to another month of fun watching my Lola Girl and Coco Bear grow up!


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