Save on Gas this Summer with Kroger Fuel Points

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just eight more wake ups.
That is teacher language for "Summer is coming!"
I think anyone will welcome the arrival of summer with open arms after that horrific winter we just endured.  Record breaking snowfall, record breaking freezing temperatures and record bank breaking heating and electric bills -- bring on the fun in the sun my friends!

I'm really excited for this summer for many reasons.  The main reason is that we get to take our first vacation as a family of four.  My aunt and uncle own a beautiful lake house off of Lake Michigan and we plan on taking Cohen and Lola up there to enjoy some time together playing by the water, enjoying local restaurants and of course doing some retail therapy.  But this isn't just a hop-skip-and-a-jump kind of trip.  This is a legit eight hour drive.  
Don't fret - we are breaking it up with a stop in our hometown.  No, we aren't that crazy to drive for eight straight hours with a baby.
I'm not sure about you, but have you taken a look at gas prices lately?  I seriously have minor panic attacks as I fill up my tank and the price keeps rolling higher and higher.  Luckily we have a Kroger gas station literally five seconds from our house.  It's super convenient to stop into and pump my gas.  But what's even better is that Kroger offers fuel points for money off of my gas (up to $1.00 off a gallon!) when I shop in store.

Have I gotten your attention?

Kroger fuel rewards are where it's at, especially if you are planning any long summer trips like us.  Over the past few weeks, I've been planning ways to help us save on gas during our trip.  It only makes sense to use our fuel rewards for the majority of our gas on our family vacation.  With a swipe of my Kroger Plus Card, I'm able to earn points as well as keep track of how many points I have earned for the month.  This has been a huge help when creating a rough budget for gas on this trip.

Aren't my shopping buddies cute?

Now it's my turn to help you save money on gas this summer.  I've created a list of my top three easiest ways to earn Kroger fuel rewards to help you save money on gas.  

Top Three Ways to Rack Up those Kroger Fuel Rewards:
1.  2X the Fuel Rewards Weekends
From now until the end of July, when you shop at Kroger on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you get two times the fuel points for your purchase.  For example, you need to grab bread and milk for the wife and family.  You spend $5.00 and now you earn 10 fuel points rather than just 5 -- all because you shopped during the weekend!  You'll have to clip the 2X Fuel Rewards coupon on your phone or online (make sure your register your Kroger Plus card!) and then you're set until the end of the promotion.  Now I make sure to plan my weekly grocery trips during the weekend so I can start saving in my fuel rewards bank -- I'm already over 300 points and it's the middle of the month!

2.  Buy Gift Cards From Your Kroger Store
Keep your eyes peeled for the gift card deals that Kroger offers quite frequently.  Many times you can earn 4X the fuel rewards when you purchase gift cards, otherwise you get 2x the fuel points when you buy a gift card.  During the last gift card promotion I purchased gift cards to restaurants and stores I knew we are going to visit while on our family vacation.  So now I am set for many of our meals while on the road but I also earned us four times the fuel points just by purchasing these gift cards.

3.  Fill Prescriptions at the Kroger Pharmacy
It's so easy to just drop off my prescriptions before I shop and then pick them up when I leave.  I don't have to make different stops at different stores.  I can simply do my shopping and get my prescriptions before I leave -- all while earning fuel points in the process!

With a little planning ahead, I've been able to start saving my fuel points for our family vacation.  It works out perfectly because our hometown, the midway point, just opened a Kroger fuel station so we will be able to gas up and head out, all while saving money with our fuel points!  

Check out this great video with more tips on how you can save money by using Kroger fuel points.

How will you start earning fuel points at Kroger this summer?

Disclosure:  I received compensation to write this post on behalf of Kroger.  All opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. I keep meaning to shop on Friday's for the extra points and I keep forgetting.

  2. Your shopping buddies are adorable. Love shopping deals. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We don't have a Kroger, however in my last city I did this program with a retailer and it TOTALLY paid off!

  4. I'm a HUGE fan of Kroger fuel points. I think the most we've had in a month is 400. It helps now that we have a SUV to go along with my Prius!

  5. We are in kroger weekly, and love racking up fuel points. Thanks for the tips

  6. I have to find a station that takes the points near me. The Kroger we shop at doesn't have their own fuel pumps.

  7. This is a great program. With the way prices keep going up for gas, we need programs like this.