Cohenisms Part 3 -- Words From the Wise 3 Year Old

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I still have to say it -- three is definitely not my favorite age.  While I love that he is more independent and loves to play, have fun and be a boy, the age comes with some rough edges.  But that is a post for another day.

But what I do love about my Monkey is that he is one of the funniest kids I know and has the best personality.  

So here is installment three of our Cohenisms.

"Hey mom, lift your arm.  I want to see your black scratchies."  Note to self -- shave your armpits.

While we are waiting for our prescription in Kroger the other day, Cohen of course has to use the bathroom.  Keep in my mind I had both kids with me.  So I inform the pharmacist we will be right back because we had already ticked her off by dropping off our script 10 minutes before they closed.  As we quickly walk away Cohen says to her, "We will be right back.  I have to poop."  
Well I'm quite certain that definitely won her over.

My son has started to become quite smart in his attention grabbers to deal with my husband's selective hearing.
"Dad.  Hey Dad.  Daddy."
Kurtis still not responding.
"Kurtis! For real!"
I wonder where he heard that one before...

On another trip to the pharmacy, I am greeted by a friendly Indian pharmacy tech with a bindi on her forehead.
"Hey Mom!  She's got a boo boo on her face."
Our next lesson will be on cultural customs.

Kurtis and I were in the kitchen one evening and he was having an intense conversation about work with me.  Cohen comes in with his hands up and says, "Guys, guys! Calm down! Just calm down!"
At least one of us has a level head.

Every month we try to take Cohen on a special Mommy-Daddy Day where it's just the three of us.  On this special date we were going to see Sesame Street Live, which happened to be around Easter time.  Casually Cohen asks, "Did Elmo die on the cross?"  No buddy, but that's a good attempt at making connections.

Cohen Lee I cannot tell you how much you brighten up my life.  Even when we spend half our mornings in time out or you whip out those crocodile tears and pathetic fake cry, I still love you to the moon and back.

Just promise me that 4 will be a little bit better behavior wise...please?

Love you, Monk.


  1. Haha!! I must admit, 3 happens to be one of my favorite ages simply because they say the darnedest things! Enjoy him while he's this little - time goes by way too fast!!

  2. Did Elmo die on the cross? That is too funny.

    And I agree, three is a rough age.

  3. They certainly do say some cute things when they're little don't they? The "black scratchies" is a funny one ;)

  4. haha! love it! My son screamed at the frozen yogurt place that he took a poo poo in the toilet. He wanted everyone in the place to jump for joy like we do at home. LOL! #lifeofamom

  5. I love all the cute things kids say and though it's embarrassing at times, how direct they are.

  6. I love when they mimic back things they've heard us say. It totally cracks me up!