Lola Girl is 7 Months Old

Friday, June 20, 2014

How has another month passed?!? For real!
My Lola girl is already 7 months old!  Now that it's summer I get to thoroughly enjoy both her and my Coco bear and I am eating up every second of it.  I have quickly gotten my daily groove back and honestly have no issues getting up at 7:30 because I know I can hang out in my jammies until 10:00 if I want.  Which, I'm not going to lie, totally happens because let's get real - coffee and Kelly and Michael is an absolute summer must.  

Lola is starting to get to that fun and busy age.  She is so vocal and a little wiggle worm!  I finally had to just lay a blanket on the floor with a bunch of toys because I'd turn around and she'd be stuck on the sides of her play mat.  One day she caught sight of Brady's tail and ever since she has been a rolly poley.  Cohen thinks it's hilarious at how fast she can roll.  Every time she flips herself over he squeals and shouts, :"Wohwa that was fast!"  (We're working on those l's.)  She also thinks she's pretty big stuff after she rolls.  It's funny to see where she ends up in the morning in her bed.  Most days it's the opposite end we laid her down in and completely upside down compared to how she started.  Lola is also a grabby thing so you have to be careful because she will grab something and within milliseconds it's in her mouth or on the floor.  She can also sit up but is still a little wobbly.  She has figured out that she can't move anywhere so usually when I sit her up she finds a way to slither back down to her stomach so she can roll somewhere else.  The kid loves to jump and sometimes I'm afraid she is going to end up giving herself whiplash.  

So what is my Lola girl up to these days?

Size: She's definitely not a brute like her brother was at this age.  I'm guessing she's around 16 or 17 lbs right now.  She comfortably fits in 6 or 6-9 month clothing, but 6-9 can be a little big at time.  Yes.  She is still rocking those rompers and I am loving it.  She is comfortably in size 3 diapers still.  I like to give her some wiggle room in her jammies so those are mostly 9 months.

Eating:  Lola still eats 4 bottles a day - 7 oz, 5 oz, 5 oz and 7 oz at bed.  I'm hoping to drop those 5 oz bottles down to 4 over the next month.  I'm still pumping and have a great supply in the freezer.  My plan is knock down to just 2 pumps a day when I head back to work and slowly use up my supply.  Then, once my paychecks are back to normal, I will probably phase out all the pumps and go to all formula.  Remember when formula was expensive?  I'll give her the free milk as long as possible.  

She is eating solids like a champ.  At 9:30 she eats a fruit and oatmeal, at 12:30 she eats a veggie and 1/3 of a YoBaby yogurt and then for dinner she eats a veggie with some rice cereal and a fruit.  I am still making her food and I promise you, it's ridiculously easy.  I have it planned for an upcoming post and I'll share how I have been making it.  But so far her favorites are avocado, sweet potatoes and bananas.  I gave her pears tonight just plain and not mixed in with her oatmeal and the kid gagged like none other.  Super funny, not going to lie.

Sleeping:  There's a good new and a bad news.  The good news - she will sleep 12-13 hours a night.  She goes down by 7:30 and sleeps until 7:30 or later.  If she wakes up earlier she will just play in her crib until 7:30 like a good little baby.  Oh how she is the happiest little thing in the morning too.  She will hear me open the door and I can hear her squeal and kick her little legs.  It's my favorite time of the morning.  Now the bad news:  The kid hates naps again.  Of course she was a napping champ for Maggie, the babysitter, when I went back to work.  Now I'm lucky if i can squeeze out two 40 minute naps in the day.  I still follow the same routine and watch her sleep cues.  She goes down at 10 and 2.  Some days it's an hour, maybe an hour and a half or maybe a whopping 30 minutes.  I'm hoping she's getting ready to hit another milestone and that's why she's been so inconsistent.  

Likes:  Lola LOVES her brother.  She looks for him wherever she is at.  If she's crying and he walks over to her, she stops.  He can be so rough and tough with her and she still just beams at him.  It really melts my heart to watch their relationship grow.  I know Cohen is only 3 so I'm hoping as he gets older he will be a little less rough with her.  

She also loves music of any kind.  Her face lights up and she just beams away when she hears someone or something singing -- especially my dad.  We will FaceTime and he always sings to her and she just eats it up.  Speaking of eating the kid loves her food.  When it's meal time and it's not ready watch out -- Baby girl needs her nutrients.

The kid is a blanket lover too.  I have two blankets in her crib (gasp! It's fine, I have a video monitor, relax.) and she snuggles up to those puppies every night.  Her bunny blanket, Bun Bun, is her favorite snuggly.  She's still a paci girl too, which reminds me to go stock up on a few more my next Target trip...

Dislikes:  She is starting to get a little separation anxiety if I walk into another room and she can't clearly see me.  I usually just continue to talk to her and she will calm down.  Even though she hasn't been napping lately, the kid hates to be tired.  There have been a few times when we were at the pool and of course Cohen works at snail speed and snail speed is not fast enough for a tired baby.  

Milestones:  Rolling and sitting were her two big ones this month  She has also started babbling and constantly says "Mama."  

I know.  I die.  God I could seriously eat her up. 
(Please disregard her brother screaming in the background.  Boys.) 

Lola also has two bottom teeth and two little bumps next to those teeth which can only mean two more are getting ready to make their appearance.  Teething sucks.  That's one thing I totally forgot about with Cohen.

I'm so excited about this summer with Lola and Cohen.  I have an awesome Cohenishm post that will have you rolling.  The kid is a comedian and doesn't even know it.  Trust.  
The next month will be super fun with more time at the pool and our first family vacation to Lake Michigan together.  I'm hoping to venture out to story hour at the library and Barnes and Noble too.  Ambitious, right?

Here's to another month little girl!  And do mommy a favor -- please start napping again.


  1. Look at those smiles! Happy 7 months!

  2. She's such a cutie! Time goes by so fast!

  3. Oh my gosh she is just so cute. Makes me wish mine were this little again.

  4. Such a cutie! I can't believe how time is flying by & how big she is getting!

  5. What adorable expressions! You can tell she has a lot of personality :)

  6. She's such a beauty! It is so crazy how quickly time will fly, and kids will mysteriously grow from one stage to another, seemingly in a blink of an eye.