Meals for a Steal - Fruity Yogurt Parfait

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh summer how I love thee!  I have enjoyed my first full week of summer vacation, mostly at the pool, and it has been amazeballs.  Summertime always encourages me to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet, so I try to think of new recipes to encourage these choices. Lately my mornings have been flying by in the blink of an eye.  Many times I look at the clock and realize it's lunch time and I haven't had breakfast yet - barely finished my coffee!  I decided I wanted to a breakfast that was light, tasty and easy to eat while I go go go every morning!

These parfaits are the bomb. Here's how the cost pans out (when shopping at Central Krogers):

--Greek yogurt - $3.99 for large container 
--Bear Naked granola - $3.99 and use $0.75 printable. Final Price: $3.24
--Various berries (I splurge and go organic because of the Dirty Dozen chart) - 2/$6

Total: $13.23 

But the best part is I can make 5 good sized portions with all of this making it around $2.65 per meal. Plus a bag of the granola can give you 10 servings so that's two weeks worth of breakfast!  Therefore the cost for the week for each breakfast would be about $2.16.  

They are super easy to throw together.  Here's how I make them:
--Measure out 3/4 cup of yogurt into a bowl.
--Toss on a handful of berries - washed of course!
--Sprinkle 1/4 cup of granola on top

Voila!  That's it my friends!

My goal for next school year is to do more meal prep on Sunday so I don't spend my evenings getting so much ready for the next day.  These will be easy to make and divide into Tupperware bowls and stick in the fridge so I can grab and go.  I'll measure out the granola and put those in baggies so it doesn't get soggy.  It's a great source of protein and keeps me full a lot longer than my usual granola bar or toast and most definitely healthier than my usual options.

What is your go-to breakfast meal?


  1. This looks super easy. Now that we aren't racing out of the door for school every morning, we still aren't making huge breakfasts. Our go-to choices have been fruit kebobs or fruit salad. It is already just too hot to cook...or at least that is my excuse :)

  2. I've been on a yogurt kick lately and this looks super yummy!! I'll have to try this out next week for breakfast!

  3. This fruity yogurt parfait looks yummy. I'd love to have some right about now.

  4. This looks amazingly delicious. I sure wish I could have some right about now!