Meals for a Steal - Hot Turkey Subs

Monday, June 2, 2014

I had this amazing revelation yesterday as I was cooking dinner.  Why not start a weekly (well, hopefully) post where I share a quick and easy meal for busy moms like myself?  Better yet, why not create a post sharing a quick and easy meal that doesn't hurt the wallet?

I give you - Meal for a Steal!

Seriously though, life with two kids, a full time job and a husband who works extremely hard is not easy.  As much as I love chicken nuggets and tater tots, my stomach (and thighs and arms and face) can not handle them five nights a week.  When I hit the grocery for my family, I go on a weekend and make a list where I plan eleven or twelve meals for the next two weeks.  That's what works for us.  I use the weekly sale ads and my match ups to help generate my grocery list so I don't stray too far from it.  Plus I also calculate my total as I go along...but more on that later.

This week I decided to aim for lighter meals but quick and simple.  

Hot Turkey Subs

This week's meal was purchased from Kroger.  Check out this week's best match ups for Central Kroger shoppers!

Here's how the meal pans out:

--Land O' Frosh turkey breast (1 lb) - $3.50.  I used a $0.75 off coupon.  Final Price: $2.75 plus I have plenty for sandwiches for lunch during the week.

--French Bread - $1.69

--Seedless Watermelon - $5.99.  And we all know that one watermelon can feed an army or two.

--Athenos hummus - $1.50

--Kroger baby carrots - FREE -- check your mobile coupons, this was one of my Exclusive Savings coupons

Meal Total:  $11.93 with plenty of useable food for lunches during the week!

The turkey subs are super easy to make.  Just bake the bread for about ten minutes, then slice it open and lay turkey and cheese and bake for another 5 minutes.

I'll share some more of my grocery shopping tips later this month.   But I'm telling ya moms, I get it.  If I can help make your life just a little bit easier, than please, let me do so!

What's your quick fix meal?


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I'm always looking for cheap and easy meals to fix! Helps make life a little more easier... AND that watermelon... YUM!!!

  2. That's really the kind of lunch I like to have every day. Great deal!

  3. Great idea!! I'm always needing quick meal ideas and I love that this one is such a bargain.